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Old 11-10-2012, 07:50 PM   #166
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Old 11-10-2012, 11:37 PM   #167
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I am literally 11th in a 10 car field!

And according to Mark I am "hole to hole" with Hebert in the pits and his back up gear and parts supply trumps my entire rc collection.... with Ashby in a very tight second..

Mike Haynes is not from Ottowa...

What a great weekend super tight racing for some, debut of the 10R5.1 and Charlie for entertainment and a completely different approach for door prizes...
Kyle Predmore
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Old 11-11-2012, 10:03 AM   #168
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Somebody exceeds Ashby in gear???

That won't last for long...

Constantly evolving CRC WGT and WGT-R/T...Carpet & Asphalt...All thanks to Team CRC.

And a pair of Associated B6 buggies for turf and clay tracks.
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Old 11-12-2012, 09:41 AM   #169
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Any pics from the event?
Adrian Martinez
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Old 11-12-2012, 10:59 AM   #170
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My head's spinning. Just got back from 4 days of trackside entertainment. I had a blast. Really got a chance to get my hands dirty in mod 12. I made steady improvements every run. And while Keven kicked my ass, I am happy with the direction I am headed. Even pulled off a wheel stand. Can't do that in spec class. What a rush that class is.

So great to see everyone come in from all around to give this track a ride. This race definitely drew some pro's. The shocker was John Tortorice walking in Friday. He quickly got his CRC Xti up to speed in stock class. He locked horns with Dave Ehrlich and Randy Grosse for an epic stock battle.

WGT also proved tough with Max Kuening and Randy Grosse trading shots as I scrambled to keep up.

Watching Herbert, Haines and Knudtson in mod tc go round after round, main after main, just mere inches apart, never once tangling.... truly incredible.

Charlie narrated the program with continual entertainment, trivia, and just general nonsense. Loved it.

Thanks to Mark, Tammy, Rick and the rest of the Hooligans for a great event.
Stay dialed my friends!
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Old 11-12-2012, 12:00 PM   #171
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Thumbs up Next Time!

What a great weekend of racing and hanging out with friends, thanks to all that made the journey. We hope you all get home safe and sound.
My weekend started off slow and with little success landing me in the B in both classes… But man what a great time we had in the B’s. Good close racing in WGT and Sedan as everyone seemed to be going faster than in the qualifiers. Steve and Randy thanks or the battle in WGT, I hope we get to do it again. Sedan was fun as well as everyone did a great job of driving door to door… Until next time!

SnotRocket Racing, Team TimeZone, Kamikaze Toys and Hobbies, McKune Design, RC Plus... Thanks for all the help guys!
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Old 11-12-2012, 01:40 PM   #172
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Thanks for hosting another great Gran Prix Mark! Stuart and I had a blast. I know it's a great weekend when all I can think about after a solid three days of racing is working on my car and getting it ready for the next race so I can use what I learned.

I managed to get a good video of the Stock TC A3.

Hey Jake, what time is it? Good job buddy!

+ YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.
Todd Mason
Seattle RC Racers

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Old 11-12-2012, 01:56 PM   #173
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Thanks Mark and crew for a great weekend of racing! This will for sure be a yearly race for me, I had a blast racing Spec GT, what a great class.

You guys put on a first-rate race, and it showed with the great turnout and first class racing! Thanks again!
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Old 11-12-2012, 02:29 PM   #174
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Thanks Mark,

You did it again, always love coming down to TZ whenever possible but the TZ II GP is something to cherish every year. Great people and great racing. The only thing I regret is forgetting to buy a T-shirt to go with my collection. If you have an X-Large left please set one aside for me !

And very nice choice with the race director, We love Scotty too, but Charlie did his usual great job with color commentary on the mic and keeping the schedule moving on time.

p.s. Rick, thanks for cooking lunch and not sicking your dog or worse, that frightening clown like bear on us when we took a peek at your track out back. If anyone hasn't seen it, wow, totally amazing outdoor race track. Can't wait for summer when you fire up the outdoor TZ GP.

p.s. Todd, thanks for all the support , I couldn't have had the chance to win had it not been for all the support from the Hangar crew especially you Todd, my bro Alex, Steve, Greg and Kody. A very valuable trophy to go along with the friendships I've made in this sport.

Also, thanks to Mike Malkinson for not biting my head off after I spun him out which ruined his A1. As we know Mike is the perfect gentleman always so it made it that much worse for me making that mistake. I won't forget that you were so kind afterwards, its something I'll try to emulate whenever I can.

If anyone is interested over the next few days I'll be posting Youtube videos Alex shot ( some even that I wasn't in !!! but mostly they are of mains and quals from my perspective ). I already have uploaded a couple of mine.

