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  • Eddie0
    please send me your PM of tips for stock motor tuning..

  • eagerly awaiting my pm too
  • if you are waiting for tips on tuning motors check out www.rccars.com under big jim motor forums. all the info that eddieo will give you probably comes from the guru himself. everything from a to z in motor tuning and every possible question is asked and explained over and over again. eddieo is a busy guy i'm sure he has every intention on sending the tips but read and read and read and all the answers will come. even eddieo answers questions on the site.

    all the best
  • Kerry= Smart man....www.rccars.com is a GREAT place to learn about motors, Check out Big Jim's forum to get all the motor knowledge most would ever need....I pretty much do everything you see on there, though I have a few things I do that are unique to myself...

    Sorry I have not had time to send everyone a PM....I expected a few and got about 100!

    What I plan on doing is typing up a post and placing it in this thread or something...

    Sorry for the delay....I am on vacation, so I don't have a ton of free time....

    Later EddieO
  • arnt vacations cool

    especialy when there a track nearby you have never raced at

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