2006 Snowbirds

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Originally Posted by Jimbo Morris
Neither is Paragon, a lighter and my table.

LOL... some funny stuff!!!
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Originally Posted by EddieO
Like I said.....its up to the racer.....their a ton of reasons why they choose not to run them....you have no idea why some did not.....so why hate on them without even knowing the facts. All I know is its one less motor I gotta build....

And JPHracing, there was just as many drunken Oval idiots too......two way street there buddy.

Later EddieO

Everytime you open your mouth I am less impressed. the current crowd of on road team drivers just needs to go away. they are cancer to this hobby.
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As a certified rockstar when I'm not masquerading as an R/C racer:

If I have to travel more than an hour to my destination, I undoubtedly will turn into a raging drunk and possibly embarrass myself, your company, women and children and animals under 9lbs. I often travel with an external liver so I can drink even more! I had a special port installed under my third rib where I can plug it right in and immediately double my tolerance.

I hate to say it, but these stories make me MORE interested in attending a big race than I was before. I can't fault anybody for having a good time, even if it involves drinking.

Anybody that skips their main because they feel it's below them is a punk though. That's bad form, and makes you look like a dick. I bet they are dicks.
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Originally Posted by JPH Racing
Personally, I think it's disappointing when paid racers do not run their mains. It shows a lack of respect to the other racers who may have worked hard to get where they got.

Speaking of lack of respect .....

Some of the on-road crowd were really acting like a bunch of drunken idiots at the Snowbirds. This is why some missed their lower main. There are still some professionals left, but it seems like the current trend is pretending you're a rock star or something?

I'd say that the sponsors should do something about it, but some of the team owners were just as bad. I hope things get cleaned up soon, it was really disappointing and a negative for our hobby/sport.

Well said by one of the most class individuals in the industry & I could not agree more. As far as not running "lower" mains goes, If you are a sponsored driver, suck it up and run your "D" or what ever main that you qualified for. It is a show of respect for fellow competitors and the companies you run for. As a manufacturer, I consider it a poor representation of a company when someone is too proud to run a low main. We all have bad weekends, deal with it, that's life. Hat's off to guys like Baker, Myberg, Bartholemew and Cyrul, who were out there representing even when they were in lower mains, I'm sure they would have much rather have been in the "A".

Eric Dimmick
Darkside Motorsports
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having seen enough of the drunken stupidity from both oval and onroad equally while taken pictures I will say this
it's florida in febuary. it's basically spring break or daytona bike week for everyone but the guys that live in florida. you don't go to snowbirds just for the racing. it's the EVENT. getting out of the winter hump. it's going to disneyland on sunday and monday with the family and then racing the rest of the week. it's like the opposite of cleveland. you don't go to cleveland in november for the weather unless your a sadist, you go for the competition. 500 onroad entrees in the heart of carpet racing land. not to say that the birds doesn't have great competition but all the locals as it has been stated on this thread are asphalt racer. they had a "warmup" race the weekend before snowbirds at superior... on pavement. they don't have the chance practice on carpet. do they even have a carpet track in the state anymore? as for me I had a great time it was mostly nice weather and the view was great. more pictures and video soon
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Robert-----You Da Man!!!!! Thanks again for your coverage!

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The other side of not running the lower mains:
The lower mains are hard fought to get to for most of the "non-sponsored drivers" This is your turn to shine and having a "pro" that had a bad qual day, usually from being wrecked, smoke everyone in "the lower main" takes a good showing away from you.
I respect those that do that, shows sportsmanship to me.
They did run in other mains that do count for them.
This is from the "H" main winner, 05 Reedy race 19t.
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Originally Posted by THE DARKSIDE
Hat's off to guys like Baker, Myberg, Bartholemew and Cyrul, who were out there representing even when they were in lower mains, I'm sure they would have much rather have been in the "A".

Eric Dimmick
Darkside Motorsports
Originally Posted by EarlsFriend2

When Kinwald was at the Birds he was always the first guy in the pits, as were the Hudy's and Myrbergs the frist ones this year, more professionals. While the drunks barely made it in time to race or didn't make it at all.

Nuff said

Phu! Thank god!

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I agree the Myrberg's are the best. Aways nice and fun to talk to. Thanks for all the help this weekend Anders, I hope you change your mind and race the IIC, if you do I'll bring more Smirnoff Ice.

Thanks Nick.
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Originally Posted by JohnMatrix
I agree the Myrberg's are the best. Aways nice and fun to talk to. Thanks for all the help this weekend Anders, I hope you change your mind and race the IIC, if you do I'll bring more Smirnoff Ice.

Thanks Nick.
Thanks! I think....
Andreas and Joel are still in Florida, as they canīt take a plane to New york where they will change before heading to Europe....
I hope they are well
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Ha... I knew I wasnt that bad of a speller...

Andreas, lol
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Nashrcracer - Thanks for all the pics.

Countdown for here next Snowbirds has begun....
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Davepull, likewise......I could careless what you think of me....

