Tamiya TB-Evolution III

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  • Hey Dan, if I had some vacation days for travel where do you think I would be right now and not sitting here wishing I was there It just doesn't look like I'll be able to leave for any fly-away race anytime soon.
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by trf racer
    bloody apex models and rip off uk!u no there selling a 414m2 wcr for £585 and i got mine for £450! bloody rip off!rick draper how much is it althogether including import tax etc,etc?dose it get delivered to ur doorstep?u no at rainbow ten there only £250
    if the savings are that great who cares about the import tax or even the shipping cost, its still going to be far far cheaper.
    but anyhow import taxs arn't that high.
    i love the way rainbowten always give you the tracking number.
    i live in new zealand, my order almost alway only take 3 days.
    i sent a email to them telling them how much i apprecate there good service, and they sent me heaps of free stickers with my order , including a hude team orion one! these guys rock!
  • I won my first race tonite! by a whole lap and a half! just thought i'd share my joy with you guys.
    i love my evo.
  • Well done! My Evo has yet to go through a full race day...maybe it will if I decide which car to run
  • thanks! i know i could have done even better if i could get it to stop pushing out of the corners.
    its my body causing this though, i've got a status 2.0 on the way, its gotta be better than my frewer bmw m3.
  • I have a question guys...Is changing diffs on TB Evo III less time consuming compared to TB Evo I & II?
  • changing diffs
    yes, front/rear gear boxes are the same. If sway bars are fitted they need to be loosened, then there's just three screws to remove and the diff can be removed.
  • It's Picture time!

    Some pics from todays 2003 Racing Lines - Winter Nats .

    Surikarn's Evo3

    more pics from the meeting here: http://www.rctech.net/forum/showthre...788#post416788
  • Beside some practice I had my first race with the EVO3 last weekend. It was a qualification round for the Stock nationals but the difference is we“re running 17T spec motors currently instead of the 27T. It was a small and very narrow track and usually I don“t like tracks like that. Tried both my TC3 and the EVO3 in practice and the EVO seemed much faster for me so went with the EVO. Finally it payed off and I won 5 of 6 heats, also all of the 3 A-mains and fastest racelap. Was very fast from the beginning but very easy to drive also and improved from round to round. Not too bad for the first time.
    Infact I never got the TC3 running like this.
    Can“t await next race.
  • Hi Guys,

    Just got an email from our supplier and the Surikan EVOIII are on their way and should be arriving this week.

    Steve Wang
    Speed Tech R/C
  • hi steve.
    iam thinking of purchasing one of the evo3 s.how much wud it cost to ship it to the uk?
  • Do you have any Surikarn kits left Steve?
  • Hi Guys,

    The first batch is all spoken for, but we are working very hard on getting more on this first batch.

    Steve Wang
  • Well can you e-mail me and let me know if you can get more?
  • Intelligentsia,

    It might be difficult for me to keep track of who I need to email, so please check with me this thursday or friday to see if I have more left over.


    Steve Wang

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