Either do a search for my youtube channel named : outlate247

or start at this link of the stock Touring car A2 main :


Me and my tires were a bit sketchy early in the runs but it all turned out OK


Jake Danilchik

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Old 11-12-2012, 08:42 PM   #175
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What a weekend !! Thanks Mark Day and Rick St Cyr for the best race yet for me. I usually start well and go down hill rapidly, but this time that didn't happen. I got the bug to race and it lasted all thru.

Why ?? The people. i just really got a kick being in that saturated environment, seeing everyone heads down on performance. And did we see a show. My favourite was Stuart Mason with a 1/12th scale, so well tutored in driving. He sees what's happening around him so much better than every other new driver, young or old and it didn't keep him off his own pace. That's going to be the one to beat in a couple of years.

Mr Swanka sure put on a good flow of chitchat on the mike, never getting too dubious and still kept the schedule intact. Thanks Charlie.

The track was great, fast and forgiving, really good thrill factor as evidenced by the fabulous close runnings of the mod sedans. Everytime they were on track, there was a lot of faces looking on and cheering. All the other races had tons of close racing, but them mod cars, well what can you say !!

I was impressed also by the Spec Sedan class. At first it looked a yawn, but soon revealed itself to be a clever way of making races close and driver dependent.

Got to say thanks to OD for keeping my 1/12th scale in one piece. I was well chuffed making the A main. Just need a little more speed.

And thanks to all the F1 racers, that was a hoot. I got a big kick outta every run in quallies, mains didn't stand up too well with my car jettisoning e clips on the king pins, but that did allow me to follow the race and see the show. I love F1 racing so much.

Most thanks again to Mark and Rick though. We can never thank those chaps enough for their inspired desires to have toy car race tracks in their back yards that they ask us all to come play at !!

So between this last race and the next TZGP in the Victoria race. Who's on for that one ??

Jack Balchin.
Timezone Hooligan
IBEW Local 48-retired (Definitely, great pension.)
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Old 11-12-2012, 11:43 PM   #176
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Like to thank Mark and the TZII for a good time at the GP. It was different running blinky mode, when us crazy Canadians(eh) still like the speeds provided when using the boosted mode on our ESC's. The discussion on the future within our club's program got a little heavy on the way home. Any decision has been put off until after our current indoor season.
Thanks again to Mark for starting the racing program a little earlier Sunday to help us make the ferry back to Victoria. With the slowdowns through Seattle, due to the Seahawks game, we managed to make it to the ferry terminal at 8:45PM for the 9PM, last sailing.
Hope to see a bunch of you racers at our race in Victoria.
SpeedWeekend Carpet Edition, Jan.5,6 2013.
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Old 11-13-2012, 02:48 AM   #177
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Mod Touring A2

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Good Morning Guys: well 4:30am came way too quickly yesterday and back to work, so took me a bit to get back on here and thank EVERYONE who attended this year’s race. 106 Entries... Thank you so much to all who traveled from the North, East, and the South I know how expensive it is to hit a multi-day race and I really appreciate it. this race is our one opportunity to help generate enough income to keep on going through the season and we truly appreciate it. a Special thanks to Ryan and Rick for their help before the event getting things cleaned up around the building. Thanks to Rick for the BBQ duties on Saturday. A HUGE Thanks to Collin, Connor, Evan, and Darren for helping out in Tech, and Connor for making Ruddy come to life... you got to learn to say no sometime boy. what a great event and another big thanks goes out to the one and only Charlie Suangka for taking on the RD duties all weekend. he made the event run smooth and kept us all laughing. also nice big thanks to Bob and Linda from Novak for supporting the Spec Touring car class with the handout motor and speedo. Team power for the awesome tires in the TC classes and Solaris for the spec TC tires. All and all I think it was one of the best TZGP's so far and it would not have been without the support of all the racers and manufactures. Can't wait to do it all again and looking forward to the rest of a great carpet season in the N.W.

Results are available on liveRC.com and I will get some photos up from the awards as soon as I can
Timezone Raceway Park " on-road outdoor european style road course.
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Thanks to Mark and the Timezone crew for running a great race. Was my first time running this race and it won't be my last.

Jake you ran a great race. Congrats on the win.

Is there place where I can find the final standings? The listing on liverc shows points for 1 A main.
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Mike go to the A 3 results and it should show final for all three rounds
Timezone Raceway Park " on-road outdoor european style road course.
Timezone II 60'x100' indoor carpet track. Host of the ROAR 2011 Carpet Nat's.
Timezonehobbies.com your new source for online RC products.
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