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ya u should search first!!you'll find alot of info on this topic!!my 2cents!!..
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use <--

chevy or ford. its an ongoing battle.

there are tons of arguments , pro this, con that...

I like the TC3/4, so I will say shaft. But the Xray or HPI belts are nice.

what your desicion comes down to is...

WHAT is best supported in your area, where you can easily get parts if something breaks. It might not be worth it to get something and wait a couple of days to replace that broken part.

Also, check out what the locals at your track run.
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The shafties just got belted at the worlds. LOL. From the coverage I've seen through the mags. and net. Belted cars have had more major wins than the shafties this year. As a matter of fact, can't remember the last time a shaft car won a major event here in the U.S.
Four letters.... H....A.....R......A = Pro 4 = shaft= Roar On Road Nats.
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Isnt there more drive parts in a belt driven car than a shaft car? more parts more to to wrong!
Xray T2 0079
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not really. they both have about the same amount of places they can go wrong. it matters on which shaft and which belt too. personally i like belts better. and for belts skipping... well then that person doesnt know how to tension the belt. im pretty sure most high up belts cars all have tensioners in one way or another. the reason i dont like shafts are just... i dunno. just the feel.
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Originally posted by Pro4Capece
ha ha.......

You didn't put much thought into that post, did you?
OOPS ....srry, just beat me down. LOL They won one major race.
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i think its more prefrence if you do 29 laps with a shaft and 30 with a belt go with the belt. or viceversa
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Again.......please define "BETTER".....
What is better...? Faster = better or stronger = better...?

If you are just trying to buy the right car for YOU....buy the car that your friend or most of the ppl at the track is running, also consider PARTS support...(TC4, Losi or HPI are good choice) cause you can always ask question and get set up from them........that will save TIME and MONEY.

But if you are thinking to buy a TRF 415 MS because Marc just won the WORLD title with that car....good luck, car like that is going to cost you a fortune, and I don't even know where in USA can you get Tamiya parts.....

Xray definitely is a good car as well....but getting parts for that car is not as easy as AE LOSI or HPI....

Again, we are not team driver that has brand new car, motor, batteries, esc, servo, unlimited tires and parts for every single Sunday race....
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For stock I'd choose shaft offers the best efficiency...i if you run mod then probably belt is better as its easier to drive and more stable, efficiency plays a lesser part. Of course it also depends on drivers preference.
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Originally posted by dasupacat
OOPS ....srry, just beat me down. LOL They won one major race.
Jonny Bowden/Pro 4 win 2004 TORC Championship!

Winning the TORC Championship is no easy task, but Jonny Bowden was able to overcome a points deficit at the last round of the 2004 championship to take home the top prize in this year's TORC series!

The final race of the TORC series took place at Ashby, and although qualifying behind championship rival Ian Whittingham, Jonathan was able to fight back and pick up enough points in the 2 leg finals to overtake Ian in the Overal Championship Tables by a mere 1 point at the end of the day!! Excellent driving in the toughest of conditions, well done Jonny!!

Jonny said his HPI Pro 4 was "really awesome" and thanks the staff at HPI for all the support during the racing season.

Download Jonny's Setup Sheet!

[ 13-10-2004 ]


Jean-Marc Betticher “JMB” wins 2004 Swiss National Title!

The 2004 Swiss Touring Championships is Switzerland’s most prestigious racing series. Highly competitive with both asphalt and carpet racing formats, it takes the most talented and skilled driver to win the coveted title.

Jean-Marc drove his HPI Pro 4 sedan to three overwhelming series victories which made him the overall winner and the new 2004 Swiss Touring Car Champion!

Congratulations Jean-Marc! Great performance!

JMB used the following option parts on his HPI Pro 4:

73824 - MAIN CHASSIS 2.0mm

[ 06-10-2004 ]


Andy Moore/Pro 4 wins 2004 BRCA National Championship!

