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  • Yeah I know, but I can honestly say they are like chalk and cheese now, funny how they are still using the same rack and hardware too, but at least it works now.
  • Glad they have it right this time. These cars are not getting any cheaper so when you need after market parts to fix a $300 plus car is not cool.

    I did like my R3 and my Xenon R2. The R2 worked really well and my R3 was pretty dialed but I never had enough steering throw. The Pal rack made it better than stock but on the tight tracks I raced at with alot of 180's it was hard to get around them fast.
  • Gazza, Can you order parts directly through centre point? May be the best way to get them (local supplier (planet RC) seems to have stalled....

  • Last I was told that they now deal direct to people, call on 01634 826111 or 826222 and ask. The answer-machine is on for one more week, but if you leave a message they will get back to you.
    Go for the R3 rear hubs, makes the car really get out of corners
  • Hi

    We have just finish making spool's for the Stinger , and in the next day's we will make a Shakedown test of the Stinger with a spool , then I will return with a report of the Shakedown test.

    Alex Racing Stinger-sp_a0061.jpg  

  • The spools....
    Thay just look soooo nice!
    Can't wait to get the chance to put one of these into my Stinger and give it a go...

    And I'll hopefully be the one to do the shakedown...

    I'm going racing twice next weekend. Both saturday and sunday. It's gona be tuff..
    But plenty af time to test these, ass I said, nice looking spools...
  • Dual fan mount on the way for the Stinger soon and its really cooooool

    More when I know details........
  • Quote: Dual fan mount on the way for the Stinger soon and its really cooooool

    More when I know details........
    Hey G,
    You swine, you stole my thunder
  • Stinger Arm free play
    i have problem with the stinger arm which i observe a lot of free play, do u guys encounter this problem eventhough i change to graphite arm
  • Yep even I noticed that the front c-hubs and rear knuckles are bit loose. However with just couple of shims, you will be able to set everything to perfection. Better than having a tight fit
  • Quote: Yep even I noticed that the front c-hubs and rear knuckles are bit loose. However with just couple of shims, you will be able to set everything to perfection. Better than having a tight fit
    However is on the shiming problem is the diameter of the arm where the hinge pin go throught is not perfect fit. when u put the hinge pin in the arm it, go through easy and come out from the other side straight away. Very thing is fine and perfect to the car only the arm too loose.

    Alex normally come out with a good car and the price is not cheap also compare to other some more have to put some hop up. Luckily i got my R3 which some parts can be utilise back.
  • Spool for the Stinger
    Hello everybody.

    The weekend has past one, and I can look back at an interesting weekend attending two races with my Stinger.

    It was also the weekend where I, purhaps as the first ever, was driveng the Stinger with a spool. The spools that Soren (sbs) has shown you all a picture off. I was the lucky one to get to do the shakedown of this.
    Saturday I was attending a regional race in something called the DRCMU. Not all that good. The spool was put in the car during friday night. The Titaniumskrews was put in and the rear ourdrives was replaced with new one in delrin. At another DRCMU race some two weeks prior the car had wayed 1585g. Now it said 1498g... - and I still havn't got the titanium aksels...
    On the other hand, I have got my moist hands on some VERY nice ceramic 1050 flance... They work I must say !!!
    Spinntime was around 16 secs - but still a bitt to the 20 secs you had "down under".
    Ended up finishing as a sad nr. 21 Think that I made a mistake using some sandpaper korn 180 on the tires.
    Had some serious oversteering - using a spool..!
    So not wery happy about that result!

    Sunday was much better....
    It was the secound in the Danish championships.
    I hadn't attended the first, cause off lack of spare parts.
    Got there a bitt late sunday morning (overslept after the tuff saturday ) Only had time for a single practicerun. Had a bitt oversteer. All i did was to retweek the car - and I had a bitt understeer for the first qualify. NB! hadn't changed the set-up from the race on saturday - get that if you can...
    The car was handling wery well. As I said a bit understeer, pulling wery well out off the corners - just being nice to drive and wonderfully calm on the track.
    Allraedy on my first q. I ran the fastest run I have ever done on that track - at that time... Made some better time in both secound and third run.
    Was enough for a startposition as fifth in the A-main.
    In the finals I had a bit off luck, well we all need that, but drove some, if I say so my self , wery fine finals. Made to bad starts but manneged to drive up through the field and had the following finnish's; 3, 3, 2 = 5
    Total a FANTASTIC secound place finnish, if I say so...
    And to make it all even better, the one who won the race, can't, because of some slightly complex rules here in DK, get points in the Danish Champ. for the next year (he won the championship this summer), so on the paper I won the race!

    So to sum up.
    The Stinger was driving well with the spool. This spool is made of dural alluminium and weighs around 20g. It's sollid and I think I wear it down before it breaks. Well might have to change the cups at a point, but we'll see.
    If you can, get one and try it! With the spool I was also able to attack hard on the inside (well not on saturday, that day nothing worked) and it draws hard out of the turn. The car will understeer some, but I think it's posible to get the steering right.
    Looking forward to work more on the setup now, when the weight is down and the spool is in.
    I'll be posting my set-up as soon as I can.

    So all you Stinger drivers. Go get the trofies...

  • Another podium finish for the Stinger
    Hello folks.

    I've been out racing my Stinger agian this weekend.
    It was a regional race, but at the same track as last sunday.

    The car handled great. Tried a bit different setup, and different tireaddetive. Resulting ind superb grip, purhaps to much in the rear as I had a bit understeer. Even went up a notch on the gearing. Drove some one or two 1/10 faster pr. lap.
    Qed secound, with a time that was some 8 secounds better that last sunday, and finished overall 3. in the A-main. Was a bit unlucky in the last final, but thats racing. Still prety happy about the result.

    As said, I'll try to post my setups in near furture.

  • English Set Up Sheet
    I have made a english set-up sheet, for the Stinger.

    If any of you want a copy (excel-file) of it , you can send me a PM with a e-mail adr. ,then I will mail it to you.
  • Hey guys, nip over to the coolcanfan thread...some pics of things in the pipieline

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