All I know, is I saw plenty of drunken stupidity from both camps....certainly had nothing to do with one's ability to turn right or not....I am sure nashracer can provide you the pics of both if you would like....

And while Joel did run his lower main.....he ran a 6 turn....goofed off the entire time and broke his car.....so did the other two people in the main.....with over 2 minutes to go, so they just canceled the race.....

Later EddieO
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Nash. There is no carpet track in Fl. There was a one day event held at Minnreg in Jan. Mike Boylan put on a warm-up race for us locals. Fri. night practice for on road. Sat. was Q's and mains for on-road.

Oval guys got Sat. night for practice and raced on Sunday.There were 30/40 on-road entries and over 75 oval entries.

Mike and Julie work their ass off to put this race together! It is one of the largest races in the workd. It's also a fun race!!!! Did anyone drink in VEGAS!!!!!!. If people get drunk and make an ass of them self's who cares. No one got arrested, there were no fights! I didn't see a tour bus pull up and take everyone to church.

I was in the very last main of stock. We had 8 entries,2 of us showed up. We had the A-main crew as turn marshalls. It was the most fun both me and the kid I raced had all week!!!!!!! I was glad we had a open track and time to practice. Thanks to all the a-main guys for putting up with 2 novice carpet racers and helping us and having as much fun as we did!!!!!!!

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Default Snowbirds

Hello everyone. Finally back on-line. Slept a good 12 hours last night

I don't know where to start... or what all to say. Thanks to Ernie and Trinity for their great sponsorship of the Snowbirds. A huge thanks also to all our sponsors that contribute to the event (see them on our site). So much is involved to do this, without all the support it could not be done. I appreciate the work by David Croy, Ernie and Nash for their live updates trackside for everyone at home. I think the live video worked out ok. We had 500 plus at one time viewing site, which shut down my site and the video site... but we got more bandwith by the weekend (I thought we would have 250 max). This was new so it should be better next time. I want to thank all the racers for coming and supporting the event. It appeared to me the race was the best one yet and seemed to run very smooth. Thanks for all the compliments. I am sure some are experiencing burnout this week but that will pass....

I will begin posting some pictures on our site. The trophy girls were great. Sunday the mains were unbelievable. I think it was a record crowd in attendence this year watching. It was also awesome to have Carl Edwards come on his own to watch the race. We put him in an oval car and he raced about 3 minutes... and did great. He was blown away and wants to get more involved with the Snowbirds. So that is great for the sport and for the future. Thanks to Mike Rooney from Steel City doing interviews and all the mains. He will have info on getting the DVDs on his site soon. Also it was great to have ESPN there doing an article on the racing. RCTV's Jeff Maturo filmed all weekend and has an RC show going on the Speed Channel soon with Snowbird footage. There was some local news there filming too.

We had a few glitches that seemed to work out fine. The fire alarm at 2 am Friday stunk. Anyone having any info on this please let me know ($$ reward). That almost got us shut down.... some know what I had to go through to get the fire marshal let us race. I always appreciate comments on making the race better. Please email them: [email protected]. I have a ton of awards still from the lower mains. If someone placed in the top 3 please email me and we can work out mailing them to you. This is probably the biggest thing we need to work on as it is always hard to get the awards to racers as so many want to get out of Dodge.

Is it my imagination, but the Paragon seemed to be not as bad this year? The carpet was simply amazing - thanks to CRC! The track stayed the smoothest it ever has with huge weather changes through the week. Thanks to the Thunder Race Crew! My crew is the best. They know they are! But it is obvious we could not do it without them. It takes over 15 people to run this!!! A huge thanks to the overseas racers coming and we met some new racers that had a great time from Italy. They are bringing many more next year.

Hotel - not sure. I had a meeting and will have to see if we are going to have a change. I thank everyones understanding with this, as it was another disappointing year on that end. But as you can see - new owners again: http://www.grandhotelsandsuites.com. Rumor is a complete teardown of rooms and total overhaul of the convention area. Rumor too that they may work with us to make improvements for our race (dimensions, power, lights, etc)... So this will be worked out in months ahead.

Thanks to everyone for their thanks to Julie and I for our new daughter. It was great. The racers this year were the best ever and so many great people come to race and spectate. It's undescribable.

I think the schedule worked good this year with more open practices. The controlled round by heats was popular. Thinking about making that possibly a ranking for heats in the future with a way to sort taking best 90 percent of laps so any traffic issues won't affect your ranking... but this is just an idea.
Concourse was a lot of fun (but cold!). Thanks Parma. Thanks to Tekin for the chargers for the peak station. That was used 24/7. The new Sprint cars on the oval were awesome. Another year of double winners in on-road... wow! Seems once a racer figures the track he is unstoppable. It also seemed we had more families at the race enjoying the week. That was good to see.

Not sure what else right now. It is all a blur but I am sure I will think of more stuff.

Thanks again!
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