The last round of the 2004 BRCA 1/10th Electric Touring Car Nationals was held at the West London Raceway over the weekend of the 3rd October. Despite the extreme weather conditions HPI factory driver Andy Moore drove his Pro 4 into the A Final to capture the overall win in the 2004 BRCA National Championship!

During the 7 round championship Andy with his Pro 4 proved to be the combination to beat. The consistent handling of the Pro 4 helped Andy win two rounds along with a 2nd and 3rd place finish.

The HPI Pro 4 has now won 2 major National Championships in its first year:

2004 BRCA Electric Touring Car National Championship.
2004 ROAR Paved On-Road Electric Nationals.

Andy's winning HPI Pro 4

Andy used the following equipment to Win the 2004 BRCA Championship:-

HPI Pro 4 (#185)

HPI Main Chassis 2.0mm (WOVEN GRAPHITE) (#73824)

HPI Spool Front Diff (#75168)

HPI Graphite Main Drive Shaft (#31404)

HPI Aluminium Motor Mount (#75170)

HPI Delrin Outdrive Set (#75169)

HPI Delrin Pivot Balls (#75172)

HPI Ceramic Nitride Differential Balls (#75053)

Download Andy’s Winning Setup Sheet!

[ 04-10-2004 ]


Andy Moore/HPI Pro 4 wins Donington Park Touring Car Cup!

Andy Moore eliminated the competition with his HPI Pro 4 in a one-off Touring Car Cup held at Donington Park this weekend. The race took place on carpet and many of the top drivers turned up to compete including David Spashett, running his new Losi prototype, Ben Cosgrove (Xray/Orion) and Olly Jefferies (Associated/Reedy).

Andy dominated the qualifying with his Pro 4 and TQed by a clear margin ahead of closest rival Ben Cosgrove, with David Spashett taking third spot on the grid.

Andy continued his form through to the two-leg A main finals, comfortably winning both, and even lapping the entire field in the second!!

Andy's winning HPI Pro 4

Results - Top 5

Position Driver Car
1st Andy Moore HPI Pro 4
2nd Olly Jefferies Associated TC3/Reedy
3rd Ben Cosgrove Xray T1FK/Orion
4th Colin Jackson Schumacher/Orion
5th David Spashett Losi Prototype/Peak

"This was a really good race for me and I was particularly impressed with the Pro 4’s handling on carpet which really showed in the second final... I’m hoping that I can extend this current run of form into the final round of the (British) Nationals next weekend..." - Andy said after the race.

Download Andy's winning setup sheet!

[ 28-09-2004 ]


Andy Moore moves a step closer to becoming British National Champion!

HPI Team driver Andy Moore moved a step closer to becoming 2004 British National Touring Car Champion as he finished 2nd overall in round 6 on a tough Ashby track which took place on Sunday 5th September.

Andy was quick to take an early lead in the 1st A Final, after finishing 3rd in qualifying, and was able to cruise the remainder of the five minute race without his position being threatened.

”The handling of the Pro 4 was amazing on the bumpy Ashby surface” – Andy said after the 1st A Final.

Some bad luck in the 2nd A Final meant Andy quickly dropped to 6th place after clipping the grass on one of the first corners. Some highly skilled driving combined with the superior performance of the Pro 4 meant Andy was soon climbing back up the ranks reducing the deficit between himself and 1st place by around half a second per lap!
Andy clawed his way back to 2nd position before some electronics problems on the penultimate lap left him finishing the race a respectable 3rd.

Andy finished 2nd overall behind eventual winner Teemu Leino, a guest driver from Finland. A total of 596 points from a possible 601 means that Andy’s closest rivals have a “mountain to climb” in the final round if they hope to snatch the title away from Andy’s grasp!

The final round takes place at West London RC Track on October 3rd – Good luck Andy!

Andy's HPI Pro 4 Andy's Pro 4 ready and waiting for the first A Final Andy working on his car between Finals

Download Andy's Setup Sheet!

