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Old 02-23-2005, 07:25 AM   #16
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Originally posted by vanguard
well your favor as already been completed, i've done it with my last three kits, the last one being a yokomo SDW. and if you can't trust your neighbors your hood sucks.
I don't know where your going with this,but Compton or Palm beach Gardens, I'm not living my stuff outside"a yokomo SDW or a pair foam tires"
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Originally posted by RCNitroDude999
Do you wear a flak jacket when mowing the lawn? J/K but i could understand not leaving something that exspensive sitting outside, even in a good neighborhood....you just never know.
I didn't wear a flak jacket while mydoing my lawn but I did wear in Bahrain and Iraq

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an option that I use a lot is having stuff shipped to work... so talk to your boss about having it sent there so someone is there to receive it and you can get it too without any problems...
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Old 02-23-2005, 08:08 AM   #19
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Default FEDEX

I receive most of my shipments by Fed Ex--usually pretty fare

However if you ever have a problem--damage-missing items
or anything you will get a total run around.

They are perfect and do not make any mistakes.

UPS on the other hand will make things right in a timely manner.
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Old 02-23-2005, 08:43 AM   #20
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RC TECH not bash the mail man.....RC related discussion here.....This is as bad as the guys who push there beliefs in here.
Move this post to the general discussions.
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Old 02-23-2005, 08:47 AM   #21
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USPS rocks!! Always between 1:00 and 3:00 on weekdays and 12:00-1:00 on Saturdays... and my mail lady is a real sweety!!!!
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Old 02-23-2005, 08:54 AM   #22
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i work for UPS, im not a delivery person, or working on the dock loading stuff, but i work in the office.

We suck, i cant get a package with my name, my suite number, and exactly what door it needs to be delivered to, on the package in a UPS building, with a next day early AM service sticker on it, delivered to me, i usually find it a day or two later signed for by joe schmoe in the warehouse, on the floor, next to the toilet or something.

i have customers shipping product to me everyday, id say about 50 to 60 pacakges of next day air, or next day air saver stuff, that has dates on it, thats usualy a day or two behind. the only thing we are good at is tracking, if i have a tracking number i can hunt down where my package is.

when i buy stuff online or do a trade or something i always, always us the usps, you cant track anything and im never home when it gets delivered, but i can always go pick it up at the local post office and its pretty cheap.

Just a lil side note, about the shipping business, i work in a very large UPS building, and there are more DHL and FED Ex trucks running in and out of this building than there are UPS trucks.

the business we do goes like this:
go to business's steal work from the USPS, and ship with the USPS anyway at discounted rates for bulk Mail, anything that usps cant handle i ship with either DHL or FED Ex. Why might you ask?
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I work for a company that makes shipping/recieving software. I hear the complaints all the time.

In general, FedEx and DHL are more reponsive, but for ground UPS is cheaper and offers more services for the person that is actually doing the shipping.

You can have UPS deliver to alternate locations or keep it at the local depot.

I never take time off to wait for a shipment, I have it shipped to where I work. It is left right at the front desk and the guard signs for me.

As an alternative, you can have it shipped to a local "UPS Store" or Mail Box etc. Just call them up. There is usually no charge. the same goes for FedEx. Most Kinko's will accept packages for you.

You can ship packages from Staples and OfficeDepot but I do not know if they have setup a service to recieve packages for you but I know that is coming soon.
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Old 02-23-2005, 09:09 AM   #24
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USPS- you're covered by federal mail fraud laws whether your the shipper or receiver. The tracking leaves something to be desired.

UPS- Decent, but there's no regular schedual. A little over priced.

FedEx- Quick and reliable, but one minor gripe is that at the shipping depot I ship from I always have to request the tracking number seperately.

DHL- As good as UPS, a little cheaper too.
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Could you imagine if USPS had to track every package sent with them... the website would simply explode, servers would be friing around the world and litterally all hell would break loose!!!

Also look at the number of packages USPS ships it's quite sick!!!! especially compaired to the percentage that is lost of damaged!! I would bet they are at well below the 0.001% range on lost/damaged product.... Not to mention that some shipping companies actually ship thru USPS..... have it delivered to their depot and then send it out from there!!!HAHAHAHHAHA!!
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Originally posted by dawgmeat
Do me a favor, go order the Tamiya 415ms for 450 bucks and leave it on your doorstep or with your trustworthy Neighbor , not me pal
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I went to UPS on Monday, I was shipping a 1 lb. package in-state, under 100 miles, and it was $9.19! RIP OFF.

