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where is this guide of hara build tips?

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the translation is a bit weird, but you should get the idea.
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Hi there.. i check the translation but still puzzle why doing like this.. the heating?

I quote the translated text, "If you take part in this very astringent, and by heat"

I still no idea
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Usually when you warm up the plastic a little bit like that, it helps it "fit" to the ball a little better. So it will free up the link a tiny bit. I usually take a lighter and get the link warm, and lightly squeeze it with needle nose pliers. That just helps free it up even more.

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Default tuning with droop

I know obviously each track has different droop requirements, however I have always just done whatever everyone else is doing.
How do you know when you have too much or too little droop?
How does droop affect traction?
please be as detailed as possible..
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Originally Posted by kingpops View Post
arms, c hubs, steering blocks/rear hubs and outer hinge pins. That is all I have gone through in 6 months or so of racing. The arms seem really brittle and do not take much of a hit to break, but my home track is pretty hard on cars though. I keep pretty much one of everything(bar chassis and shock towers) in my pit box, but I hate not being able to fix the car if it does break. The stock hinge pins have all broken in my car, but I got the ti coated ones and they have been really good, with only one failure, but it was a big hit that broke it

I would also get some of the HD ball cups and use them all through the car(steering etc) as they have less slop than the others. There is a guide to building which Hara shows how he builds his cars, and that has some good tips which will make the car more reliable and easier to work on. IMO the ball cups on this car should be treated as a consumable and replaced every time you rebuild the car.
Where do you get the HD ball cups from? My car is fairley new and noticed the amount of excessive slop in the steering links .
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The HPI HD 18mm Balls Cups are HPI #A302

Tower and HotbodiesOnline have the HD Ball Cups. Just search for A302 and it should pop right up.
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Default lipo fitment

Heya, do lipo packs fit into this car without modification or upgrades?

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running with Orion 3600/3800 with the plastic battery tray. fits fine. just need to peel part of the top decal off since it snags with the bulkhead. otherwise, it fits fine.

i've seen a few running SMC 4000 packs and Orion 4900 packs back here... i don't think they use the plastic trays though.
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hey guys i need to order some axles for my car. tower is currently out of the HD 44mm front axles...but they have the rear ones. What is the difference between the front and the rear axles i assumed they were the same.
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Good run with the car yesterday. We tested a few things throughout the day and the car got better and better. Scotty and I were testing with two different chassis. The BMI and the stock HB cyclone 2mm chassis. Both cars were fast. Scotty was a bit faster but I'm going to give the driver the nod on this one. We also ran two different set up's. He had a spool and I ran a oneway. The next time out I'll be running a spool. In traffic I could have used some breaks and possibly gone deeper into the corners. Oh well....had a blast and can't wait for the next time out.
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is anybody using the chassis stiffeners?
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Originally Posted by shadow102 View Post
hey guys i need to order some axles for my car. tower is currently out of the HD 44mm front axles...but they have the rear ones. What is the difference between the front and the rear axles i assumed they were the same.
The front axles fit all around and so do the rears, the only difference is the shaft is larger on the front axles.
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Hey guys, I have sold all my X-Ray equipment and am seriously considering making a switch to a Cyclone and hoped that some of you Cyclone owners would be willing to answer a few questions for me. Some (or all) of this may be addressed in the other 14,667 posts, but I just don't have the time or energy to wade through all of them. OK, here it goes. My LHS doens't currently stock Cyclone parts, although he can get Hot Bodies products and I will likely have him order everything to get me started and hopefully talk him into eventually stocking a few consumables for the car. I have looked on HB's website as well as Stormer Hobbies. HB apparently doesn't list all of the parts that are actually available on their website. I don't find a sway bar kit, but on Stormer's site I find a complete kit for the Cyclone S, will these work on the Cyclone TC? Stormer does list a complete set of springs. Are these all the springs that I might potentially need for asphalt and/or rubber tire carpet racing? I think some run HPI springs sometimes?? I have read that the hinge pins tend to break and should be replaced with Titanium ones. Again, I find these for the "S", but not for the "TC". Will these interchange? If and when I decide to order the car, I plan to order everything that I could possibly need for tuning the car, from springs, to pivot blocks, to sway bars, etc..... and a good assortment of spares (arms, c hubs, steering knuckles, etc...) I tend to like to do things first class right from the start, so do you guys have any other suggestions for add-ons? I see an option for purple Titanium links, are the stock ones in the kit not Ti? Does anyone happen to know if the Platinum Edition Orion 5000 lipo will fit without too much modification? How do you guys secure your lipos in the chassis? Sorry for the flood of questions, just trying to inform myself as well as possible before making the final decision. Any and all help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,

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platinium 5000 fits fine... no mods needed.
i use tape for the lipos, and i have a spare body post screwed in the centerline (you ll understand when you will have the car) to prevent the pack from moving and hitting the spur in a crash.
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