[ 07-09-2004 ]


Pro 4 victory in Norwegian 1/10 Electro Touring Car Championships!

Last weekend (13, 14 August 2004) our team drivers took part in the Norwegian 1/10 Electro Touring Car Championships. In the stock class, Stig Alstad took the title with his HPI Pro 4!

Champion Stig and his HPI Pro 4 Stig's winning car

Eirik Andreassen took TQ in the modified class on Saturday and in the process, set a new track record with his new HPI Pro 4! No other drivers came close to him as he walked the qualification heats!

Eirik takes 2nd in the Nitro Modified class Eirik's HPI Pro 4 Download Eirik's setup sheet

In the first final Eirik experienced a few problems with his tyres which meant he lost some time, but in the second final his tyres performed and he won it with ease! In the third final he had problems with his battery pack and again lost by a few seconds, leaving him a respectable second overall.

Both Eirik and Stig were very impressed with the HPI Pro 4 and both took TQ in their respective classes.

[ 13-08-2004 ]


Atsushi Hara takes second in the KO Grand Prix USA!

Overcoming many obstacles during a tough race weekend, Atsushi Hara drove his HPI Pro 4 to a fantastic second place overall at the recent 2004 KO Grand Prix in Southern California! This major race was held at the same location as this year's Reedy Touring Car Race of Champions, where Atsushi finished with a strong Top 3 Position.

Powered by his own spec Team Orion V2 Revolution "Hara" 7x1 motor and the latest GP3300 SP2 V-Max RDS Matched Team Orion cells, Atsushi set the Top Qualifying time in difficult (hot) weather conditions - the track temperature reaching over 50 degrees Celsius!!

Hara's HPI Pro 4

Overheating problems caused his first A Final race to finish early, but during the second A Final, Hara was able to beat his own fastest lap at the track by 0.2 seconds and finished second just behind the leader! In the 3rd A Final, Hara had a trouble free run and easily won to wrap up 2nd position overall.

We'd like to congratulate Atsushi Hara for his commitment and dedication while taking home a well-deserved 2nd placed podium position from the 2004 KO Grand Prix!

[ 11-08-2004 ]


HPI and Andy Moore win the Scottish GP! (31st July/1st August)

HPI Racing were invited to race at the annual Scottish Grand Prix held at the Stonehaven RC car club in a 19t and open Modified Touringcar Classes on Saturday 31st July and Sunday 1st August.

With top HPI drivers Andy Moore, Greg Hill and James Hart we took a strong team to bring home the silverware.

The “Open Modified” class mean any variety of motors could be used from 12T to as low as 6T motors were used… Come qualifying, most competitors reverted back to more normal motors with Andy Moore setting the pace using relatively sane 12 t motors on this huge track. During Qualifying Andy (1st Place) shattered the old Lap Record by nearly a whole lap!! In 3rd and 4th place respectively were James Hart and Greg Hill, all equally improving on the old lap record by some margin and again putting the visiting HPI Team out front!!

The 2 leg A Finals started with an unfortunate turn of interference for Ben Cosgrove which effectively put him out’ve contention before he’d even started, Andy wasn’t hanging about and his Orion powered HPI Pro4 shot off into the distance in both legs and he cruised to a relatively easy victory in the end. James Hart pushed hard in the early stages of both finals but this track pushes battery and motors to their limits and this was to hurt James at the end of A Fin al 2 where he dumped heavily and allowed Greg to pass to take 2nd overall.

