Connect to RC and play through online... kind of.

  • Hey guys!

    I am developing a game where you are able to remotely control RC vehicles (with cameras and weapons mounted to it), and play on a battlefield that we are building in our warehouse.

    So the idea in general, is that you can play RC through your computer, mobile device, etc..

    Now there is a couple of technical questions that we can't agree on.

    Hope you guys can help us out with some of the info.
    The questions is:

    1) Batteries choice

    2) RC vehicle speed limit

    3) Flying units

    Anyway, if you are interested in the idea you can read more about it on our facebook group page.
    We have the video and the info there.

    I will post as soon as mods will give permission to post links
  • Maybe you could post in the off road section also/instead, seems like a sturdy 4wd off roader could be a better choice than an on road car.