HPI Pro 2 Parts Compatibility

  • G'day All,

    I've just bought a Pro 2 to get into a bit of fun with the occasional race maybe. Nothing serious, just some good fun.

    What I was wondering is, can any of the parts from the Pro 3 or 4 be used on the Pro 2 ?

    Things like shock towers, motor mounts, arms etc..

    Just need to know what I can use for spares if a good deal comes up on some Pro 3 or 4 parts.

    I did a search and couldn't find much about this


  • I've had all three cars...no parts are compatible.
  • the original pro and pro2 are a few places compatible
  • Spares The Pro2 doesn't break my friend, haha
    You can still get all the parts you need from the HPI website. I recently ordered a couple belts for mine. I'm in canada and the parts arrived in about a week. I was really pleased with their service. Have fun

  • Ahh, thanks guys

    Good to hear they are tough cause I dare say it's going to have a few encounters with the gutter

    I found an excel sheet from the HPI web site that was very useful (see link), and it's great to see that HPI still support the Pro 2 to a degree


    What I did notice is when it comes to drive train components some parts are the same across the range EXCEPT for the Pro3 !). Looks like theytried something different with the Pro 3 then went back to the original design for the Pro 4 ??



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