The results looked like this:-

Top 10 – Open Modified
Position Driver Car
1 Andy Moore HPI Pro 4
2 Greg Hill HPI Pro 4
3 James Hart HPI Pro 4
4 Kevin Nicolson Losi
5 Ben Cosgrove Xray
6 Peter Phillips Associated
7 Kris Ritchie HPI Pro 4
8 Dean Osbon Tamiya
9 Lee Farrar tbc
10 Colin Leslie HPI Pro 4

1st place - Andy Moore
(HPI Pro 4) 2nd place - Greg Hill
(HPI Pro 4) 3rd place - James Hart
(HPI Pro 4)

The end result meant that Andy Moore took a fine Scottish GP win with Greg Hill 2nd and James Hart 3rd all with Team Orion V2 powered HPI Pro 4s, a perfect result for the HPI team who had travelled a long way to race!!

Andy Moore's Winning HPI Pro 4!
(download Andy's setup sheet)

A big thank you must go out to the team from the Stonehaven club who, with the help from Rob Nelson and his BBK lap counting system ran a very enjoyable meeting, we can’t wait to come back next year, bring it on...

[ 03-08-2004 ]


Atsushi Hara drives the HPI Pro 4 to its first U.S. Nationals win!

Aiming to take home another win with the HPI Pro 4, Atsushi Hara dominated the proceedings at the 2004 ROAR Paved On-Road Championships. Arriving as an “army of one” and pitted against the huge factory teams of his competitors, Atsushi dominated the controlled practice before qualifying, setting the tone for what was to be a great weekend for himself and HPI Racing!

Atsushi set the Top Qualifying time in all five qualifying rounds, beating out local favourites and past World Champions in the process. During the triple A main finals, Atsushi won the first two races easily, letting him sit out for the third race to watch the battle for second place from the spectator stands

Congratulations on another US National Championship, Atsushi!

Held during the same weekend as the Touring Car National championships, the 1/12 scale class at the ROAR On-Road Paved Nationals proved that 1/12th is making a big comeback in the United States.

Atsushi was able to qualify third in a hotly contested class that included former and current National Champions such as Josh Cyrul and Mike Blackstock. Slight handling problems in qualifying prevented Atsushi from qualifying higher

Atsushi proved that it’s possible to win from anywhere as he took the first win in the triple A main final format. Second-place wins in the remaining finals solidified another overall win and his second ROAR National Championship Title of the weekend!

Watch some of the action here!

[ 20-07-2004 ]


Andy Moore wins Round 3 of the BRCA Nationals!

Once again, HPI/Team Orion driver Andy Moore takes home a well-deserved win from the BRCA meeting on 20 June! After a rough couple of qualifiers and rain delay, there were 3 HPI Pro 4 cars in the A Final: Kevin Brunsden in 2nd, Andy in 4th and Lee Woodhams in 8th.

Another batch of rain put some water on the track for the A Final, and Andy was able to work his way through the racing pack and finished first! In the second A Final there was standing water on the track, and even after a first-corner wreck that put him last, Andy was able to battle his way to second and take the overall win!

Also taking a win in the 19-turn class was Scott Morton and his HPI Pro 4! Great work, Scott!

Equipment used on the race-winning cars:

#185 Pro 4 Touring Car
#75150 Heatsink Motor Plate
Aluminium Racing Pinion Gears
Racing Shock Springs

[ 25-06-2004 ]


Team HPI take 3rd at Prestigious Reedy Race!

The Reedy Race of Champions event always draws the top electric drivers, and this year was no exception with all of the "fast guys" in attendance, honing their skills in preparation for the IFMAR World Championships later this Summer. The event was held at the fantastic Tamiya America racetrack in Aliso Viejo, California, one of the finest racing facilities anywhere in the world. HPI Racing was there in force, with our Team Drivers flying in from around the world to compete with their Pro 4 cars. Fresh off his victory at the IFMAR Worlds Pre-Race in Florida, HPI Team Driver Atsushi Hara was focused and ready to compete. From Europe came Team Drivers Jean Marc Betticher and Andy Moore. Masayuki Miura represented Japan on the HPI squad, and HPI USA Factory Team drivers Erik Shauver (designer of the Pro 4), Thad Garner, Andrew Hilman were all racing their Pro 4 cars.

