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  • Look back a few pages & get Aurra Sing's setup. Ran most of his settings & took 3rd...best outdoor showing this year
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    Originally posted by Evo_Uk
    ive also got the suspension mod on my car to allow same suspension front and rear.
    what's that???
  • firstly whack a rear shock tower on the front , then drill out the front wishbones worlds suspension bar hole and use that to mount your shock.
    IF you do it correctly it leaves you with the same suspension geometry front and rear, gives you more options too.

  • why did you do this mod? Never saw anyone else using this one.
  • Putting the rear tower on the front is a popular TC3 trick....

    Sounds interesting but I'm not gonna fork the $ for a new rear tower
  • Will a F201 front light weight diff work in evo III?
  • the mods very good, was told it by a friend who knows his stuff for sure.

    i cant find the setup any idea what page?
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by The Black Kat

    Those look like graphite gear boxes!

    Evolution IV One-way gear ^....looks like it'll retrofit right onto our Evo3's

    Check the Evo IV thread for the Evo IV pics I posted....

    I wounder how many parts can be retrofitted & how much/can you do an Evo 3 to 4 conversion...
    no such luck on the new gear...from what I understand this car will have an internal ratio of 2.29.... and a larger gear.

    As for a retro fit parts, don't count on much crosing over. Tons of new parts...
  • I may (when I have cash & when theyr'e out) switch over to an Evo IV drivetrain....Get the 3 piece shaft, crown & diff gears. The only thing I don't like about the Evo3 so far is the 2.6 final drive ratio...

    Madjack: Thats a TG-10M2 & supposedly it uses Evo3 gearboxes.
  • Black Kat, if you look carefully at that picture, you'll see that it may look like an Evo3 gearbox but it is not the same as the existing ones. Also you will see that there is an input shaft on the TG's drivetrain as well as pins in the driveshaft, unlike the Evo3.

    John, from what Steve said on his Shizuoka page, the Diff and One-Way gears retain the same teeth count, it's the smaller crown gears that have been changed. If it does work with the Evo3, that'd be great.
  • It does look a lil different...

    Hopefully the crown gears will be retrofittable....I want my lower drive ratio
  • been a whYle since I've been racing...remind me again...If I have a diff up front, and I install a brushless novak SS system, will it tear the gears to shreds? How do I gear it? I'm using a monster stock at 72/25 I think. will I have to change it's chassis setup to handle the extra power?
  • My SS5800 has found a permanent home in the EvoIIIs.
    (shredded my brandnew TA04 belts)

    Rear diff is a little tighter than normal, but no slip so far.
    I run oneway up front; gear no problems when shimmed nicely
    and its got the Tech 3-piece shaft - otherwise stock EvoIIISL.

    Gear it a bit higher than a Monster, somewhere between a P2K
    and the Monster. Its got enough torque to pull serious speed.
  • i'm about to order a stock motor and saw something called Brush hood alignment tool is this item important and what does it do
  • brush hood alignment is very important to get the most out of any motor, is makes sure ur brushes are aligned and central on the comm..


    Has anyone played about with roll centres? look at the 415 kitt setups it has a raised rear roll centre , on the evo3 its left as is with some kickup.

    i was thinking of trying some anti-dive or just getting rid of the kick up, anyone tried this? what are the effects



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