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Old 01-22-2005, 07:32 PM   #46
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Road rage to a new low.....

Chris or the other driver puts something in here then have the debate... Until then it's really not fair to anyone....
This is DICK!!! And you're NOT!
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Old 01-22-2005, 07:51 PM   #47
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fyi "tos" runs for corally and if you guys realy read the interview in extreme you would have found out alot of stuff about chris!!!!

you read only what you want to read, and make harsh judgements about someone you "read" about in a magazine?

go pick up a copy of the national inquirer and tell us about the aliens who used there anal probe on you!

this is simple.

a) if the drfit car was on the track first chris was very dumb!

b) if the drift cars enetered onto the track after chris was out doing laps than they get the bone head of the month award!

reason why controlled practice works well!

otherwise look chris up next time at the track and tell "him" how you feel! dragging his good name on rc tech was over the top!
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Old 01-22-2005, 07:57 PM   #48
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I think it would be good to hear two sides of the story.

Chris is a very intense professional. He really works hard at it, as much as the rest of the guys that are in that building 4+ days a week. Although it sounds bad, I dont think it deserves to end up on the net like this.

It sounds like a bad unfortunate thing that happened and given the same occasion again - it may never happen.

At a bull pen style track like SoCal where lap times are quick - it is usually not a good mix to have cars that go straight and those that drift in the same mix.

Let it rest.
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Old 01-22-2005, 08:20 PM   #49
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bama, have you ever driven a mod sedan anywhere? If so, you should realize they are rocketships, cars running fast in a stock/19t still have a very fast closing rate... compared to a car that is meant to slide, i think you could tell how fast he may get to you.... also remember, this isnt a hobby for him, its a job, he has a different intensity level that the rest of us that do it 'for fun' ....
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Old 01-22-2005, 08:31 PM   #50
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Originally posted by brians11
bama, have you ever driven a mod sedan anywhere? If so, you should realize they are rocketships, cars running fast in a stock/19t still have a very fast closing rate... compared to a car that is meant to slide, i think you could tell how fast he may get to you.... also remember, this isnt a hobby for him, its a job, he has a different intensity level that the rest of us that do it 'for fun' ....
If it is someone's job, they should be more professional. I am not saying it did or didn't happen. My point is that "intensity" doesn't give someone the right to be an ididot.
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Old 01-22-2005, 08:33 PM   #51
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Any situation like that should be reported to the manufacturers sponsering the driver. No different if you had a complaint with any other proffesional, you take it up with their supervisor, boss whatever.

I saw Francis a couple years ago here in the east with his xxx-s. He travelled across country for a triple crown race and broke almost every round. Everytime he get a good run going, a tq run at that, some idiot who didn't belong in the same heat as him would pull some bonehead move while being lapped and BAM. I never saw anything but a smile on his face the entire time. He even went over and had friendly chatts with the bonehead between rounds. THAT'S a proffesional!!!
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Old 01-22-2005, 08:42 PM   #52
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Give it a break. I've meet several nascar drivers back in the 80's and few of them guys acted like jerks. I was only a kid and back then I couldn't understand why they acted the way they did. Now that I have grown up and seen the real world, I understand that alot of these people that we hold high in our mind are not always the perfect people we think they are. Remeber that this is their job. I know its suppose to be all about fun, but it's still a job. I'm sure there is more to the story then meets the eye. Remember theres three sides to every story, your side, their side, and the truth.
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Old 01-22-2005, 09:35 PM   #53
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Sounds like a heat of the moment situation where people just lose their heads. The internet is a great tool in terms of instant information. Some of the info is legit, factual and many times important. Sometimes it is not.....

I have met Chris, raced with him and communicated with him many times. I am an average racer from the midwest. He has always been very polite, informative and truthful with me. He took the time at a race to drive my car and make suggestions, helped with parts and advice. He is very fast and will tell you what he thinks is the truth about what ever you ask him about. In a business of performance equipment...I enjoy a Pro that will tell it like he thinks it is....not just because he has the decals on the doorpanel. I think it is a sitution that has little to no business online and as a thread. It is a situation between the two parties, the track and has little to no impact for the majority. How many times have we all said stupid things at the track??? I know I have said somethings that were heat of the moment type...heck "Going to Ebay", "chat happens about everytime I have a DNF....lol We all utter things when upset....Just because he is talented enough to make this his job...it does not make him any less human with the same emotions that we all share. To ask anymore than that is not fair....does it make actions like that right...no....but to put them online...not fair.

I hate to see his name included in such a way....his contribution to the hobby has far out shown this one incident discussed in this thread.

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Old 01-22-2005, 10:42 PM   #54
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bama: There is nothing more irritating than a person putting around in the fast lane and complaining when they get peeled by the quicker car. Weather it be on the track with a toy car or the freeway with a real one. If your that much slower get the hell out of the way or sooner or later your going to get run over. Brian Kinwald, Chris Tossolini, or anybody else on the track shouldn't have to slam on their brakes and go around you because you want to slide around the track for 25 minutes at a time. If you want to slide around take it to the parking lot and have a blast. I remember watching Masami drift a car around at the Reedy Race. Sure it was cool to watch, but there was no way he would have been able to get around the track with other cars out there without getting killed.
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Old 01-22-2005, 11:22 PM   #55
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I have to agree with what some have said, that it's really pretty pointless to argue it up one way or the other if you don't really know all the facts, from the people who were actually involved in it, & spreading rumors without any real proof is just foolish. I've also met & spent some time with Toss, & while he is pretty intense on track, he isn't stupid(but EVERYONE can make a mistake, even factory drivers), & if he does make a mistake, from what I've seen, he's ALWAYS done everything he could to help the guy he might've hit. And it's also true that if those drifters went ontrack after Chris & Brian were already running, then they(the drifters) should've known better, the rate that factory mods can close on a car is sometimes TOO fast to guarantee there won't be contact, & while Brian might've slowed down & got around cleanly, then he was also wasting all his practice laps(if he was going for the quickest lap times he could), & Chris would've had to do the same to avoid any chance of contact(& would've similarly been wasting all his practice laps in the process). And frankly, if someone were interfering with me doing my job like that, I'd likely be a little irritated too. Now, before this gets out of hand, why don't we wait & withhold any judgement until AFTER we've heard from those who were actually involved.....
Bob Seay
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Old 01-22-2005, 11:48 PM   #56
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For all you know Chris moved off line to pass and the guy DRIFTED into his path.

If you were not watching the the exact lines and the beginning and ending trajectory of both cars then your just a gossip hound.

I have known Chris a long time. He has good character. Parties alot, but is a good guy.
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Old 01-22-2005, 11:55 PM   #57
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Maybe we should "Ask Chris Tosolini"?

I bet he'd know what happened...
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Old 01-23-2005, 01:55 AM   #58
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That had to be an impact, Chris showed me the indentation on his front bumper tonight @ the track...
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Old 01-23-2005, 01:57 AM   #59
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I think everyone is forgetting the real problem here....."Drifting" Ban it.
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Old 01-23-2005, 02:41 AM   #60
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Where is Toso anyway?....I've been following this thread and would like to hear his opinon on all this.
Chris Woods



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