Race Results
Place Driver Rd. 1 Rd. 2 Rd. 3 Rd. 4 Rd. 5 Rd. 6 Rd. 7 Rd .8 Total Final
1. Surikarn 1 1 1 4 3 7 1 1 19 8
2. Greg Hodapp 2 1 2 1 1 2 5 1 15 8
3. Atsushi Hara (Pro 4) 3 2 2 1 2 1 1 2 14 9
4. Marc Rheinard 1 4 1 2 1 7 3 2 21 10
5. Matt Francis 7 1 8 1 1 6 2 1 27 11
6. Barry Baker 2 7 1 3 6 2 6 1 28 15
7. Craid Drescher 1 6 3 5 2 1 3 5 26 15
8. Satoshi Maresumi 7 8 2 2 3 4 2 2 30 15
9. Mike Blackstock 3 5 2 1 5 1 7 7 31 17
10. Mark Pavidis 6 4 1 3 4 5 1 8 32 18

From the outset, Atsushi Hara was fast with his Pro 4 car in the Invitational class, making unbelievable passes in the "kink" section of the track. Click on the video to see some of those passes, utilizing the handling and efficiency of the Pro 4 to power by the competition. Since the format of the race has no A-mains, heats on Saturday and Sunday count toward the overall win. As you can see from the race results, Hara was in the running for 1st place overall all the way up until the last round of the weekend. In the end, Hara had the best overall score if none of the heats were thrown out. But, the rules allow the two worst heats to be thrown out. His three 1st's and three 2nd's (after throwing out a 2nd and 3rd place finish) gave him a hard-fought 3rd place overall finished. Very close racing!

Tamiya America in Aliso Viejo California once again hosted the Reedy Race of Champions. The facility is about as good as it gets, perfectly smooth asphalt, well marked barriers, and lots of pit space.

Congratulations to all of our Team Drivers for a great weekend of racing action. Check out the video and photos for a closer look at the HPI Pro 4.

Watch the video for some of the action! (19.6Mb)

[ 09-06-2004 ]


HPI Pro 4 wins Swiss National Rd 1!

Jean-Marc Betticher TQed and won the first round of the Swiss nationals with his HPI Pro 4!

The first round of the nationals took place in Schaffhausen in the German part of Switzerland.

After qualifying, Jean Marc achieved TQ in front of local legands Roger Wicky and Marco Friesacher (all HPI Pro 4 drivers).
Jean Marc was the only driver who managed to drive 17 laps.

After Jean Marc took the victory in the first A-main and Marco Friesacher won the second, it was down to the third leg to decide the overall victory… It was Jean Marc who managed to come out on top which guaranteed him overall victory.

With the HPI Pro 4 taking TQ, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place it was another great success for the HPI racing team with the new HPI Pro 4.

1. Jean-Marc Betticher HPI PRO 4 TEAM ORION
2. Marco Friesacher HPI PRO 4 LRP
3. Roger Wicky HPI PRO 4 LRP

[ 07-06-2004 ]


BRCA National Rd 2 – Andy Moore wins for HPI

Andy Moore took a fantastic win with his HPI Pro4 at round 2 of the BRCA National Series at Snetterton on the 23rd May. This win follows a strong performance at round 1 of the BRCA series which saw both Andy Moore and Kevin Brunsden qualify in the Top 10, and unlucky not to win. At round 2 Andy drove super smooth and consistent from 4th on the grid to take the win over the 2 leg A Final format.

Andy could only manage 4th in qualification due to missing the ideal early morning cooler track conditions when many of the Top 10 put their best times in, Andy had to wait for his 2nd set of tyres before being in as position to put his best run in, and joined his fellow Team Mates Kevin Brunsden and Darren Styles in 4th, 5th and 6th on the grid respectably.

The A Finals are run over 2 legs so consistent finishes are very important in both Finals to take the top spot.

