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Reload this Page Traxxas New 1/10 Rally car "On Road" Racing Traxxas New 1/10 Rally car "On Road" Racing

Reload this Page Traxxas New 1/10 Rally car "On Road" Racing Traxxas New 1/10 Rally car "On Road" Racing

Old 11-14-2012, 07:25 PM
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Thumbs up Reload this Page Traxxas New 1/10 Rally car "On Road" Racing Traxxas New 1/10 Rally car "On Road" Racing

Here is quick video snip I shot of it on the track with my cell phone:

+ YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

I Recently got a 1/10th Traxxas Rally and with a few changes this thing is planted and Unbelievably tough. Doesn't matter if the track is clean dirty, prepped not it is just stuck to the ground.

It is the same size as the GT8 so it is HUGE but it weighs 3 lbs less than the others (Serpent Cobra GT-e was compared)

Running with stock electronics (yes radio too).

Running 3S and stock gearing it is turning 19 sec lap times at Mikes GCR in Porter, TX. So pretty fast on the track just so stable and easy to drive it seems slower. Which I guess goes along with the saying "Slower is FASTER"

Upgrades on the car:

Running stock fluid in diffs and shocks, the springs that came with the GTR shocks which I think are 1.6 rate.

The thing is super easy to drive and goes where you point it. Can't flip it over (traction roll proof), Great steering, Can't get the back end loose. It is almost perfect!

The best part is with the super low CG chassis a change of tires and shocks and you are off roading. I'll do that and trow it on the off road track next to see how it does.

Which I think will really appeal to newcomers to racing...... Buy one vehicle and you can race on road or off road or both the same day and be competitive (or at least as much as a new racer can be).

Looks like Traxxas came up with the perfect Gateway drug (for would be racers)

I know of 4 other 1/10th rallys coming to the track soon so hopefully this will be a great fun class and more importantly generate some new life and interest in to the on road racing scene.

Please share what you guys are doing with yours?
-Set up?

Pics are:

1. Stock out of the box next to a 1/16th Rally
2. With the parts on it next to another 1/16th Rally
3. After several batteries
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Old 11-14-2012, 07:50 PM
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i'm sorry but i'm not impressed...what i am impressed with is the innovation and the design of the revo...(i own two version of the revo...an e-revo and a revo-e)..if only traxxas could expand on the concept of the revo and make a truly race worthy car...that would be awesome...i'd be the first in line to sign up...but so far...i'm disappointed...

what i am impressed with is the innovation and the ingenuity of this traxxas owner...now if one man can do this...why can't a whole R&D department do the same thing and make it better?

Originally Posted by humayrayakongkinaon View Post
i've been working on it all day.....i took all the components from my REVO-E so that i can finish it, i'm tired now.....i think i'm getting sick, my throat feeling a little itchy.....better take some rest......on the other hand i got it to where i wanted it to be.

to 87 GN; no issue with the motor fitting.
Cameron; for as cheap as they are $15, this tires are'nt so bad at all, i might buy another set.

here you go guys,

clearance from the ground less than an inch,

also received my XO-1 diffs and the only difference are the output shafts,
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Old 11-14-2012, 08:27 PM
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I think your missing the point I was trying to highlight. I was not trying to impress you. Simply show the car for what it is, which is an inexpensive way for a new potential RC racer to get into either, on or off road racing I think this is a great platform to get them into our wonderful hobby.

They can bash till they get tired of that then if they want to race they can go which ever direction they want to.

Not sure how the racing is in you neck of the woods but down here in Texas attendance is pretty low especially for on road. Our club races see 50ish off road and 20ish on road.

Bigger events down here see 300ish off road and 100ish on road.

Just glad to see a tough easy to drive on road car that could potentially get a lot of new racers in the game (our hobby).

And to get a brand new car for less than $600 with everything a new person needs to turn 19 second laps at our track is pretty amazing. Out of the 11 classes we run here, the only 3 classes faster than the Rally on our track & they are:
1/10th Nitro Touring (18 sec)
1/10th Modified Electric (17 sec)
1/8th Nitro Open cars (16 sec)

My whole take is the more the merrier and I prefer to encourage interest in the hobby as opposed to discouraging it, that's all.

So please don't think I'm saying this is the greatest be all end on to on road racing. I'm not, it is just a great driving, tough, fast car that I hope will breed some new interest form 97% of Non RC racers out there in our hobby.

You and I know Traxxas is not an RC Race company. They never have be never will be. There are several other companies going after that 3% of the RC market share. They do what they do and do it extremely well.

