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Old 11-27-2004, 03:54 PM   #1
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Default How to attract people into this hobby?

This year I decided to get serious about racing. Bottom line, I wanted to learn and to get good. So far, I'm enjoying it and I love to compete. My driving is improving everyday and my set up skills are getting better. My only disappointment is that at my local track, people are so competitive that no one wants to help. Trust me, I'm not pushy about asking for help. Questions about gearing, tires, it's like pulling teeth to get them to help you. They seem more bothered than anything. My track mostly consist of a few racer clicks and no one likes to talk much to the new guys. It's no wonder people don't want to get into racing. I noticed the better you get the more people notice you and talk. They then want to see what you have and etc.

What are some solutions? I think it would be neat if local tracks would host a mentor program. A sign up sheet for willing mentors and they could get a race discount or something for being a mentor. I say it should be someone that just wants to give back, but that bone might help. The track organizer would host up a new willing person in the hobby with a mentor. Patient, expirenced driver's that were willing to help the new guy with the equipment they have. Not doing it for them, but making them learn about the car. Now that would help bring people into this great hobby. I think it would help keep them coming back. I know it would for me. Are they any helpful people out there that are not insecure about helping to excel someone else?
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Where do you race? We're always willing to help each other where I race....
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Old 11-27-2004, 05:40 PM   #3
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Wow, that is surprising. At our track there are not many of the top guys that wouldn't give you their full setup. If your not getting that type of support then that is too bad.

Try asking the local track owner who may be of assistance. They usually know who the friendly folks are at the track.
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Old 11-27-2004, 05:58 PM   #4
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Or you could do what I did..Read,Believe it or not their are some good articles on setting up your car,working on motors..etc. Their are a few racers that feel threatened by getting beat by another new racer.. I do know where your coming from though,I too was in your spot not that long ago,I had to figure out everything on my own,gear ratio's,what tire to run,the list goes on,but I think I'm a better racer because of having to figure it all out on my own,I will help if asked but I will not offer advice to someone who does not ask.
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Old 11-27-2004, 09:02 PM   #5
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Wow... thats harsh...

In oz, most of the faster guys kinda have a protege under them. No offical system just most people who start racing usually get offered help from someone faster and it usually turns into that kind of situation.

Its a harsh reality tho that most newbies just don't understand that their setup and driving is the thing that holds them back the most, not their equipment.
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Old 11-27-2004, 09:41 PM   #6
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down here, luckily we dont have that problem. Everyone is willing to share. Heck, for once i had people asking what setup i was running. LOL!

But anyway, i would try to confront the people and ask why they wont help you, and if they say cause your a noob, remind them that they were a noob at one point too. But basically you also have to gain other racers as friends, like they seem harsh at first only because they try to break you in (at least thats how it was here). You have to show them potential. Just give it time, and every week you race, just say hi to em, and then just keep on trying to engage into a bigger conversation each week.
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Old 11-27-2004, 10:41 PM   #7
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I know what rcknight is saying, i have been there,it`s only this past 2 years that i don`t have to ask for help ( took me 18years to get here though), i can still remember how diffulcult it was to get certain top racers to help,
Some of them would`nt pass water over you let alone give you the time of day, & it does`nt help with the excess baggage they take around(hangers on)
Now i am really upfront person i will just ask anybody anything (sometimes with out thinking & feel a twat )
But hey i did`nt get to where i am with out asking & badgering people
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Talking Promoting fun!!

Originally posted by vtl1180ny
Where do you race? We're always willing to help each other where I race....
Same with our track. We even have a Novice/Beginner Division where the guys from other divisions help them with set-ups and any other needs thay may have as they know their goal is to get the Novice/Beginner guys up to their class as soon as they are ready to move up.
Ben Wheeler
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Old 11-27-2004, 11:44 PM   #9
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Wow! I can't even imagine a track where the good drivers won't help. I've been in the hobby for about 15 years now, and every track I've been at has been full of great drivers who are willing to help. On occassion, there is a racer that won't help, but they are the exception.

I have had the good fortune to race with many great drivers and have learned a bunch from them. Now, I am able to help newer drivers myself. It's great to see a new driver learn something and improve.