From the start of Leg 1, Andy was able to follow Craig Drescher and Teemu Leino (who had made the trip over from Norway for the race) until a mistake from Craig resulted in a retirement and leaving just Andy chasing Teemu at the front. Come the last few laps of the race Andy was applying pressure to Teemu trying to force a mistake or a pass which ended up coming on the last lap as Teemu drifted a little wide onto the main straight and Andy nipped inside to make the pass stick, nice work!!

Onto Leg 2 and again Andy followed the lead pack from the start, but it wasn’t long before Teemu tried an unsuccessful move on Craig that resulted in both spinning off and losing time. Andy avoided the trouble to drive past and remain in the lead until the end of the race for the overall win.

Kevin and Darren finished in a very respectable 3rd and 5th place overall making it the most successful BRCA weekend for HPI so far……

Well-done guys!!

Here are the BRCA Top 10 positions from Snetterton.

1. Andy Moore
2. Teemu Leino
3. Kevin Brunsden
4. David Spashett
5. Darren Styles
6. Craig Drescher
7. Chris Grainger
8. Richard Barton
9. Adam Rogers
10. Olly Jeffieries

The Mirage RC Enterprise Team use the following equipment in their BRCA winning cars:-

HPI Pro 4 (185)

HPI Dodge Stratus Aero 2 (7384)

[ 01-06-2004 ]


Pro 4 Victory @ Worlds Warm-up!

The increasing list of honours for the Pro 4 has just got even longer! The 2004 IFMAR ISTC & 1/12th On Road Worlds Warm Up race took place at the Full Throttle Speedway asphalt track in Florida during the 28th April – 2nd May. Many of the world’s top drivers arrived to compete on the track and of course HPI Team driver Atsushi Hara was on hand to race his HPI Pro 4.

In his first competitive asphalt race with the new HPI Pro 4, Hara started off well by taking TQ with some excellent driving skills despite the scattered thunder storms and rainy conditions.

Hara and Hirosaka finished 1st and 2nd, then 2nd and 1st respectively in the initial two rounds, setting up a tense but exciting final round! Hara came 5th in the final round bettering his closest rival Hirosaka, who finished 7th, giving Hara overall top spot with 199 points!

Congratulations Atsushi on some more awesome driving!!

Race Results
Position Driver Points Total
1 Atsushi Hara / HPI Pro 4 199
2 Masami Hirosaka 199
3 Jilles Groskamp 197
4 Andreas Myrberg 195
5 Ralph Burch 195
6 Hideo Kitazawa 193
7 Teemu Leino 193
8 Barry Baker 188
9 Josh Cyrul 188
10 Chris Tosolini 185

All pictures have been kindly supplied by JP Sports Photography. You can find more pictures on the website: www.jpsportspics.com.

[ 20-05-2004 ]


Pro 4 wins "Back-to-Back" at the British Indoor Winter Series

Mirage RC Enterprises driver Kevin Brunsden put in another blistering performance at Round 4 of the British Indoor Winter Series following his incredible win at the previous Round - which was his first run with the new car!!

The series held once again at the Don Valley Stadium venue in Sheffield, attracted some of the country's best RC racers to compete for top honours in the five-race British Championship Indoor Winter Series.
Round 4 provided Kevin's third win in a row, and with only the UK Finals Day on the 14th March remaining, the British Indoor Winter Series Championship is nearly in sight!!

Four Pro 4 cars made it into the A Final with Kevin Brunsden, Greg Hill, Kit Smith and Darran Styles all enjoying the benifits of the new cars performance advantage over the competition. Kevin from pole position, led from Start to Finish, stretching out a lead over the field, ending up a clear half lap ahead of 2nd place!!

Nearly all the Pro 4 drivers at the race were racing the car for the first time, and four cars in the A Final shows that the new car has the tuning capabilities and speed to enable any racer to do better!

