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The "Thats it!!! Get the F_*K out of Stock!!!" thread

The "Thats it!!! Get the F_*K out of Stock!!!" thread

Old 11-11-2005, 11:11 PM
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Bush does care about me and the mod class too!
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Old 11-12-2005, 01:20 AM
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Lessee now: I can race Stockers, I can race a Spec Class, I can race Mods, anytime, just need time to charge batteries. Stockers and Spec Classes are a lot of fun and require a lot work week in and week out. As someone mentioned it requires a balance of everything, including the driver.

Mods, just as expensive, but with the advent of some new motors, do not required the tedious work as required by stockers and spec motors (btw, 19T is a spec class motor in this neighborhood).

Its called bolt on horse power, sort of like the nitro guys. Need a win, bolt in a bigger engine or motor ... Can't build a car, lot of drag in wheels and diff, overcome it by bolting on a bigger motor ... Can't set up your car for the turns, bolt in a bigger motor for the straights ... Still can't win, take 'em out! That don't work, take your "ball and go home".

I just got a touring car, that has to be the easiest thing I have driven, SOB. I know I can go faster, by putting in a 8-S. I don't have to worry about set up, the 4wd pulls it out of trouble. Mod motor will take care of my sloppy assembly. Heck if I it doesn't peform to my expectations. I guess I could start "drifting".

And if that doesn't cut it, I could sit on the computer and make 2000 posts each in 5 different forums, and dazzle everyone with my sarcastic words of wisdom.

This thread is really educational. LMAO. Who cares, let's race! After all, what are 90 percent of you going to get out of it. A Bowling Trophy...
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Old 11-12-2005, 02:12 AM
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What if we just gave everyone a trophy so nobody felt like they suck?

Honestly, fast people in front of you provide nothing more than something for you to strive for. If "Everyone Was A Winner" why would anyone want to race anymore?

I started off seeing some logic to these ideas but I have migrated to the EddieO side. Shut up and race, you want to win then you better get off your ass and get it together because the good money says you won't be collecting your 67th place trophy anytime soon.

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Old 11-12-2005, 02:23 AM
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Look...you folks are losing the point.

This thread isn't about making sure folks are able to win all the time. I'm certainly the last person who wants to be handed a trophy.

The whole freaking point relates to a large percentage of US drivers "turtling" into stock.

The gist is that folks who are starting out never get a fair shake, especially since most clubs don't have a decent "novice" class. They only run stock and 19T. Also the other negative side-effect is the fact that we (The USA) lack young talent to compete in more "IFMAR-Like" conditions.

The point is that the whole racing system and setup in the US is a convuluted screw-fest thats jacked up beyond all recognition.

There's no real progression system in place and alot of US drivers don't give a damn. As if alot of them have an "I'm alright Jack" type attitude. (in other words, as long as they're happy, then everything must be fine.)

I've been racing on and off for 1.5 decades. I didn't place higher than 3rd my first season of 1/12th last year, yet I had a blast.
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Old 11-12-2005, 02:25 AM
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Originally Posted by DaveW
Man this thread moves fast...

No way was a nerve hit. I have seen this discussion come and go ALOT since i started racing in '94. Many have stated as i have, some with more... others in less words, how pointless this is. People will run what they want to run... controlling it will either run away racers, or make for a really fast, and SMALL group of racers in each "division". The facts are, you have to be "this high to get on this ride". ----------------------

So what happens? Everyone wants their own theme park so they can have fun on the ferris wheel. Dude, the line is there for a reason. In this case, its the finish line... and the majority of racers feel cheated if they cant cross it first. Well, my point is, quite simply... someone HAS to be last. Its racing. No need for an essay, or opinions, or what ifs, or even cue cards to get through this simplistic discussion. You race, you win or lose. If you dont like losing go home and play a PS2 or XBox or whittle a whistle out of wood... maybe build some ERTL models? If you LIKE losing, then you will be BACK at the track for some more laps, and wont MIND spending the bread it takes to compete. YES... you have to spend time and money to beat those fast bastards at the local track... and NO it aint gonna happen in a year... or even two or maybe even five. Depends on skill level, eye hand coordination... ETC. But more importantly, it depends on your level of dedication. Your ability to LOSE for overall GAIN. Not everyone is cut out to be a racer... just as everyone isnt cut out to be a porn star. It just seems that some are more willing to understand the latter... for obvious reasons visible in the mirror.

- DaveW
That's tellin it like it is, good words on an age old topic. In the end, for whatever reason each person has, racers will do whatever it is they want to do. Peer pressure alone won't stop a mod reject from attempting to sandbag the spec classes, and it will take a gentlemens agreement from all the factory teams to keep the pros in modified.
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Old 11-12-2005, 02:39 AM
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Quote:Originally Posted by Ducati-RiderFor those of us who have served in the military and lost friends in Iraq, lemme just say that there were no WMD found in Iraq which was the primary reason we invaded Bagdad.
Bush is responsible and accountable for misleading the USA, the United Nations and the world.
To whom it may concern: I read your message with the utmost umbridge.

I have served, (I do have relatives serving in Iraq) You don't speak for me ... please refrain from doing so in the future.

I am not asking you to remove your quote, I just wanted you to know, I find it offensive.

