Whats a good steering servo

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  • I think last time I bought a BLS551 it was around that price ( 70$ or maybe a couple of bucks more), but in any case you'd need to add shipping charges from HK.

    I found the 9551 is still available again around the same price.
  • Quote: And lastly, anything that reacts at .1 sec is fast enough. If you don't believe that, try to measure your own reaction time and see what is the ratio...
    My college physics professor said the same thing, and for the past thirty years, I've regretted not challenging her.

    That online test measures reaction times in the absence of context. However, in the real world, we all see things in context. If there was a countdown timer or visually indicator (like seeing a car go through a straightaway and approaching a turn-in or apex), then the reaction times should drop--whether they drop significantly or by a rounding-error is a variance of the individual.

    In other words, if I randomly said "Now" to prompt you to hit a button, your lag time would be much higher than if I said, "3... 2... 1... Now!"
  • Quote: Back to the OP question, instead of all the useless arguing...

    For your budget if you want new, I would suggest looking at Savox servos. They fit your budget and will get the job done. You could also probably find a used servo like the Futaba BLS551 or S9551 here on RCtech in your price range.
    thanks for the info everyone I appreciate it.