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[QUOTE=bertrandsv87;13581219The worst for me was a Radioshack Acura RSX... Forget about it !!!!!![/QUOTE]

Too funny!
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The best is easy, RC10 gold pan. It was so much better than anything else at the time.

Worst, Tamiya Frog and blackfoot. Front end was junk, the transmission would not hold up to a mabuchi motor.
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Worst was the futaba FX10, God couldn't get a dogbone to stay in that car. Best was probably the RC12LC, that was the first car with a symmetrical t-bar
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Originally Posted by slotracer577 View Post
The best is easy, RC10 gold pan. It was so much better than anything else at the time.

Worst, Tamiya Frog and blackfoot. Front end was junk, the transmission would not hold up to a mabuchi motor.
Yup had the same cars. Dont forget about the cantilevered shocks on the frog. Or the non adjustable (s bend) turnbuckles
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I did not come back home with it... I threw it in the garbage at the FBF track !!!...lol...It was that bad...
Originally Posted by Evo 13 View Post
Too funny!
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Since we are getting into the nostalgia-fest, I'd like to give props to the car that got me in the game, the Tamiya Fox. I did everything (!) with that buggy...asphalt hood bashing, beach blasting, many race days. I had the mechanical speed control in it till it finally died. Then a Futaba electronic esc went in , fun continued!

Cars I wish I had kept: RDX, man what a VTA beast it is. And the XXX-S, though I'm about to start running one again

Don't miss: Tc3 is one. It was cool, but not that cool. AE on-road cars are over-hyped.

The 12L4 was great though!
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Old 10-07-2014, 08:43 PM   #22
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I won't mention things already listed, but here goes.

Kawada Sigma 2 (both V1 and V1.1) exceptionally smooth cars, just flowed silently like liquid ghosts around the track
Xray T1 still competitive, set and forget type car
Various minis from Tamiya, fun, but still the best is the M01 (or in RWD configuration - how good is that? swap the ends and you have a different car)
But nothing as good as the Kyosho FF, too bad there is no further development. Basically a 1/12 pan car but FF.
ABC Goose, really nice, an Xray RWD of sorts.
YRF2 and YRF2 Special still a gem, unequalled, deserves re-issuing even if only in its lower spec form (i.e. not the Special)
YR4M2J Pro heavy but a tank, first fully adjustable but short lived
Various other Xrays all good and a brilliant timeline demonstration of RC evolution in TC
Durango DEX410 (first gen) really nice and a masterpiece of engineering, still competitive
Tamiya Durga crazy fun and for once a Tamiya that didn't crack plastics when you screwed it together
TA02/01 in various guises endless fun on sawdust alleys, first car capable of proper rally drifting around corners with showers of dirt
Yokomo MR4 rally even better than the TA02
Corally NGX F1 another masterpiece, just like to look at it
TA05R, the fragile tank of touring cars great tuneability, a weird combination of undestroyable bits and bits that broke/bent when you looked at it.
Tamiya Dakar 959 beautiful car and chassis but totally useless, and poor design (at least you can excuse it for being an exercise in innovation, something Tamiya has given up on since).
Tamiya Hilux fun toy, nice looking, way overcomplicated transmission and totally useless, perhaps good for a cross section display
CR01 crawler fun, no performance at all whatsoever, tumbles over like the oversized bug it is and fun to watch
Team Durango DESCR crazy fun basher extraordinaire anywhere you please
HPI RS4 Mini Pro a really nice little mini, perhaps too good and an evolutionary dead end

Gave up on

Hirobo 1/10 Peugeot 205GTI after I paid a fortune to get a NIB car, looked at it, really lovely, put it back in the box and sold it at a loss. Innovative shaft drive underneath the motor, but fragile and untuneable
Robitronic Avid V1, nice car, but no support and never really developed in spite of a V2 release.
The only two cars I ever sold.

Gathering dust
Various other orphans like tamiya FF03 pro
M06 Pro - an exercise in overcomplicated and utterly pointless overengineering of the sloppiest kind
CC01 (fun basher but nothing special)
Team Greasy Weasel

The best upgrade to any car is some driver skill.

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Just sharing...

