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  • Well, it's time for me to get a new car and I want a belt drive. Basically I have 6 choices:

    - Tamiya 415 MS
    - Yokomo BD
    - Hot Bodies Cyclone
    - Xray T1FK05
    - Schumacher MI2
    - Corally RDX

    All these cars have virtually the same chassis setup; batteries on one side, elec on the other and a 2-belt drive system. And they're mostly in the same price range.

    I'm not trying to say that car is better than that car, what I would like is YOUR pros and cons if you own one of the above cars.
    I'm an experienced driver myself and have been in the hobby for a while now, but there's just sooooo many cars now that I don't know which one to buy.

  • Whichever you can get parts for the easiest....
  • what about a jrxs
    whats wrong with the losi it is a great handling car but of what you had listed i like the tamiya a little hard to get parts for but i still like the car easy to work on
  • No love for the TC4...If you even remotely know how to setup a car and listen to the fast guys than it'll do you pretty well...

    If you can get parts for them though the RDX looks like a hot ride!
  • Buy them all, and then you can tell US. LOL
  • Xray FK'05

    Pro... not as expensive as some. Popular and easy to find good setups for. More likely your HS will stock parts for this compared to the others in your list. Parts included work well for carpet. Tuff as nails... dang hard to break. Consistent... I always know it will perform the same qual after qual... I've never had any mysterious handling issues arise like I have in other cars. BMI Chassis available

    Con... parts are expensive (see pro above) and some smaller HS may not carry them. Getting parts for best carpet perfomance can be expensive. Have to dremel a bit in some situations for carpet setups. Taping a 6-cell pack doesn't always work well...especially if you hit stuff. Chassis doesn't fit 3600, 3700, 3800 packs all that well.

    I've run a Factory Team TC3, BMI TC3, Stock TC4, BMI TC4, and now the FK'05. The Xray is by far the car I've enjoyed the most. It's been easy to work on and putting it together was enjoyable to. Fit and finish is the best I have ever seen. My previous favorite is the BMI TC3. The TC4 just seemed to break all the time.
  • I vote for the JRX-S, it's the best car I've driven, very comparable to the RDX on carpet though; durable too. I haven't broken anything on it yet (except a ball cup I had to change). It's just a pleasure to drive. I'd say look more into it.

    But considering it's not on the list I would go with the RDX.

    This is regarding carpet racing with foams, dunno about asphalt.

    I know what you go through when you want to buy one of these new cars (you wanna make sure you pick the right one and not spend $300-400) on the chasis and some parts and then not like it.

    BUT, if it's set up right, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to not like ANY of these cars listed.(given that you don't buy a chasis specifically made for asphalt and expect to be the best one on carpet). If the set-up is perfect, or almost perfect, then it just comes down to driving skills and personal preference.

    So like some others said, go with the one supported by your LHS, that way if you break something during a race you won't have to sit out. Or just buy the most "breakable" parts online and have them with you all the time.

    Good Luck
  • Hey I'm in the same situation as well.

    I appreciate what Underhill contributed which is what I have heard about the XRAY from everyone who knows about it. So far at my track (SoCAl), its made C main drivers into steady A main drivers.

    As for the parts being expensive well, we all know what we are getting into once we bought into that high price tag. I mean expensive parts come from expensive cars. Now as for the parts support issue.... c'mon guys we are all here on the Internet together so obviously there's a parts source for everyone of these cars here in the cyber world.

    As for the other cars. The JRX-S should also be considered. I know of someone who has an RDX but decided to switch to the JRX-S simply because he doesn't want to follow the crowd. It can work well, its jus a matter of set-up.

    The RDX, same like the XRAY except parts are even more limited but with the Internet and deep pockets what does it matter.

    The Yokomo BD, I've heard that its a little bit fragile but it runs great and comes with the battery strap included. With that in mind and XRAY being as tough as nails you can see where my attention is going.

    The Tamiya, all that money and you still got use tape??? I don't follow TCS so it doesn 't matter to me but for those who do, this car is a must.

    Also missing from the list is the Yokomo SD LCG, and the Alex Racing Stinger.

    Thats my opinion although its not qualified, so far I am looking towards the XRAY as the car to have.
  • I haven't broken, bent, thrashed one part one my Yoke yet and you should see the two tracks I race at. Hold on, wait yes I did...it was a TC3/4 composite CVD last weekend
    Being that Hara is one of the only guys to drive the Cyclone, I would put these three in this order:
    Yokomo BD, RDX, Cyclone or RDX, Yokomo BD, Cyclone
    I've had two of the three but I'm partial to Yokomo... I know I didn't help you at all
    X-Ray is definitely up there too but I've got NO experience with the car... -JB
  • WHO CARES! I mean, really, all of these cars are great cars. There are other cars you don't have listed that are great cars as well. Just get whatever car yanks your chain the hardest.
  • yeah, it doesn't matter. I'll bet if you gave Hara a TB-02, he would still wipe the competition clean.
    Go with parts availability and run with it. The car of the week syndrome seems to be slowing down so any of those cars will be great for some time.
  • RDX
    CORALLY RDX...six out of ten in the spec class at the RROC says it all...six different drivers ,six different set ups one result more cars than ANY other car company ...that says alot ..my .o2 bitter
  • I would go with the Hot Bodies Cyclone but it is gunna be kinda expensive i hear around 400 bucks. but i would also go with somthin that you can get parts for at ur local hobby shop..
  • Carpet or Asphalt? If carpet I would say the Carpet Spec RDX.
  • Thanks for the replies

    I actually forgot the JRXS, but there's ZERO parts available here i Denmark, so that out of the question. Plus whenever I see it on rubber tires, it has handling issues.

    I have the TC4 already, but thats a shaft drive, so thats the reason why that wasn't included in the list. Same as all the other shafties out there.

    I'm leaning towards the RDX but again, parts availability is an issue here. There's actually a distributor here in DK, but it's nearly impossible to get parts from the guy. Dosen't respond to email or phone calls.

    The Xray looks good with all the alu, the multidiff and stuff. But the battery brace isn't included, spur gears keep stripping and wobble, meaning the plastic used is sooooo soft. Also, the blades is gone at an alarming rate.

    The Schumi just won the Euros, but it's old. And Teemu is almost the only guy going fast with it. Also, rumours has it that a new car is in the works.

    The Yok looks promising. Once had the CGM, but the parts just kept breaking on it. Even with light taps into a barrier or something similar. A mate in my club have the new BD and says in the easiest belt drive car to wrench on. After studying it, it looks good. I also like the pre-filed battery slots.

    Then there's the ever popular 415MS. Proven fast many times, durable and probably has the best suspension in the world.

    So it's a tough choice. I race both carpet as asphalt, but rubber ONLY. No foams.

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