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  • One quick question about the damper setup!

    I have filled the dampers with 3000 diff oil, with using the 2 hole plates of the aluminium shocks. Should i change it to the 3 hole ones?

    In David junes setup he used the kit dampers i think.

    Greetings Blueman
  • i use 60wt shock oil on the alum. dampers with 3 holes
  • Quote: i use 60wt shock oil on the alum. dampers with 3 holes

    Does that mean that the 3000 oil is only recomended for the kit dampers?
    from 60 to 3000 is a big gap.....

    Now i have filled the alus with 3000 oil and the 2 hole plates, and that is definitly to hard.

    Wich spacers do you run at the rocker arms f+r ?

    Thanks in advance, Blueman
  • are you talking about the spacers for the preload on the shocks? Cause im looking at the rockers and i dont see spacers on my car
  • The stock rocker arms do not have spacers on them but the Tamiya aftermarket aluminum ones do. These do not pre-load the spring...they adjust the relationship between the shock and suspension arm for bump and rebound. For example a longer arm on the suspension side of the rocker arm will give the suspension arm more leverage on the shock giving it a softer feel under compression.
  • thats one thing i never upgraded was the rocker
  • There is an F201 NIB at my LHS. I can't wait until next weekend when I can go and pick it up. But knowing my luck, it will probably be gone by the time I get there. I don't know though, it's been sitting for the past couple years. So I think I may have this one in the bag.

    Is there going to be a Petit Lemans this year? I really want to put my F103GT to good use.
  • Quote: are you talking about the spacers for the preload on the shocks...
    Sorry to run off subject, but it has always bothered me that Tamiya refers to to those shock clips as pre-load adjusters. They always make mention that adding/removing them stiffens/softens the springs. The fact is they in no way effect the stiffness of the suspension and/or spring, the only thing they do is alter ride height. Preload only determines the point at which the spring begins to compress in a given configuration, and has no bearing on a vehicle setup if the vehicle is meant to remain on the ground.

  • The kit alu tuning rockers are symetrical, but there are shims included. on the front i have the alurocker settet like the kit ones (2mm spacer at the push rod side).

    The rear ones i had setted also like the kit ones, but in David Junes Setup i read the front with 2mm spacer, and the rear withoutone. both sides have the same lenght.

    Has anyone experience with this stuff?

    Also my question again about the tuning alu damper setup.
    As i wrote above, in this setup (David June), he used the kit dampers with 3000 diff oil, but i think this is to stiff for the Alu damper set.
    Wich oil and hole plate combe are you running on asphalt?
  • Actually it depends which kit you have...the regular kit has plastic rocker arms that have longer arms on the suspension side. The TRF kit has aluminum rockers that are symetrical and have washers to space out the ball studs.
  • I actually preferred mine with the symetrical spacing on the front rocker arms and the thick spacer on the suspension side of the rocker arm. This was with the olive springs and hard tires.
  • And in the rear? With or without the spacers on the rockers?
  • Front - No spacers
    Rear - Thick spacer on the suspension side
    Olive springs all around

    Anyway that setup seems to work well for me. I find the more I can limit roll in the car the better the tires work.
  • Thx for the Info.

    You run it the other way as David June advice. (front the thick, and rear none.)

    I think i ask to much. It looks like i have to test what i prefer.
    Hope it is getting warm enough soon here in Austria, that i can give it a go.

    Thx again for your infos guys!

    Greetings Blueman
  • Haven't tried anything recently. F1 died out here about a year ago.

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