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Old 03-04-2005, 12:57 PM   #16
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Default Whose better that who??

For those of you who don’t know me let me introduce my self, my name is Curtis Schlaht Jr. I am the owner of DC Motor Sports. I’ve spent the last eight years behind the scenes of the motor industry, five of which I’ve owned and operated a sub-contracting armature winding company. During this time I’ve wound and tuned motors for some of the industries largest motor companies, helping them to supply their customers and top drivers with the horsepower necessary to win races. Over the course of eight years, my modified motors have accomplished an astounding record of 7 National titles, a 3rd and 5th place finish at the 2002 IFMAR On-Road World Championships, and countless other podium and top ten finishes…

We haven’t launched our marketing & promotions campaign as of yet here in the United States, so most of you haven't seen our products. I can proudly say that our quality, performance, reliability and customer service will be SECOND TO NONE....

Our entire motor line will offer a limited-lifetime warranty, no matter how old the product, if it meets our terms it will be covered under this warranty…

And yes, our motors are made in-house; custom wound for the consumers designated purpose/use…

With every step of manufacturing I am constantly there inspecting the quality of work, as my reputation will be on the line with every motor sold. Attention to detail, craftsmanship and quality is our number one concern. As with most any skilled trade there is no replacement for experience. During the last eight years I’ve wound over a 100,000 armature (and have the invoice’s to prove that).

With most things in life you get what you pay for, this holds to be true for our products as well. Slightly higher priced than other competitors, but the end result will be a motor that if put in the right hands will be able to win any race…

Our website is 90% complete as of now, you can visit www.dcmotorsports.net to get an idea of what products and services we’ll be offering in the future….

Thanks for your time and consideration…

Curtis Schlaht Jr.
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Old 03-04-2005, 01:19 PM   #17
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Team Orion / Peak has been winning almost every major on-road event in the world. Yes we have incredible, super talented drivers, but to say that they could not use a production motor and then fine tune it, per track conditions or layout, with brushes and springs and then go win is absolutely wrong.

Derek Furutani winds all of the Team Orion / Peak motors whether for production or for the team and he inputs the same amount of pride, craftsmanship and knowledge into each and every armature that he winds. To discredit this is to badmouth one the foremost motor builders in the world! It doesn’t end with Derek we have worldwide-full time engineers and a very talented staff of builders with a test program that is headed up by none other than Oscar Jansen to ensure the very best, latest products that technology has to offer. (See results below)

Team Orion does not take the time do discredit or belittle any other companies but has actually created press release’s to praise their accomplishments. (See the first link below)

Results speak for themselves:

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Old 03-04-2005, 01:35 PM   #18
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I can vouch for the Team Br00d motors they put time in each motor and the good thing about Br00d is you can always speak to Eddie0 and get what you want, with the other guys its ifeee
and Eddie0 was groom by the best and the great, Big Jim the Guru in the motor business so there you go Br00d all the way.
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Old 03-04-2005, 01:35 PM   #19
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Originally posted by Nick Simpson
Well i drive for Team brOOd her in the UK and have just had some arms wound to my speck and believe me they are wound perfect and are much faster than any orion arm thats wound by one of the 20 workers they have.........
Well, one of those 20 workers wound the motors for Reinhard and Hara at the Worlds and you are saying your motor is faster, I would like to see that for sure.....

Looks like people just say what comes into their mind without knowing the facts!!

I have been running Peak motors for more than 15 years and I can honestly say that I have never been underpowered at any race I have attended, whether it be Florida Winter Champs, World Championships or European Championships!!

Peak started as a small company with only a few employees making 500 modified motors a month, paying attention to every detail etc. I can't really notice any difference in performance these days compared to 15 years ago. I still have the power advantage on the track that I had back then!
Peak/Orion have more knowledge about motors than any of us would ever know, the results speak for them self
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Old 03-04-2005, 01:47 PM   #20
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WOW! A shameless attemt at advertising on RCTECH. Come on guys, if you are gonna advertise on here then do so. Don't bad mouth the leading motor company in the industry while doing it.