Mirage Customer Service Manager Steve Dyche - don't mess with him!

Mirage Marketing Manager Greg Hill got into the A-Main again with his first run on the Pro 4

Kevin Brunsden continues his winning ways at Don Valley Stadium, notching up his third win in four races!

This man is the printer of all the Pro 4 boxes in Europe - and his Son Justin, made the Stock A Final using one

HPI parts used:

185 RS4 Pro 4

7384 Dodge Stratus Aero 2 (190mm)

Team Orion parts used:

29024 Revolution Touring Motor 12 x 1 HS

41091 V2 Sprint Brush

41392 Medium/Hard Brush Spring (Positive Side only)

11362 RC 3300HV V-Max Plus NiMH RDS Team 30 amps (6 cells)

30102 D67 Charger

36000 Pro Super Lap Counting System

70002 JB Foam Insert JB15 for HPI 26mm Tires (Blue/Hard)

Nosram parts used:

92821 Dominator Evolution Speedo

97400 Gemini 40 Mhz Receiver

Hot Bodies parts used:

26mm Inch Up Wheels

Vectra Bodyshell (190mm)

In the Stock class, Pro 4 driver Lee Chapman took the win, beating the 2003 British Indoor Winter Series Champion by nearly a full lap! This tightens up the points race in the Stock class championship and sets up a great finale for the last round of the series on 14 March.

Feel free to come along and watch the racing, check details on the website! www.mirageracing.com
[ 27-02-2004 ]


HPI Pro 4 wins the DHI Cup 2004

HPI team driver Atsushi Hara continued his incredible streak of success with a fantastic win at the DHI Cup 2004 in Denmark - the first major 1/10th Electric Touring Car event of 2004!

Hara dominated the proceedings all weekend – he set TQ, won all three A Final races and even set the single-fastest-lap of the event.

This is a fantastic result for both Hara and the Pro 4 pacing itself against Europe’s top carpet racers including multiple National and World A Finalists - Andy Moore, David Spashett, Andreas Myrberg and many others!!

Definitely the most amazing display of the weekend was the fact that Hara traction rolled on lap 1 of the first A Final (costing him 6 seconds in time), then coming all the way from dead-last to take the win - an absolutely awesome drive at this level of racing!!

This sets an exciting tone for the forthcoming LRP Masters, possibly the largest annual carpet touring car race in the world, which will take place in Eppelheim, Germany in April

Download Atsushi's setup sheet here.

HPI parts used

185 RS4 Pro 4

Team Orion parts used

29066 Revolution Hara Motor 12 x 1

11392 GP3300SP V-Max Plus 7.2v NiMH RDS Team Pack

36000 Pro Super Lap Counting System

Photo's courtesy www.e-image.dk

HPI Pro 4 takes first win in UK

The third round of the British Indoor Winter Series at the Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield saw Mirage RC Enterprises sponsored racer Kevin Brunsden put his box-stock and brand new HPI Pro 4 take to the track and immediately set TQ in every round followed by a superb win in the ultra competitive A Final.

With many of the countries top 1/10th Touring car drivers in attendance, we were stunned by the pace of the car straight out the box, with minor adjustments to the suspension set up for the high grip racing surface, Kevin immediately felt very confident with the car and looked dominate throughout the day concluding with a fine victory in the A Final.

Kevin used competition Team Orion V-Max GP3300 Batteries and the awesome new Team Orion V2 Revolution Motors (10x2), a Nosram Dominator Evolution speed control and Nosram receiver. To complete his race-winning Pro 4 package, Kevin used both the popular Hot Bodies Vectra and HPI’s brand new Dodge Stratus Aero 2 body shells.

Along with Kevin’s brand new Pro 4 (the first and only Pro 4 in the country), there were also three HPI Pro 3’s in the A Final making HPI the dominant manufacturer in the top ten!

Download Kevin's Setup Sheet here.

