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lemonader83 11-02-2014 06:22 PM

Hey all, not sure if I'm alone in this as parts seem scarce and I've never seen anything on bikes, but I've come across a venom gpv-1 and I thought it could be a fun lil project.

Main thing I'm wondering is how interchangeable the parts are between the 1/8 scale bikes? Things like brakes or wheels, bodies, etc...

Brushless seems like a good idea, mid range kv 1/18 system?

Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated!


Foodie 11-03-2014 12:15 AM


Look in there for RC Bike infos. :)

Jusitick 11-04-2014 10:25 PM

Play 1/8 rc car.:D

rc-man 11-07-2014 02:17 AM

I used to run kyosho hor and ZH201. Both 1/8 and the ZH have front and rear disk brake. The rims on the ZH do fit the hor. But for front you need 5mm spacer, and rear you need the ZH wheel adapter. Dish brakes will not fit the hor as the hor use the "swing" steering system, so as soon as you pull the brakes the steering will pull to one side. For motor we all use brushless. For the hor use 1/18 system with 5000-9000kv. For the ZH use inner runner short motor from 450 helicopters, around 7000kv. ESC anything 60A will be more than enough.

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