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"payback" Peter? That's not very sportsman of you to say that. Especially here on the net. What are you teaching all the new drivers out there? I would think that with all the sponsors you have, you'd be representing them better. That's the kind of mentality that seperates great drivers from world class drivers. Learn from Masami or Hara.

I saw the video, in slow motion, and it clearly showed that you blew the line and dayger had no where to go. Your so called "payback" pass (hit & run) was bad sportmanship that should of been penalized.

You're a great driver...but not world class yet. Work more on Modesty and Courtesy rather than being a brute.
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Originally Posted by rayhuang
NOw having typed all this-I guess I am gonna hack someone this weekend and get booed for having a big mouth
Thats also a part of racing.
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Ray that's cool I didn't want anyone to think I meant that I necessarily approved a hit and run or something LOL

See you on friday at the gate???


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Hey guys what up with all the low blows but anyway what is the reason on the tires if the rule they are going by is wrong and roar says we can run them and that they are legal it sounds like there is more going on behind the scenes the way Mr. Bill is looking at the so called rule we should not be able to run purple/orange or dpink/orange or what every Parma or trc call them there are alot of jaco drivers that come to this race and this is a race that i really enjoy coming to but I do not understand Mr. Bill ruleing on this I would hate to see all the jaco drivers not attend the champs and I'M not saying that is going to happen but someone needs to explain it a little better than what is being said the reason that is why they are not being aloud to be used.. Also we will be able to run the 2 stage at every race but the champs it all sounds likes more then a rule and thats what stinks about it but just like Jack said we'll show up and if we can't run them then will just run what we been kicking ass on for the last 2 years.........Thanks Drew
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so who was that guy that took that great video???

and I would of asked what Drew was smoking as he typed that out but.....
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Nash , Well he did get 9 periods in at the end ...........
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Originally Posted by RCsilly
Nash , Well he did get 9 periods in at the end ...........

Man I was just going to say that..... Smoking....what ever do you mean?
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What do you need to play *.ram files? I save it, then click it open and it asks me what program I want to use to open it, because there isn't a default... I wanna see what happened!
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Originally Posted by josh69162
What do you need to play *.ram files?
You need realplayer


then I would suggest running some anti-spyware and anti-hijacking software to undo all the damage that real player does to your computer when you install it.


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As of 7:06pm EDT, Wraps are now legal as per Mr. Bill:

David Lee
ROAR Director of Competition

We reworded the rules on foam tires at the ROAR meeting 10 days ago to make it clear the JACO two stage tire complies. They have been racing it in our events for a little over an entire season of racing.


From the thread on http://indoorchamps.com
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Well, that's interesting. I think everyone should know that the initial ruling not to allow the tires was not a political one. I have talked to all of the other companies affected by the decision (Trinity/TRC, CRC, and Parma/PSE) and they all made it clear that they did not pressure Mr. Bill to disallow the tires. So much for conspiracy theories, I guess. I hope this reversal does not cause as much controversey as the previous ruling. As I said before, nobody wants to see the race's reputation damaged in any way by conflict.
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Like I said before...it was likely a misunderstanding based on a decision grounded on bad or incomplete information...

Glad to see the tires will be legal...

I know that many of the locals that are going were in the process to switching over and track testing on the 2-stages for regular club races...using the same tires for the Cleveland race will be a nice benefit!!
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Jack Rimer ygpm I have some questions for ya
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has anyone seen seperation of these tires ? I ran them for a weekend and the inside seam is seperating. Not sure if this is something I did or not. I love Jaco tires and would love to know if this is common or if I did something wrong. I trued them down to 58mm's and ran them all through practice and qualifiers...
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Was this the rubber to rubber seam or rubber to base seam?
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