I personally help Derek wind, balance and epoxy our motors. We put as much love into every production motor we make as we do with our "BIG RACE" motors.

Also, yes we do have the most talented drivers in the industry. They all came to us wanting to race for the company that would give them the absolute best chance to win.

Good luck with your advertising campaign.

P.S. Orion has about 20 workers total but only two of them wind.
Derek Furutani (The Master) and Myself.

Get the facts straight.
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Old 03-04-2005, 02:00 PM   #21
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i want a avatar like yours swirling around & changing
where can i get one like that
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Wow, who would've thought this would turn into a plug your sponsor thread.
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Originally posted by DavidAlford
Wow, who would've thought this would turn into a plug your sponsor thread.
Xtreme RC Cars Magazine

Subscribe now!!!!
Velocity RC Magazine
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You all forget one small item.......give Hara, Hodapp, Reihnhard or any other of the studs they have on the team (Peak/Orion) a half a$$ decent motor and they will still be at or near the top of the pile. It comes down to one thing......driving ability.

If you want to compare an arm wound by Curtis Shlatt Vs. an arm by Derek Furutani Vs. one from Br00d...then maybe you should go race dragsters where brute power gets you in the winners circle not driving.

just my .02....keep the change.

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Kyosho / Orion / Amain.com / Protek / MIP /

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I love the V2 motors and think they are the best thing to come into RC in a long time. But I have 4 V2 motors from Orion. 2 12x2 and 2 11x2. One of each is fast, and one of each is slow. The first 11x2 I bought last year is sick fast and still runs great. The other 11x2 I bought a few months ago is a dog. Its like half the speed of the other one. Same with the 12x2. I think next time I'm gonna get an arm from Eddie0.
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I don't think people are doubting the wind quality/workmanship. I think that when you get into which wire gauge works at which track, etc., that is what is separating the good stuff from the best.
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My oh my.....how things can be taken wrong.

First, I never discredited Derek as winder, nor did I ever say he puts less craftmanship into production arms versus team arms....

What I was saying, was that if someone calls me up and says, can I get Arm A with X wire size....I will do that for them (unless I know its gonna be horrible).....you cannot do that with Orion that I am aware of....they have a set way they do each wind in their catalog and thats it.

I have compared production arms from Derek to team arms wound by him, and I will say, without a doubt the craftsmanship is just as good on each. Derek without a doubt is one of the best, if not the best winder in the world...I know Mr. Hodapp is making a name for himself also....

We also take how we build up each motor to the fullest by building the motor to correspond to the indiviuals needs. So if a guy is running, Stock 1/12th Scale.....we will tune the motor with this taken into account. I am not aware of a seperate item number from Orion that allows someone to do this for mod or stock....

Let me be very clear.....Orion is a great company. I have gotten to meet a ton of the guys involved with them, even got to party with a few.

The guy starting this thread simply asked what made us different, and I stated it.....I, like all the other companies, am trying to sell my products....I did not disparage or slander either of the other companies mentioned in the original post.

And while I know a few of my drivers popped on here, a few who do NOT drive for me, but are just loyal customers or dealers also did.......the guy who started to thread had a question, so of course drivers, customers, etc will come on an promote the product.....thats their job.

And anybody that knows me, knows that I am not out to become a millionaire selling R/C motors......mainly because I already am It's purely a fun business that I am doing to be a part of the hobby in the way I've always wanted to...

And Derek is right, XRC is a PIMP magazine, so be sure to buy it!

Later EddieO
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How can I figure out what wire size works on my track???

I think most customers have no clue about that and if they do, they sure know how to tune their motors right to different tracks!!

Peak/Orion have ALLOT of different winds for different applications and tracks and they work excellent IMO!!!
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