Nice to be able to go to Office Depot to ship a UPS package.

Kinko's takes FedEx packages and prints the tracking number on the receipt.

USPS - "Do you need any stamps today ? Do you know we take credit and debit cards........".

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I've used all three of them, plus sometimes the Postal service. Here is how I would rank them:

FedX-What can I say, they just deliver! I know I wont have to become a shut in for three days just to make sure I get my stuff. I know when their coming and I can be certain it will be there.

UPS-I used to work there, so I have a soft spot for it. But I'll be danged if I don't know when their coming. And then JUST when I get to know my UPS guy, get to know when he's coming to deliver and all that, you can bet that the next delivery will be by someone else! I will give them credit on one thing, if you give their 1(800) number a call after they miss you, 3-4 times they will swing back by to drop it off. And as for that 4th time, i just have them hold it and I go to the hub and picked the package up.

USPS(postal)-ummm.....well.....heck....don't know what to say. I would say their not fast, but at least it gets there. But one of the last things i sold here on the forum never made it to the person. So I spent a month filling out paperwork, making phone calls, sending PM's, and going to the post office, just so I could get the person his money!

DHL-I've only had one thing delivered by them. T-Mobile had to replace my cell and they used them. The guy drove right by my place the first day it was supposed to be delievered, didn't see the big azz numbers on my place and didn't try to comeback, and it was nearly dark when he got to my place the next day.

As for leaving it with the neighbors. I'm at war with my neighbors right now, so thats not an option!
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We have an online hobby storefront that does a good volume and have used FedEx and UPS in the past but currently favor DHL.

All three providers have their advantages and faults and tend to go up and down cost and client service ( CS to the shipper ).

DHL: Currently the cheapest service for the shipper; ie ground is about the same rate as others and the shipper gets a kickback on 2-day and 1-day shipments. Package loss is about the same as UPS and FedEx for ground shipments. Most competitive rates and lowest package loss and late shipment rate for 1 & 2 day shipments. Does not offer a 3-day service.

FedEx: Generally the highest cost but can be very competitive for high volume shippers, especialy when negotiating to acquire new customer from competitor. ground shipment loss is comperable to DHL and UPS, 1-day, 2-day and 3-day shipments are more reliable than UPS and comperable to DHL is all but shipping damage.

UPS: Lowest rates for new customers and frequently low rates for a locked in 1 year perior when trying to reacquire prior customers. Highest rate late packages for 1, 2, and 3-day shipemtns. Lost package rate is very low for faster shipments but shipping damage occurs at more than double the rate of FedEx or DHL on all types of shipments.
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After working in a shipping dept and dealing with customers on where their orders ended up. I would have to say this about each of them.

FedEx...Is great as long as you are not in an urban residential setting. Too many times in my experiences they have left the package with an unknown neighbor or even at the end of a block for the receiver to try to find and locate it. FedEx uses out side contractors at times that do not care what happens with your package. Now that FedEx has teamed up with USPS they are getting better. Call them and they will come by and pick up packages.

UPS...Is great and offers the best service for shippers but is over priced for the average person. One thing with UPS is that they stick to the zones and the days it takes to get something in that zone. That is where people get lost and angry with UPS b/c it can take up to 5+ days to get something from one side of the country to the next if its sent ground. And if you are getting a package that is in say a 1 day zone then you have it sent 2 or 3 day it will take 2 or 3 days where if you sent it normal ground 95% of the time it will get there in 1 day. If you are residential they come and go whenever they please it seems.

USPS.... Has made leaps and bounds and it is the best way to ship something if you are not a business. The tracking system is lacking but with the volume that they move itís going to be hard to make quick changes. The claims against them take too long to get back 60+ days most times. There seems to be a post office on every corner lately.

DHI and RPS...Both are in the same boat they are smaller and lesser known. Both offer better rates for business and personal use. But getting to a drop off point is a pain and few and far between.

These are just my takes on them I can tell you horror stories with all of them as they all have bad days and bad drivers.
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