As was stated before, become friends with the other drivers, don't just try to use them for their knowledge. Also, don't hound them. Ask a question and listen well. Try what they tell you and let them know how it worked out. Try some things on your own and talk with them about the results. This will help build the relationship with the other drivers and you'll get more help.
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Old 11-27-2004, 11:48 PM   #10
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When I first started getting serious about racing a few years ago there were a few guys who were that way. Not wanting to share anything with the rookies. I got to know a few guys who helped me get going and now they ask me for help sometimes! And I'm happy to give it. And most of the guys who were asses about sharing information don't race anymore.

Honestly though, being on this forum has helped me more than anything. You'd be amazed at how much information is passed on from one racer to another here. There's a lot of factory guys as well as those who just flat out have the experience and the know how on here that are more than willing to help out. If you can't find anyone to help out at the track, come on here and see if anyone can help you out. Like I said, I got the cold shoulder from a few guys at our local tracks a few years ago so anytime I can help anyone, at the track or on here, I'm more than willing to do what I can. If I don't have the answer, I'll try and point you to someone I know will have it. I know there's a lot of other sponsored drivers on here who are willing to help as well.
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Old 11-28-2004, 03:09 AM   #11
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There are good people and then there are bad people. Its a fact that a lot of people won't want to automatically help you. I once flamed a sponsored driver on the net for being arrogant, and in the end he went all out of the way to know my true identity and throttled me. I was a little scared that I might not be accepted in the RC community for that, but guess what: he lost his sponsorship.

There are normally guys that will help, but there is no use being shy. If you can't get no help, look here. If you can't get no mates, get an existing friend to race with you. All the best, hope you enjoy the ride.

You can set up a mentor-mentee program, but you can't force the selfish drivers to help.
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Old 11-28-2004, 06:39 PM   #12
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Default I don't just ask for help...

I like to talk about their rides and what they like about them. I guess I'll fit in as soon as I can whoop them at the track. I guess you got to earn people respect and the rest will follow.

I appreciate people's offer for help here, but every track is different, so it can often be hard for it to work at my track. Plus, I'm still trying to get a feel for the car. I don't know if it's my inexperience in racing or what. My car just feels lazy and I can't feel much in setup changes. I thought maybe a different car would help with my style of driving, but then I don't know what my style is. I tend to like to drive hard into the corners, coast, and hit it hard again. Is this a driving style? What are the differnt styles, maybe I can find a better one. I'm still learning.

One question I have is about calculating roll out with 48 pitched gears on a TC4 brushless motor. One reason I might not be on the "good side" is that I'm running a brushless in a stock class. Several have already made comments about it after nearly winning a few qualifiers from the get go. But it's all I have right now, so maybe I'll have to sell it and go back to brushed motors. So, if I manage to win one it will be easier.

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Don't sell your brushless !! Many will tell you it's the wave of the future....me included. Right now you may be experiencing some bitterness from some drivers who think you have an unfair advantage with the brushless. Talk to your race director about starting a brushless class. It's quite possible he'd be interested in promoting it. If you're running in stock class I'm assuming you 're using the Novak 4300 series or something comparable. If you're running the 5800 series then you may want to consider changing to the 4300 motor. Our club has integrated brushless and brushed stock motors but I only allow the 4300 series in the stock mode.
HANG IN THERE !!! things will work out. If you decide you'd be better off using a brushed motor, I'm sure you could sell the BL and get enough cash for a good esc and motor.
BTW, there are plenty of good setups posted in the TC4 thread....but if you don't find one, just ask. Most folks on rctech are more than willing. Start with a tried and true setup and then tweak it to your taste as you learn and become a better driver. Good Luck !!

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Old 11-29-2004, 02:03 PM   #14
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I have been thinking up an idea for a certain BL company to help integrate the BL systems into existing classes. Do you guys think that it would be smart to get in contact with that company to see if we could get them to back some people at regional/state tracks around the country to push the BL stuff?

P.S. People at my local track got pissed off at me just for mentioning wanting to run a 4300 BL into the stock class. I even asked about running for fun with that class, and not getting scored and they didn't like that either, lol.
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Well....I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. This situation has been argued here before. The fact is that it's not as simple as just integrating BL and brushed. There has to be rule changes and specifications made by the governing bodies. Because of the existing standards AND because the motors are quite different, It may be better to run them seperately. At the club level it may not be such a big deal but in larger comps it would be much more difficult.
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