Yokomo Drift cars

  • Does anyone race with these? Can you even race with them? How would you do it?
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  • They're basically a lower spec CGM, so yes you can race them quite easily. All you need to do it bolt on some slicks or foams depending on where you race and you're set.
  • Vortec is correct. The driveline and suspension is the same as the entire SD line. Add shock oil, install bearings in the places they used bushings and bolt on some real tires.

    very race-able
  • Would they be in the same league as a TC4/Pro4 with the updated shocks?
  • Yes. Im not familiar with the kit shocks but im fairly sure they oring sealed and ready for your oil. ITs the plastic tub version of the CGM wich was a carbon/plastic version. Perhaps your only issue would be a slight weight penalty as it may be heavier. I used to race the SSG and loved the car on the track. IT had replaced my TC3 at the time.

    One easy weight savings would be to get a carbon shaft for it
  • Ah cool. So in other words, I could just upgrade it with the STAGE 1 Upgrade Kit and it'd just be like a CGM but without the CF?

  • The CGM is a graphite tub chassis, so your converted drifter would look the same as a CGM anyway. You're probly thinking of the SSG/Black SD's with the CF chassis..

    The shocks and the bearings are the most important upgrades you could do immediately, later you could upgrade to the graphite chassis parts also.
  • Which would be the better choice, the Yokomo drift car, or a TB-02R? They're about the same price, but the TB-02R doesn't need ballbearings and suspension upgrades.

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