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  • Ok Guys and Gals its time again for me to update my book.
    I need from you your past National Wins, "A"mains Placements, Or Series Wins. Whether it's in Oval, On-road, Off-road.

    Please send me in e-mail.
    [email protected]

    Thanks Seeya at The Snowbirds.

    Ken"The Only Scarecrow" Holmes
  • Well let me update this. I see alot of people looking at this.
    What I'm looking for is What races you have won and when you won them.
    With all the racing going on at the Snowbirds other racers would like to know who their up against.

    So please send your results to me.
  • All info you are looking for is on:

    Hope this helps!!!
  • ALanlim, I already have those, I looking for ROAR, NORRCA, ARCOR,Regional, and Worlds WIns or Finnishs.

  • Kenny - Did you get my E-mail man ?

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