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Cherry, while your example is a decent one, it is not alway the norm.

For our local club track, you can run a set of Take offs for well over a month,

Retail at 37 bucks,
1 race entry 10 bucks
Spare parts for any car, maybe 10 bucks, < It is an average...

So even with my illustraion, say over 6 weeks time, about how long you can get out of a set of tires at our track.

7+10+10 = 27 bucks

for 6+ plus hours of fun.
go to 3 movies = 27 bucks...
Ride a go cart for hours.... dont even go there on the cost for that...
go to theme part for the day... 100 bucks easy...
go skiing in winter.... dunno how much a lift ticket is.. but I am sure it is over 40 bucks
Buy an xbox or ps2 game... 40+

It is all relative.

Cypress, locally we are starting to run... Stock, and Pro Stock, with stock being the Novice class. jsut worded different.

We all have to help build the hobby, not let it try and build itself. Take those tires, batteries,motors that you do nto use anymore,and GIVE them to people that are just starting out, help them get into the hobby... In short, it is as expensive as you want it to be.... that cannot be said for alot of hobbies/sports that are speed related...
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Last season, the tracks up in the Toronto area pretty well had 19T Touring, Mod Touring, and 19T 1/12 scale.. stock was apparently too slow for most to be interested.. Unfortunately, this is when I started racing R/C, last Christmas.. so imagine me plunking in 19T Quad mag on a used TB-02 with old rubber tires (didn't know about traction compound at the time either ), and just guess how far I got on my first practice lap before getting my shock chopped in half by a 1/12.. heh.. it was kinda frustrating on a learning level when everyone had been racing for years and there's no benchmark to set yourself against...

My saviour was the TCS when it started up in late Spring. Black-Can Tub GT2 class with 2400 batteries.. something I handle and learn at the same time, and I know the batts and motor were what everyone else was using, so I was able to talk to others more about setup and technique rather than just equipment. It was the same for the Mini class too with silver cans, and it's a blast. I met up with people who were indeed novices like me in many ways, and while a good number were experienced racers, I didn't feel as intimidated, and I was able to keep up with some practice under my belt. My broken parts have reduced significantly, letting me purchase and play with upgrades and improvements rather than have to go out and buy replacement uprights or diff cups. One of our local fast guys also unloaded his "Used" 2-run tires for ultra-cheap, which helped tons, especially when it came to Tamiya tires. Someone like me doesn't need new rubber each race...

I've learned quite a bit over the past season of 7 or 8 TCS races, and am eager to continue learning. Had there just been the 19T club races and nothing else (there were the occasional race, like Magma, but nothing frequent enough), my lack of interest and confidence would have led me to quit. You don't learn how to drive with a Ferrari, as they say.. there has to be some learning curve before jumping in the deep end. Otherwise, as people change jobs, have families, move, or just have less and less time to race, there won't be anyone to fill their ranks, and this is where the downfall of R/C happens. There will always be an elite group of racers who have their fun at 19T or Mod and would rather watch paint dry than watch a stock race, but we all had to start somewhere. Thankfully, the racers up here are incredibly helpful and willing to answer 20,000 questions, and that's encouraged me quite a bit, but it only goes so far until you get your car on the track and race or practice.

Now, we only have track facility left (TORC decided not to renew its lease for the building, and now have opened their own hobby shop), but it has introduced Tub chassis silver can racing for ages 16 and under, which I think is great.. sure, it may cater to the Tamiya cars a little more than others, but they're cheap, and it's a great way to learn, as well as leaving them an option to run TCS races. They still have 19T Foam classes for club racing, but now that I have a season under my belt, some day I just may step up and give it a try as my skills improve.. at least I'll be better prepared with some better batteries and motors, now that I understand them. The blue 2400 packs just aren't practical in any other races.

I'll definitely be ready for the next TCS series, and am ready to push myself to the next level, with some friendly help, of course....

Just my experience as a 'newb' driver now looking forward to the next race coming up... spec racing does have its benefits to start off with, but once the training wheels come off, you can then start looking at better equipment for the future with a better understanding of what you need to get faster, not just what everyone else has...
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Originally Posted by TimPotter
Cypress, locally we are starting to run... Stock, and Pro Stock, with stock being the Novice class. jsut worded different.

We all have to help build the hobby, not let it try and build itself. Take those tires, batteries,motors that you do nto use anymore,and GIVE them to people that are just starting out, help them get into the hobby... In short, it is as expensive as you want it to be.... that cannot be said for alot of hobbies/sports that are speed related...
Wording it that way will help somewhat, but you'll still have the guy that ran three packs in his driveway, and thinks he can own ProStock But you're right, that's a ton better than calling it novice. The best thing any of us can do is help the new racers. If somebody's having a hard time, HELP 'EM OUT!! Check out his/her car and offer some helpful hints, or help 'em work on it. I've been known to pass on packs, motors, and tires that were past their prime as well. I guess what it all boils down to is this: Make sure the new Blood is having a good time at the track, and they'll tell their friends, which just might translate into more new blood!!
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By passing packs down to the newb like me. We will help the sport grow. One of the local guys gave two of his IB3600 that were his practice packs. It makes difference now i don't have to worry about runtime in the final.
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Wow. Some great responses. There are some good things about newer technology first is rebuildable stock motors. You don't need 2 lathes anymore. Two, battery packs are alot cheaper then 10 years ago. I remember paying $110 for a match pack of 1200's. Now I can get 3800's for about $60. Does anyone think there will ever be a cap on new technology?
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I remember going to the HPI Challenge in Austin a few years ago, and I was struggling with glitches and stuff. I could make it around the track really well for being my first time on a track, but my motor was having problems. A few guys helped me out, tried to trouble shoot it, and one guy who frequents here gave me a motor to try. Sure, I realize now it wasn't a super motor, but it got me by, and he settled a lot of nerves about glitching into the boards at the end of the straight. It really gave me confidance in allowing myself to concentrate on the important things at hand- driving. Eventually, I tried to buy a charger, and he gave me his Millenium. He told me that whenever I had to get rid of it, I had to give it away. I'm still trying to find a charger so I can help someone out the way he helped me, which is really what I think this hobby is about. Our competitiveness should only show on the track. Outside of that, we should be helping other competitors, and people testing the waters of our hobby. I think really a lot of us have lost sight of that, which is what I believe ultimately turns people away. There's nothing like the first lap jitters, and people will do whatever they can financially to get that feeling. I'm 16, and I've bought a lot of my stuff second hand. I'm able to get myself on the track without a job, mowing only lawns, so I'm pretty sure other people can find a way onto the track. It just boils down to how bad you want to be on the track...
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