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HPI Sport2 - die hard, mega hard !

HPI Sport2 - die hard, mega hard !

Old 07-04-2002, 12:26 PM
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Default HPI Sport2 - die hard, mega hard !

Last monday, my Sport2 celebrated it's 2 year birthday. Much has happen in these two years, most of the time, it's been fun and joy. But it has also been much work with experimenting with the setup, then more experimenting, and final, even more experimenting. This part has sometimes been hard and frustrating, but it has definately been instructive.

Okay, this will probably be a long post, but I believe that most newcomers can learn something from it. Maybe some of the oldtimers too.

The scene: I'm a casual club level driver, which regularly race. I'm a kind of budget guy, that want to get the most for my money. Meaning that most of the time, I'm going for best buy / value for money. In a few cases, I've bought the best stuff avaible. I'm driving once per week and do take brakes sometimes. All in all I drive around 40-45 evenings pr. year.

Now, yeaterday, I tried a Pro3 and the Pro3 driver tried my car. We are both at our clubs top 5 and drive almost even. I didnt liked the way his car was setup, way too much understeering for my taste/style. But the other guy, it was amazing to see/hear his reaction. After less than one lap, he said: What the h... have you done to make the Sport2 drive that good? Some laps later, he said: I cant get it, why do you want another car, this Sport2 goes like a dream? Well, I was happy and proud.

My own conclusion is that by now, I have reached a point, where I can concentrate on driving.

Maybe you've found my headline a little provocative. But that's not the point, the point is, that most of todays cars from wellknown producers, can be setup to drive really good.

Theres no deep secret in my car, I've just listened to what people tought me. And I restarted my setup 3 times, that is, I tried 3 different ways/concept/philosofies, before I found what suited me. Each way took a lot of work.

I believe this story proves, that it's 20 percent car and 80 percent driver (including the ability to setup the car).

Why I do want another car: I would like to try something new, and see if I have learned enough to get a good setup quite fast. And I like to have two cars, one for our indoor track and another for the outdoor track.

About buying stuff: If you're on a scene similar to mine, you dont have to buy top-notch gear.

* Choose a decent car, with good locally support for spareparts.
* A good peak detecting charger is a must have.
* Proper tires for the track.
* And a good selection of springs / pinons / shock oil.
* Sway bars are really good.
* Buy the fastest steering servo you can afford.
* A one-way can gain several laps pr. 5 minutes, but people either hate them or love them. I love them.

You dont need all thoose expensive radios, ESC and purple stuff.

PS: Maybe HPI did a too good job with the Sport2, people dont have to upgrade
PPS: We celebrated the Sport2 birthday with installing a KO PDS-2123 servo. Wow, that thing is fast. Maybe I should install it instead of my Trinity P2K

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Old 07-04-2002, 02:29 PM
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Congratulations, this what this hobby is supposed to be about-having fun. I love wrenching on my car and seeing how it affects the car, but a nice body is fun every once-in-awhile also.
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Old 07-05-2002, 12:00 AM
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congrats cole !!!!
hey ..... can u tell me ur setup ...
just curious after hearing ur story ........

what surface do u run on ???
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Old 07-05-2002, 10:43 AM
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Thanks for sharing that with us. I enjoyed reading it.
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Old 07-05-2002, 04:47 PM
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cole that was nice reading. congratulations on the leaps and bounds you've made with your setups. we all hope that our efforts produce better results. it's good to hear of yours.
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Old 07-05-2002, 04:49 PM
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btw - my friend runs a pro2. i'd be really interested to hear your setup. we run on high grip asphalt with a oneway most of the time. i do the wrenching on his car, so i'd like to see how you do it.
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Old 07-07-2002, 11:40 AM
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I'm glad you liked the story and thanks for the congratulations.

The track I'm racing at, is a little special (I think). It's an indoor carpet track. Normally this is considered as very smooth, but in our case, there's some small bumps due to the concrete underneath. Sometimes theres small bumps where the carpet pieces meets.

The track is around 80-90 meters long (depends a little on the current layout). It's relative tight and twitchy. Here you can see an example of a layout we used for some time ago. http://www.hillrace.dk/intrack.jpg

I dont like understeering, so my car allways tends to oversteer. I only brake, if there's an accident in front of me. Instead I'm coasting through the corners.

Tires x 4: Schumacher white with HPI hard inserts. Gaffa tape for belting.
Shocks: All 4 uses 80 wt oil with shock pistons no. 5.
Springs, HPI: Front = Yellow (392 gF/mm), Rear = Pink (272 gF/mm)
Sway bars: Purple up front, red in the rear.
8 degree caster.
2 degree rear toe in.
I dont got stuff for measuring toe and camber. But I just got a little toe-in up front.
Camber: ? degree. But the visible part of the screw (Z728) are 5,0 mm (front) and 13,5 mm (rear).
Camber links position: Front = stock. Rear = parrallel, outer position.
Ride hight: 4 mm, front+rear.
Droop: 1 mm front, 2 mm back.

The rest are stock position.

Misc: CVD's up front. Motor = P2K. Gear = 93/24. Body = HPI Stratus. Saddle packs. 2 joints for stiffing up the chassis. Center one way pulley. I've disabled the autobrake on my ESC. Makes it much easier to drive with a one way.

About shock pistons: Piston 5 / 80wt oil - this improves bump handling compared to 60 wt / piston no. 3

About swaybars: I really like the swaybars in conjunction with softer springs; They make the car much more predictable. That is, less sliding, and if it slide, it happens in an predictable way. No "sudden death" !

Rear camber link: The long horisontal arm makes the car roll a little more in the rear, gaining some extra grip. Done this way, the car dont transfer as much weight to the rear during acceleration, as if it was achieved with softer springs. Meaning a little more on power steering. Besides, done this way, the car is more predictable. Same description as for swaybars. The long horisontal arm requires extra camber compared to normal.

About droop: I adjust ride hight with shock spacers. Before I used Schumacher springs, but they are too long, therefor the only war to adjust ride hight, was with the droop screws. But zero droop makes the car too responsive and unpredictable. Besides, bump handling are really bad.

I find, that droop affect the handling pretty much.

Probably you guys allready know them, but here is some speed tips:

* Good quality plugs and thick wires for motor / ESC / battery.
* Active equalizer.
* Loosen belts as much as possibly, without skipping. I dont use the front belt tensioner, and I've loosend the rear belt to position 4.
* 1 degree toe in in the rear gives much speed. Can make the car twitchy. I'll try it again soon.

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