Preferred Low Downforce Body if Stratus 2.0 is unavailable

  • Hey Guys,

    I've got a big racemeet coming up this weekend and my LHS is out of stock of the body I wanted the most due to the layout being HIGH speed, the Dodge Stratus 2.0.

    Therefore, I am just wondering what would be the preferred options for a low downforce/drag body to race with if the Stratus 2.0 was unavailable. I've heard some good things about the Vectra but I have not really experienced any other bodies beyond the Mazda 6 (got 2 of them) and the Alfa 2.0. Any help would be fantastic as I am looking to go to the LHS to check out their shells tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance!
  • I have a proto vauxhall astra at the moment. You will need to cut about 1 foot off the wing mounts but it feels very good.
  • Oh okay, so you feel it should be good for the Kambah circuit?? I presume you are running in the Modified class too.
  • should be great for mod. I will have a alpha handy too and I am waiting on a ride stratus MKII to show up. I will just have to cut those mounts down, bottom of wing is level with the roof of the body!
  • Now that would look a little but funny, kinda like a rice-burner with a shopping trolley handle on the back of it.

    Also illegal, minor point, as I'm sure you are aware.

    I'm running in the Stock class but any extra speed I can get is going to be good in the long run.
  • Oh, and I just wanted to state that the body I was recommended by my LHS was the Vauxhaull/Opel VECTRA, not the Astra.

    I would presume the Vectra would be better then the Astra due to it being a little bit more streamlined but having not run either body, I'm a bit stumped.
  • You can always use the PF Stratus 1.0..... cant go wrong there
  • i woudl agree with your hobby shop about the vectra

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