Best kits I've owned (some active, some sold)
-Xray T2 2009 (Quality and durability plus performance and whole package)
-Tamiya FF03pro (3 years and still competitive, low maintenance, lotsa fun!)
-Kyosho Ultima SC-R (3 years and still competitive, low maintenance, fast)
-SpecR S1 (Cheap, durable, accepts parts from Tamiya, Xray, etc)
-AE TC4/TC3 (Nice shaft drive kit for its price, highly tuneable, cheap)
-Tamiya TA05R (Stable and very nice to drive, great package)
-AE SC10.2 (Great package, nice to drive, competitive)

Worst kits (all sold)
-Tamiya TT01R & D (wondered why I bought it)
-AE TC5R (low quality, unbalanced, weak parts, poor design)
-Tamiya TL01 (my first RC, high maintenance, worst handling)
-Losi JRX (fragile, limited spur option, assembled and sold it)
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Best Kits:
Schumacher Mi2, it evolved over the years to a 2.5 with a mix of standard 2, 2EC and BMI parts in to an awesome carpet foam car.
Schumacher Cat 2000, the original 1994 model with stand up shocks. Nothing beats it for pure pleasure to drive on slippy floor.
HPI Super F1, had alot of years of great racing and fun with this car.

Worst Kits:
Maruri Shogun, my first kit. A good car and drove well but there was alot of cheap molded plastic parts and spares weren't easy to come by.
Associated TC4, standard it's a good car but it's a pain to work on, the diff's and poo and the imperial screws on a plastic car are nothing but a pain in the ass. But spec it up with a BMI chassis kit and it's one of the best looking car's ever made.
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I notice that several of the cars are on many people's best and worst lists! Also, looks like there are lot's of criteria we are judging best and worst on.

For me there are 3 factors for a good vehicle:

1) Quality
How well does it hold up, how well is the fit and finish and build quality. How competitive is the vehicle.

2) Manufacturer Support
Is the car in production and will it continue to be supported. Will iterative versions be able to use many of the same parts. Are 3rd party manufacturers making parts available.

3) Fun Factor
Is the vehicle fun to drive.

With that said here is my list:

SC104x4 Factory Team Kit (Associated)
M05 (Tamiya)
Hyper H4 Pro (Ofna/Habao)
Hornet (Tamiya)
SCX10 (Axial)

Anything from the Toy Store!

Honorable Mention:
Cup Racer (HPI)
18r (Associated)

-gosh I think I have owned a lot of cars. More that didn't make any list above.

*Tamiya M05 and Hornet. The build quality isn't top notch, but dang these cars are a lot of fun. The Hornet was my very first hobby grade RC car. Bought for me by my dad in 1984-85. This car got me into the hobby and will always have a special place in my heart.
I notice the M05 on a lot of people's "Worst" list. I don't think they have raced these in a club/competition race. They are a blast to race, it really puts driver's skills to the limit and the winner is almost always the better driver. I don't think any other car is quite the equalizer as the M' class.

My H4 (Ofna) gets no respect, but this car is a serious contender in the sedan class. It's only draw back is that it is not widely recognized/known. But it is a wonderfully built car, with incredible manufacturer support. (the guys at Ofna down in Irvine, CA are great and extremely helpful). I give this car 5 stars.
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I like your lists and reasoning for including each vehicle in their respective list.
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My best would have to be the TC3. It felt so much quicker than anything else at the time. I've never improved my lap times so much by changing car.

Honourable mention to my current Spec R R1 Pro Spec which really is a great kit for the $165 I paid for it (new).

I guess the worst was a Tamiya Mini. It was my first RC kit and it wasn't bad it was just very basic compared to anything else I've ran.
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I guess the worst was a Tamiya Mini.
oh no!
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The Best-
SRP-1 High end CW Dominator Clone; (Replaced all of the cheap CW plastic with machined Magnesium.) 7 cell mod dirt oval was/is awesome...still
The RC12e I still have it.
The original RC10 Gold Pan
The RC500 is all of it's 4WD 1/8th Nitro Awesomeness
The Optima Mid
Tamiya TA03 David Jun, still the easiest to drive TC I have ever had.
The TC 6.1
The Xray T4,
The VBC D06.

The Worst-
Tamiya Falcon
Marui Big Bear (Remember Those??)
MRP Shot Gun, the thing was made of Glass. It broke if you looked at it wrong.
Schumacher CAT XL I never could get a handle on that car.
Kyosho Ultima, hated that car.

There are more but these are the top of both lists.
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Stock t4'13. I consistently went .2-.3 slower than my t3'12. Couldn't figure out that car to save my life until...

T4'13 with RSD Chassis. Instantly went a ton faster and went from being a mid pack guy to challenging for podiums every week. It's still the car I use in mod and stock and don't plan on changing yet.
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