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Evoracer 09-22-2012 12:23 PM

GT based 25.5 class ?
This is just a thought but looking for some input.
There's only one current class using 25.5 so another outlet would be good.
Also, the 25.5 speed is a good way to attract new racers and keep existing ones.
GT bodies simply because more people relate to them.
Here's the big one. Chassis CANNOT be a carbon fiber plate chassis. The thinking here is cost,upkeep, and performance. Older chassis (like 3-5 years old and older) AND new or newer sportsman level chassis (TA05, Sakura S, TC4 club,etc) are less expensive to buy, fairly plentiful and some still have factory support or are still easy to get parts for.
1. GT bodies only
2.25.5 Novak motors and ESC's using the USVTA list
3.TC chassis must not be a carbon fiber plate model.No custom built chassis plates allowed. No height adjustable differentials.
4.Tires and wheels : any 24 or 26mm slick or treaded rubber. Any wheel except aero dish of any kind ( tire and wheel choice may be specified by any individual club or event )
5. Hardcase only Lipo. No mah or C restriction.

We'll call it GTS (GT Simple)

Thoughts, Questions, Constructive comments are welcome.
Rants, Raves, Wet diaper moments are not.
Any thoughts?

MC112b 09-22-2012 12:40 PM

Sounds like a cool class. Most current classes are waayy to fast for beginners.
We have been running a 21.5 12th scale class with a lot of success. It has brought a least 6 new guys to 12th scale. Anything you can do to make an intimidating class accessible to beginners is a big plus. I hate when people bitch about not having racers, yet do nothing to make their class approachable.

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