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1/12th 2 Cell Racing

Old 06-10-2018, 07:37 PM
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I ran a 13.5 on 2s in Blinky on Asphalt a couple weeks ago. Temps were good despite our hot Arizona ambient and track temperature, and never even considered adding a fan to anything.

When running on carpet I settled on an 8.5 as it performed quite close to my 3.5 on 1s. Only major difference between the two was the throttle response, where the 2s car had better initial acceleration and the 2s car never had anything get above 130 įF.

I would love for the rules makers to allow a choice in mod at least between 1s and 2s, and then see what happens. If it takes off and becomes the standard then we can figure out what to do for the "stock" classes. Heck maybe the future classes would be:

1s Stock = 1s - 17.5
2s Stock = 2s - 17.5
Modified = 1s or 2s - Open
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Old 06-13-2018, 07:32 PM
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I'm in for 2s mod. Let's do it! Being on the verge of dumping or thermaling every run is ridiculous. When the consequences of missing gearing by one tooth are tossing a $60-$80 battery in garbage, it puts people off. The shenanigans of trying a 5.5 2s was dumb. No one runs a 3.5 in offroad so why would we put stupid motors in 12th? Answer... we wouldn't. Just make mod open as mod should be. 1s or 2s
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Old 06-13-2018, 10:19 PM
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Seems to me stock could be either or. But I agree with the above regarding mod.

People seem to to come to 1/12th slowly (at least for myself and friends). It is intimidating when you first watch as a beginner, then fascinating. I started w stock 1/12th after 3 years of touring cars. My friends gradually followed as they became fascinated. I donít think adding 2s for ease of entry matters...1/12th is already so much less expensive (and more fun in my opinion!) that a 1s specific esc is certainly not a barrier, especially given whatís on offer for 1s stock speed controllers.

Mod came later, and a huge part of the thrill is the blackness of otherís arts.
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Old 06-14-2018, 03:02 AM
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Although the idea of 2S in 12th scale seems tempting (and it is fun!, tried it (really tried it ;-) not a Youtube 'show' to make a statement ;-) ,
but it is not going to happen ... and to be honest, now, I even hope it doesn't anymore and everything stays to 1S.

I've been the past years driving 12th scale in:
2S + 17.5T (lipo Protek)
1S + 10.5T (boosted and blinky)
1S + 10.5T (boosted with shorty lipo CRC)
1S + 13.5T (blinky)
1S + 6.5T (blinky)
(all the above was tried in race formats, except the 2S)

I'm a 12th scale driver from the early '90s and the thing I am (was) missing the last couple (10?) years was mainly:
>> throttle feeling ( love to play with it, instead of 80% flat out / full throttle and have maybe a - too - easy car to drive )
>> intelligent driving ( man, back in those days we had to think , really think :-) when using the throttle or we wouldn't make the 8 minute mark with our 1800mAh (and even less?) batteries, ....now I can go in race mode for 12 minutes with these 8000mAh... Oh heck, now I want 24H of 12th scale race formats ;-)

So I started with 2S for throttle feeling = check !! (even with 17.5T, I found it more responsive than my 1S + 10.5T) = really really happy with that :-)
So I started with 1S + shorty lipo = too difficult Because 6 minutes racing was OK; 7 minutes on saving; just... but 8 minutes... nope = bye bye shorty :-(

Here in Europe we have already several years a rather big turnout at the "Masters of foam" race (+/- 100 entries) but modified was falling behind... numbers dropping, also in the UK.
BRCA (British association) came up with 6.5T blinky for modified and .. numbers are growing again... because you've got that throttling feeling again + its speed is not too much / too difficult for the experienced driver.
I have tried it now for the first time last April at the EC.

Last April there were at the EC (european championship) appr. 150 entries (100 in 13.5T blinky and 50 in modified, 6.5T blinky) ... in my 25 years of 12th scale I have never seen that number of entries in Europe, not even close.
And therefore, I am pretty convinced ( how fun my real 2S test even was ), no need to change to 2S in 12th scale:
>> 1S blinky 13.5T
>> 1S blinky 6.5T (modified)
(maybe a junior 17.5T class)
But max. 3 classes will do and it apparently gets more drivers into 12th scale!

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Old 06-14-2018, 03:17 AM
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I'm not sure how someone can call a fixed turn plus blinky combination a modified class, with a straight face. It's just a faster stock. That's not too say it's a bad format, just that the name doesn't match the definition at all.
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Old 06-14-2018, 03:30 AM
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Originally Posted by gigaplex View Post
I'm not sure how someone can call a fixed turn plus blinky combination a modified class, with a straight face. It's just a faster stock. That's not too say it's a bad format, just that the name doesn't match the definition at all.
You're right, it's not the typical/standard definition of what Modified is.
Modified should stand for 'open', 'unlimited'...
But now, that's how it is defined in Europe at official races = 6.5T / blinky / no fixed motor timing

And honestly... if it revives the class, fine by me :-)
Better this kind of Modified with 50 entries and growing than the classic definition and almost dead...
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Old 06-14-2018, 08:15 PM
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i don't fully consider a jump in major attendance at a major carpet race a smashing success statement on the state of health on any class of RC. alot of people jump into various RC car classes for a major race, based on results...blow out equipment and do not race at local/club events. evident on jumps in stuff for sale on rctech, ebay, facebook, etc. alot with comments on how new, 1 race, 7 runs, etc

i have read alot of EFRA areas are going to the 6.5T and blinky ESC as mod....it does appear a success. it opens the door, because a while back IFMAR was looking at 2s 12th scale. 13.5T 2S blinky could be the set limit to run with 6.5T 1S blinky. nether car would have run time or lipo over discharge issues

2S esc's and 2S thin shorties make it easy for racers to at least try 1/12th scale rc racing.

while EU likes to slam US over 17.5 which btw they are getting more and more into, pretty much most US drivers when it comes to MOD.....MOD is MOD...no limits

when 2S proposal made news here, some pro's did a video...in their opinion, how stupid mod would be with 2S, imo proved nothing unless it made 8 minutes, but what the scare was, maybe someone could drive it and masses couldn't. but still was not a realistic test, in the NIMH days when 4 cell and 6 cell ran together, they did not run the same wind motors, gearing, etc, etc.
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Old 06-14-2018, 08:34 PM
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VCD, that is awesome you guys are getting such great turnouts!

I too raced 1/12th in the 90's only on 6-cells, first stock and later modified. Because of that I have a view of what a 1/12 car's power delivery should feel like, and using a 2s battery helps achieve that feel. A modern modified on 1s isn't too far removed either, but the massive amp draw does make it different. Recently I've been thinking about how my view would be if I had grown up racing 4-cell on an indoor carpet track. Had I run exclusively in the stock or "sportsman category", a 17.5 on 1s may feel about right. Had it been modified, then maybe a 13.5 on 1s would give the similar feel. The main point is, I'd have a completely different view then I do today.

I want to make it clear that I'm not suggesting throwing away 1s - 17.5 as a class. Here in the states it's typically the largest if not the only 1/12th class being run, so it works. What I am saying is, we shouldn't be obtuse to considering out of the box changes to the other two 1/12th classes in an attempt to make them healthier. Let's ditch our 1s - 13.5 (it's pretty much dead anyway) and try a 2s -17.5 class. Put them on the spec stripes to keep it simple, and see what happens. After a few years if it doesn't catch on then we can just reserve the idea of a 2s 1/12th for modified. VCD, maybe the Europeans can lead the way and allow a 2s - 13.5 option in your mod class and then see peoples preference.
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