R/C Tech LIVE at the 2005 Reedy Race of Champions @ Tamiya USA

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  • the FL guys are doing pretty good
  • Quote:

    So-Cal Hottie!
    And I thought the cars were cool
  • Quote: hey guys!

    I am having trouble gettting my confirmation email to RC Live.com I have resent it about 5 times, but nothing. Please Heeellllllllppppp!

    From page 9-

    got this in my email today...

    Dear members,

    I have been having quite a few people telling me that they are not receiving their confirmation email from RC Live that contains their activation key. At the current time, I am working on correcting this problem. Apparently, some emails are going through fine, such as to Yahoo and GMail accounts, while others are not. Until this problem is fixed however, we want to make sure that everyone has access to RC Live. For this reason, I have created a generic temporary activation key that you may use to activate your accout.

    This key is: 1234567890

    To activate your account, simply go to the following URL:

    Once you are there, enter your email address and the generic key above, and you will be ready to use RC Live!

    Thank you for your patience in regards to this matter.

    Brandon Rohde
    Administrator - RC Live
  • In case you can't find it elsewhere, here are the complete results from INVITE ROUND TWO:

    Heat 1:

    1. Paul Wynn
    2. Jiles Groskamp
    3. Andrew Moore
    4. Satoshi Maezumi
    5. Chris Tosolini
    6. David Jun
    7. Barry Baker
    8. Josh Cyrul
    9. Joel Myrberg (DNS)

    Heat 2:

    1. Craig Drescher
    2. Atsushi Hara
    3. Marc Rheinard
    4. David Spashett
    5. Mike Blackstock
    6. Ryan Cavalieri
    7. Toni Rheinard
    8. Chris Grainger

    Heat 3:

    1. Brian Kinwald
    2. Thomas Pumpler
    3. Jimmy Jacobson
    4. Billy Easton
    5. Andrew Cartwright
    6. Mike Dumas
    7. Paul Lemieux
    8. Juho Levanen

    Heat 4:

    1. Ralph Burch
    2. Surikarn Chaidajsuriya
    3. Kiyo Suzuki
    4. Greg Hodapp
    5. Jonas Kaerup
    6. Rick Hohwart
    7. Matt Francis
    8. Kyle Skidmore
    9. Masami Hirosaka

    Fast five laps:

    1. Marc Rheinard 13.054
    2. Craig Drescher 13.073
    3. Atsushi Hara 13.122
    4. Ralph Burch 13.167
    5. Jonas Kaerup 13.167

    So far eight races with eight different winners... a lot different than last year!
  • To activate your account, simply go to the following URL:

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  • Quote: Looks like the same stuff people pulled on me when I covered the worlds in October. the place I had the pics used 604 gigs of bandwidth in 4 days!
    Ok, I'd like to clarify one thing. Neither ME nor SpeedX971 have anything to do with this. We were in charge of the live of the worlds for Petit R/C, and we had an agreement with you for the pictures and result. I fail to see how we can have used 604 gigs of your bandwidth for the simple reason that we only put links to your gallery. May I add, we made sure every time our source was clearly stated as being you.

    However, this time, we haven't got any responsibility in the stealing of Shane's picture. It was the webmaster, and I can tell you this will end our involvement in that website. So please, in the future, make sure you don't make any references as being speedx971 and me running Petit R/C, because it isn't.

    I'm not trying to start a big debate like we had at the worlds, so please do not reply to that post. All i wanted was to make things clear, and that is now done. As for what I think, I think it was very stupid from Petit R/C to think they'll go away with stealing Shane's picture.

    Thank you for your time, now back to the topic.
  • man , im over Rc live.. just keep us updated here! It seems to stop working every 3 min.
  • common Shane we won't tell if you post a pic of the Kyosho when will you get some results for round 2 of Spec?????
  • Quote: man , im over Rc live.. just keep us updated here! It seems to stop working every 3 min.
    RC Live is working great I have seen every race for the last 1/2 hour
  • me too
  • Results from INVITE for ROUND THREE:

    Heat 1:

    1. Marc Rheinard
    2. Matt Francis
    3. Satoshi Maezumi
    4. Craig Drescher
    5. Ralph Burch
    6. Mike Blackstock
    7. Kyle Skidmore
    8. Toni Rheinard
    9. David Spashett

    Heat 2:

    1. Atsushi Hara
    2. Greg Hodapp
    3. Jonas Kaerup
    4. Jiles Groskamp
    5. Andrew Cartwright
    6. Kiyo Suzuki
    7. Paul Wynn
    8. Joel Myrberg
    9. Josh Cyrul

    Heat 3:

    1. Masami Hirosaka
    2. Thomas Pumpler
    3. Jimmy Jacobson
    4. Billy Easton
    5. Paul Lemieux
    6. Chris Tosolini
    7. Juho Levanen
    8. Chris Grainger

    Heat 4:

    1. David Jun
    2. Rick Hohwart
    3. Surikarn Chaidajsuriya
    4. Andrew Moore
    5. Ryan Cavalieri
    6. Mike Dumas
    7. Brian Kinwald
    8. Barry Baker

    There we go, Spec is back on the track. I am trying to get the top 10s and whatnot for each round of Spec/Mod but it's like pulling teeth. Come on Doug! haha
  • I here the racers are getting their times from ppl calling them with results from RClive!!
  • Some notes from that last round...

    In Heat 1, Marc checked out early and Matt and Satoshi had an epic battle for second, Matt continually closed the door on Satoshi and managed to hold him off lap after lap. Toni and David both broke or retired early.

    In Heat 2, Cyrul hit the kink at full bore early on and the ensuining barrel roll tore his car apart. Joel also retired early, not sure what happened. Other than that, decently uneventful.

    Heat 3 was one of the more energic races I've ever witnessed, with huge crashes and lead changes. Tosolini got into Easton early on and they dropped to the end, but Tosolini was challenging Masami for the lead when his car suddenly lost power. Many other crashes, and Lemieux was challenging as well when his car dumped with a couple to go.

    Heat 4 featured an insane battle between David Jun and Andrew Moore that finally ended when Moore hit a dot in the S section and rolled over.
  • thanks Shane

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