BTW Thanks for sharing that Revo looks Sweet, expensive but sweet. Any Vids of it on the track?
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Old 11-14-2012, 09:40 PM
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yea there's some vids...but since i don't own the vids...i won't post it...i know the guy who does own it...i'm sure he doesn't mind but i'll leave it to him...i've already stole his post...i'll not press my luck...

and yes...i agree with u on the idea behind Traxxas' rally car...and the introduction of rally racing to newcomers...

my son and i are newcomers and our very first RC is a mini-revo...we loved it...and it introduced us to the RC world...we've been hooked ever since (5 cars and 4K later)...still a newbie but learning...

don't get me wrong...i love the concept of traxxas' thinking...but i was only hoping and still praying...that they would truly enter the racing world and not just the "toy" world...my son loves his "toy" and i do too...it's just that...i've seen glimpse of greatness from Traxxas...and i know they can do more...and they can do better...it's just that they've taken a different marketing approach...which is fine...it's working...BUT...i just want to see more...

i'm not trying to berate u or down play ur enthusiasm...i'm glad u've shared it and has allowed me to give my opinion...and it's just my opinion...

keep up the good work and don't let comments such as mine deter u...just remember that it's comments like mine that hopefully will turn some heads at the powers that be in a different direction...

disagreement in views is a good thing.
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Old 11-14-2012, 09:58 PM
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darnall, i picked up a rally a couple weeks ago and just love the thing. i already have my 2650kv tekin t8 in it with the rrp slipper, rpm yadda yadda, anti sway bars, aluminum shock caps, etc, etc... and it is a beast onroad and off without even changing the setup.

and since it was brought up... it is leaps and bounds better than the previous two slayers that i built in hopes of mimicking my 1/16 rallys. the cg is so high on them no matter how low i lowered them they just werent any fun to drive... so i sold them in fits of frustration. in fact, my slash/rally attempt was better than any of the slayers. traxxas took the idea and knocked it out of the park with this new rally.
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Old 01-22-2013, 08:24 PM
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Is this thread dead? Or, is there a different one with more people active? I just ordered a rally with the tqi system add on and all the telemetry. I am extremely excited and based on the initial reviews I know I won't be disappointed. I too started off on the Mini E-Revo and loved it to death. Went through the Merv, the 1/16 rally, the Brushless E-Revo, Stampede 4x4 Brushless, Rustler VXL, and the Losi Mini 8ight. The M8 was actually my favorite mini, as it truly captured characteristics of its bigger twin and handled amazingly well.

I expect that the rally will bring me similar results and I really like that with a few changes it goes from road to dirt. Something many rc's have a difficult time transitioning to without having to under go drastic changes/mods.
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Old 01-22-2013, 08:30 PM
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Interns of Traxxas ingenuity. I would have loved to see the 1/16 Summit actually mirror it's bigger brother. Even with locking doffs and all. If Traxxas could have done that and added an extra 75-100; it probably would be everyone's favorite mini. The summit is a beast and it has so much potential.

Also, in terms of home runs, Traxxas nailed it with the stampede 4x4 VXL. That is a very fun and easy offroad truck. Which happens to also handle itself quite well onroad. Maybe it's the design of the Traxxas Talons, which provide ample grip on and offroad but break loose just enough to enduce fun power slides and all.

Just my .02
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Old 01-23-2013, 09:38 AM
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The Traxxa Rally is a take-off from the Slash 4x4. People were modding the Slash 4x4 to be GT8 Lite cars. The great thing about that was that it was able to compete with all the 1/8 GTs while still using 1/10 size brushless set-ups which is much more affordable. It would be nice if Traxxas can sell just the roller alone because that would help the electric GT8 class at the club level which has limited turnouts primarily because of costs.

That converted Revo may be nice to look at with all the in-board suspension but thats about all it is. It looks and probably is heavy. Also because of the Revo steering design with the steering protruding so far below the chassis, the rest of the weight is far above it which results in a higher CG compared to other 1/8GT offerings of the same or less weight. I doubt it would ever perform better than a Serpent or Ofna.
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Old 12-30-2013, 01:16 PM
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I was hoping to find a thread on the Traxxas Rally to see what people were doing to make it better. I just got this for my son for Christmas, and it's our 1st RC car. He loves it.

First impression was real sloppy and bottomed out easily off road. Looking for best street, hard dirt setup.

I added the Slash 4wd anti sway bars and it made a difference in rolling. I have since noticed there is a sway kit for the Rally with 3 options. Wish I would have waited. I am using the stiffer in front and softer for rear. Is this correct?

The shocks seem to be very soft, 30lbs I think factory. I have seen where people are switching to Losi 10-T shocks. I am new, so adding things that just don't snap in place sort of speak, is not best for me without extra help. Would the Slash LCG shocks be better, or only for truck driving? It looks like they are adjusted by turning a nut, this seems like it would make going from dirt to road easier.

I also would like to add a Ferrari type body and better street tires. The stock tires seem to be in between true street tires and true off road tires. I guess rally type!

Anyways, just having fun, but would like to see what others are doing.
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Old 12-30-2013, 05:16 PM
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You can do a lot of things with your Traxxas Rally. With not much more than a change of tires and body, you can have a rally car, a short course truck, monster truck or a GT8 street racer.
DeltaPlastikusa.com has an F40 body that will fit.
This isn't the best site to look for Traxxas info. Without naming names, you can find other sites that are more accepting of Traxxas.
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