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  • price
    so thats about $200 USD uggg

    is it avalible at this time?
  • David: that means because of the cooling down periods the spintec cannot be used for comparative discharges and evaluations, because of the extra time for the cooling correct??
  • TCR: in the site is said so..

  • lee82gx:
    The only reason I see to discharge a fully charged pack is to check how good it is. You should not do this more often than absolutely necessary, every cycle is counts. Yes, charger will be released soon! Asia is definitely on the list, keep an eye on our website!

    You're right, if there is nothing left to discharge... it can't do much. But to my experience there is always enough left to let the Battery Manager do its job. It also features a 'maintenance mode' at the end of the cycle. It then switches down in frequency, so cell voltage can restore between load blocks and deeper discharge is reached without cell reversal.

    No 4 cell version, yet!

    For pricing contact your local hobby shop or distributor!

    1. It does take the cooling-periods in consideration. It shows data equivalent to a constant 35 amps discharge, so comparison is possible.
    2. The Battery Manager is not a pulse discharger, but it uses blocks of high current. During these blocks the current is very lineair, regulated by the onboard microcontroller.
    3. You can discharge as many packs as you like without any cooling in between.

    Dollar/euro is 1.33 now, so this would make $140. We do not have a US distributor yet, working on this.

    Thanks for the input!
  • Sorry Erik but i dont understand you very well....

    Please explain for Question 1: In the discharge time showed at the end, the cooling periods time is inside??
    For example if the real discharge time of the battery is 300 sec (at 35Amps) and cooling periods 100sec... the discharger will show me 400 sec at the end or 300sec????

    thank you for your time...

  • harris: in your example the discharger will show 300 seconds.
  • thank you Eric, this is good...
  • Hello again

    When you say 35Amps discharge you mean the battery management draws 35 for the whole duration of the discharge time? And without the need of a power supply too!?

  • Sounds great. I've been in need of a discharger. I've been using a lightbulb tree for now.

    Q: if my Fusion batteries are rated at a discharge rate of 30amps, and I mainly race stock, is it going to be OK to discharge at 35amps?

    Q2: should I be using different discharge rates (20A vs. 30A vs. 35A etc.) to simulate what type of racing I'm doing, stock or mod?

    Sorry but I just got back into electric this season after a few yrs of nitro. So much new technology and new ways to care for batteries.
  • nnick:
    Yes, the current during the discharge blocks will be 35 amps for the whole duration of the cycle. And you are right, there is NO external power supply necessary.
  • If there is no US Distributer, how do we go about getting them in the states? Can we order then directly from you?

  • Eric you have got PM

  • koabich:
    We are working hard on US distribution. I expect that by the end of february it should be no problem to obtain our products in the US. Sorry for this, please be patient!

    Thanks, I always forget checking my PM. Better mail me at [email protected] if you want quick reply. I will answer all PM's first thing tomorrow!
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by Erik Jonk
    We are working hard on US distribution. I expect that by the end of february it should be no problem to obtain our products in the US. Sorry for this, please be patient!
    Would it be possible to buy direct from the manufacture?
  • I would really suggest to wait until end of february, it should then be no problem to obtain our products at your local hobby shop. I'm really sorry for this inconvenience, the Battery Manager is getting extremely popular so we're very busy with it at the moment.

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