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  • Thanks thedudeaturdoor. I'll look into the HPI tires, it's hard for me to test though, as it's a temporary track that's not up yet.

    Has anyone tried Tamiya TA04 kit tires? I don't expect them to work well for either grip or drift, but it'd be good to know it they are worth mounting.
  • hawaiian kind drift and rally fun
    finally threw together some footage from 5/06. sorry, some footage came out crappy, so i didn't want to include it where the camera guy (mostly me) was out of control and also had some swearing. i did not want to edit anything and don't think i did.

    NOTE:might be better if you download and save the video then watch it as it is 13megs long.
    NOTENOTE:not sure why the video speed seems to be a tad slowed down. oh well.
    NOTENOTENOTE: my faster ftc4 has been altered for grip so i don't have footage of it and had to put in my way slower/slippery old shortarm TL01.

  • Hi guys, I have being drifting with a TA-04R, and it's not a bad car to drift with. I drift with PVC's, and haven't have the chance to try with ABS yet. I am running spool in the rear and front oneway for slide the rear out at higher speed with light braking. I am running soft sprngs up front (Tamiya red), and medium or hard (yellow or white tamiya springs) at the back. It's pretty amazing how long I can hold the drift. Is ABS suppose to have higher grip? I have tried the first Yokomo ring style, and didn't like it much. I have also tried those from HPI, but they are just too soft. They required much higher speed, and I can't hold the drift nearly as long. Anyone try those from Tamiya yet?

  • i dont know why, but ABS is better, i have used both and ABS ownedd
  • abs is better because its softer, thus giving more grip than the pvc pipe which is harder

    when u wear it down the abs pipe actually becomes better or air"y" and a bit more "grippy"

    i havent heard any feedback about the tamiya drift tires yet, but im thinking they would be best
  • Thanks, yeah from the magazine review, the tamiya tires looks promising. Do you guys run front diff or oneway? The only complain I have regarding with oneway is hard to keep the car going straight with pvc.....
  • nice sig. man!
  • LOL, thanks.
  • sweet, the 7x1 finally took its toll the esc flamed out god i love the smell of burning esc's in the morning thats another 90 to spend oh also ive just recieved a checkpoint money motor 19 turn for drifting my Evo 4ms cant wait to try it
  • My 1st drift
    Nothing special... just wanna share
    It's a TC4 RTR with ABS tires, Radioshack GP3300.
  • well update on my car

    check out my rear diff case, rear arms, and my rear hubs as well

    tell me what u notice

    im thinking of going back and fine shaping it
  • looks nice

    im selling the xxx-s and saving for a Team kit tc4
  • thanks


    paz... aries???

    wheres my bestest friends at....or any other tc3 drifter out there?

    tell me what u see (differences)
  • Quote: well update on my car

    check out my rear diff case, rear arms, and my rear hubs as well

    tell me what u notice


    im thinking of going back and fine shaping it
    Anthony390- Did you made yourself those Outdrive saver (copper tube??)

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