BTW, neither post, need to be in this thread. This is about R/C Cars and not polictical statements.
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Old 11-12-2005, 03:25 AM
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it's probably already been said somewhere in the first 225+ posts, but i don't think it's the 20-30 factory (a-team) racers across the nation making too great an impact in stock, i believe it's the 4-500 b/c-teamers doing it.

so...instead of bioching about the problem, call some people (and their sponsors) out... let's hear it. who is sand-bagging in stock with factory support, that wouldn't be running it than for no other reason than their egos are crying for mommy in mod?
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Old 11-12-2005, 04:03 AM
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I never understand this argument..... are they sponsored cause they are good at STOCK touring, or are they good at stock touring because they are sponsored. I feel it is the former not the latter.

This reads like a bunch of sour grapes. f you don't like competing against factory guys (who probably don't REALY have a factory drive, just support) then don't race.

Me, I prefer to have as many good drivers in a discipline as possible, not much fun being a big fish in a little pond, unless of course thats what floats your boat. Just get on with racing and when you beat them guys, won't it give you a warm feeling, or you so weak that you get out-psyched by the fact that they are supported drivers.??
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Old 11-12-2005, 04:56 AM
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Originally Posted by gee-dub
so...instead of bioching about the problem, call some people (and their sponsors) out... let's hear it. who is sand-bagging in stock with factory support, that wouldn't be running it than for no other reason than their egos are crying for mommy in mod?

You've got a point. To those "crying foul" simply start naming names, at least we'll get some intersting replies
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Old 11-12-2005, 07:18 AM
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This is a very interesting thread...

There are some thing I agree and disagree with this thread


I believe we should keep the sponsored or pro drivers away from the amature's running the stock class. Beside's 98% of the racers in this sport/pastime are not sponsored. And we should keep it fair for everyone.


I don't believe the pro or sponored drivers should go to mod or 19 turn if they don't want to. There shoudl be at least a Novice(Cali term)/Sportsman(Sconsin term),Intermediate, Pro, Factory class just to keep things civil. If they want to go up to Mod then that's ok with me. Back in the early 2000's 2000-2002 Novak race ther was such a thing as Stock novice, intermideate, pro, and factory. And my biggest concern is.... What ever happened to that!?
Stock is a great class and it really levels the playing field. Kinda like soccer or football as you english people pronouce it . the reason why it is the world's most famous sport in the world because all you need is a ball and a open space, you don't have to be big or strong. same thing with stock. you don't need to have fast batteries or a fast car just to win. I know a guy named john columbo who hadn't raced in over a year and a few weeks ago, he one time set fast pace with his old TC3 I was really proud of him.

So if we are to weed out he fast guys then i suggest we have a novice, amature, pro, or factory class. I love stock! And if you got a problem with me being a turtle, then all i have to say is this....

Sorry.... had to say that!

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Old 11-12-2005, 08:34 AM
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When I was a young man, I raced at a small local stock car dirt track that ran 3 classes, six cyl, slow eight and fast eight. If you won three times in one summer in one class you got bumped up, if you finished last a few times you got bumped down. It was not unusual to see a few six cyl cars running with the eights and visa versa. Sometimes you needed to run a few slower races to find and get the bugs out of your car. This kept the pack tight and the racing good. There were no mod guys complaining about "boardbashers" and there were no rich kids buying trophys. It was the funnest racing I had ever done. Would it be so hard for a local club to institute the same rules.
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Old 11-12-2005, 08:45 AM
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Simple reason, there are all ready way too many classes in R/C racing as it is. Why dilute the racing and competition even more?

We all qualify, regardless of class. The fast guys will sort to the A and the slow guys will sort to the B. What's that saying, water seeks it's own level?

I'm a fast B-mainer/slow A-mainer, no matter what I have ever raced in my life, regardless of stock, mod or nitro. The fast guys are always gonna be faster than me, and I'm good enough to stay away from the slow guys.

I think the problem with the US racers has nothing to do with driver's intent, but US club-level class structure, where stock is the primary class at every carpet track around (because is IS cheaper and more competitive). Without enough cars to compete with, who wants to race by themselves with a modified motor in a class of 3 every week?
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Old 11-12-2005, 08:58 AM
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RC Racers are about like Women..........There never Happy
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Old 11-12-2005, 09:30 AM
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I am all for keeping the faster guys in stock. I am not one of them, maybe some day I can be, but it will take a lot more effort than I have time for right now. The fast guys at my local track are there at least once a week, but usually closer to 3 times, just running laps to see where they can shave a little more time. More power to them, it also helps that the guys are usually nice, and willing to help you out if they can. Sure there are a few that can be unapprochable...but there is always someone who will take the time. Just because I won't win in the A main, doesn't mean that taking the win in B is less of an accomplishment. Its funny, I took a few years away from racing..but the guys that were there when I left are still around now, However they are now the fast guys that everyone wants to beat. Keep turning laps, figure out how to be faster, and you will be one of those guys eventually.
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Old 11-12-2005, 10:06 AM
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I am lucky enough to have some truly fast guys running at my local track. They even run stock TC some daysÖand completely kick my butt.

I donít mind. Iíve been back into cars for around a year now and if I was as fast as these nationally ranked guys, something wouldnít be right. Just to watch their near perfect lines lap after lap after lap gives me something to aspire to. Each time I go out I try and improve my own set-up and driving. I donít expect the fast guys to come back to me; I expect to move up to them!

While, I have no Idea where they are squeezing that top speed out of their cars without roasting a motor every other run, I do appreciate that it is more than just pure straight-line speed. It is hugging the boards on each and every turn of each and every run. Itís incredible hand eye coordination; itís spot on car tuning, tire selection, oil selection, shock bolthole selection, caster, etcÖ.

Even Greyhounds need a rabbit to chase!!!
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