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  • So check this out....I went with some friends back out to the racetrack here in Japan and I talked to a guy about electric stock motors. I know theirs are 23 turns but same difference. Appearently, the new rage here is to run a laydown brush on the posative side and a standup brush on the negative. He didnt understand when I asked him about a dyno, but the idea is cool. anyone with a dyno....try this and see how it works! Id like to know if it makes a real difference.

  • Quick question:What FDR should I start with (core stock) on a small track?My local track just redid it's layout.
    Also, I heard that you can't gear the TOP motors by this true?
  • You should gear all motors by laptimes. Have a buddy help you if at all possible. Just run a couple of laps, time them and then change your gearing and run again.

    Don't you hate it when there is no straight answers, I know I do.
  • Cardboard, this might answer your question a little better also. Kraig is right about gearing by laptimes, but the TOP motors like the Core are hot motors, and they naturally do get hot, so you can't gear them by that. The Core and MVP run hotter than any of the Epic Motors.

  • Kevin is right. They run like the MVP if I am not mistaken. You could always try the Big Jim trick and narrow the brushes and it should run cooler, that is what I have heard but I don't have first hand knowledge of it doing this.
  • Got a question. I'm just starting in 1/12 scale and I want to know what is a good brush/spring combo for a Monster in 1/12 scale racing?
  • Try putnum green on the pos+ and Blue on the Neg- with green springs hope this helps.
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by mivy
    Try putnum green on the pos+ and Blue on the Neg- with green springs hope this helps.
    what are you doing running stock? I never thought you would wimp out on me like that LOL
  • you gear a stock motor by looking at the colour of the comm after each run, it should be no more than a light pink tinge (is that how you spell it?) at the very most.
  • what is the best brush for a epic binary 4 magnet stock? touring
  • I'd say either Putnam's high-silver ones or Hurricane Gold brushes. I've used golds in mine, & got pretty good power out of them...
  • Is this MVP Roar legal?
    I just got a Reedy MVP stock motor on E-Bay, the motor has been modified to use stand up brushes, I assume that makes it not ROAR legal ?

    I do not know much about motors in general and this is the first Yokohama based motor I have seen close up.
  • I know we all pretty much run 4499 brushes & red (+)/ green (-) springs on our monsters, but in the July issue of RCCA (pg.27), Jim Dieter's set-up for the monster is 4505 brushes w/ the 4395 red springs. Has anyone tried this? I just ordered some of the brushes, I've got some springs already; I think I'm gonna try this and see what the hype is.

    - JayBee
  • quick q: how fast can i exspect my rtr tc3 to go out of the box?
  • I prefer the putnam greens to the trinity 4505's.

    kh15 - About 20-22mph.

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