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PIIHB! 10-06-2002 10:33 AM

TA04 Pro gearing suggestions
How should I gear my TA04-Pro for an 11x2 mod? I have a 90T 48p spur and I am running tamiya rubber tires. The track is tight with 1 or two mediam length straights.

imataquito 10-06-2002 10:09 PM

at 90 48 u r madly overgearing dude .... and it will burn up motor or even make u dump real quick and SLOW U DOWN !!!!!!!!!/

try 120t spur 40pinion ......

fabolousRC 10-07-2002 12:15 PM

Any recommendation on Standard 48 pitch, mang? I'm using p2k2 pro using TA04S standard (and maximum) pinion and spur (25T and 83T) and I'm maxed out in top speed!!! HELP!!!

coolrcdad 10-07-2002 12:23 PM

For P2K2 gearing, we use a 93t spur (48p) and pinions 27-29t.

IMPACTPLAYR 10-08-2002 08:29 AM

Imataquito- he didn't say he was gearing 90/48 he said he was using a 90 tooth 48pitch spur.... Running a 6.38 FDR would be closer to stock or 19turn ratios.....

Bolink boy- you should be closer to 9:1 try starting around a 20-22 tooth pinion...... you may also want to get a 93+96 tooth spur.

imataquito 10-08-2002 11:41 AM

opts...... blury eyes
my bad

:o :o
hehe thats what happens when u do quick reading

rccarracer 10-08-2002 06:07 PM

I'd try a 22 or 23 tooth pinion to begin wih and work from there...

Steevo 10-11-2002 05:09 PM

Hello All,
Can someone, with experience running mod motors in TA04 cars, PLEASE give me a recommended pinion size for my brand new TA04 pro with 120 tooth Spur Gear so that i can run my 9 Turn Trinity Team Kinwald. I am running 15 degrees of timing on my motor but am unsure of the RPM as i don't have a Dyno.

Steevo 10-11-2002 10:03 PM

Worked it out!!!!
With 04 module 30tooth is recommended with 120 Spur Gear to run a 9 Turn. Ratio is 4:1 that is an optimum start point.
for 06 module which is what i ended up buying i opted for a 96 Spur and 24Tooth Pinion giving the same 4:1 Ratio.

Tested the car after installing new gears and you couldn't wipe the grin off my face:D :D
The car is just awesome!!!!!

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