HPI parts used:

185 RS4 Pro 4

7384 Dodge Stratus Aero 2 (190mm)

Team Orion parts used:

29024 Revolution Touring Motor 12 x 1 HS

11362 RC 3300HV V-Max Plus NiMH RDS Team 30 amps (6 cells)

30102 D67 Charger

36000 Pro Super Lap Counting System

70002 JB Foam Insert JB15 for HPI 26mm Tires (Blue/Hard)

Nosram parts used:

92821 Dominator Evolution Speedo

97400 Gemini 40 Mhz Receiver

Hot Bodies parts used:

26mm wheels

Vectra bodyshell (190mm)


Pro 4 racing update: Hara takes second in Cleveland!

HPI team driver Atsushi Hara qualified third and finished in second place at the carpet Cleveland Indoor Nationals during Thanksgiving weekend (November 28-30), using a prototype Pro 4 outfitted with the latest development parts!

Early qualifying rounds were frustrating as Hara had to work around traffic and pull off a fast time. An electrical problem in the third qualifier meant that he had to pull off an amazing run in the fourth round - which he did, qualifying third in the A Main, among the world's best carpet touring car racers!
In the A Main, Hara made up ground after a first-lap incident, pulled off two consecutive "impossible" passes on in the extremely tight sweeper/chicane section, and in the final minute was making up ground on the leader when the tone sounded to end the race.

After nearly a week and a half of intense, non-stop carpet testing and racing, our team drivers have come back with plenty of information on carpet setups and racing!


Pro 4 update: 4 in the top 10 at JMRCA Championships!

With testing still under way on the all-new Pro 4 touring car, HPI Japan team drivers went to the JMRCA 1/10 scale Touring Car Championship just to see how the development car stood up against the world's best. Japan is a highly competitive touring car market, with dozens of the world's best drivers and where many of the top racing manufacturers are headquartered. Where better to test the function and durability of the upcoming Pro 4 than the 2003 JMRCA touring car national competition?

HPI team drivers put all four of the prototype Pro 4 test cars in the top 10 at the end of qualifying, showing just a glimpse of the potential of this brand new chassis! HPI driver Atsushi Hara finished second after the triple A Main battle - surprising since he started from 6th on the grid! Daisuke Yoshioka came in third, new team driver Yoshinari Maeda was 7th overall and Masayuki Murai finished 9th in points.

With just four team drivers in attendance, the Pro 4 put all the HPI drivers in the top ten, more than any other manufacturer! Although the team didn't win, this is just the prototype chassis: further development and improvements promise to make the car even better!

[ Hara’s car (2nd), Yoshioka’s car (3rd), Maeda’s car (7th) and Murai’s car (9th) ]

We look forward to a successful testing period with the Pro 4 before it is officially released, providing our team and yours the best results possible!

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And that's just the Pro 4. I didn't even include the R2, R3, CGM, SSG SD, Evo 3, Evo 4, TC4, TC3. Sorry if I left off any other dominant shaft driven touring car.

BTW shaft is going to be slightly quicker than belt, but it takes more setup and concentraction to drive. That's why belts are favored in modified racing and shaft in stock racing.

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LOL @ last post ... i think you might have got the point across that shaft drive is ok

But i also think this entire thread is fruitless and should be removed from the site for wasting precious bandwith with this drivel

There are as many vistories for shaft as belt and vise versa.

Anyone that honestly believes one is out right better under every circumstance has got a bolt or two missing up strairs !!
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Originally posted by RCMits
use <--

chevy or ford. its an ongoing battle.

there are tons of arguments , pro this, con that...

I like the TC3/4, so I will say shaft. But the Xray or HPI belts are nice.

Did u say hpi belts ?? the pro4 is a shaft drive ... an if u are talkin about the pro3 then u are goin way back
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Wow somebody is a dedicated PRO 4 fan!!! LOL
Sorry, but I don't get to see any race coverage other than here in the U.S. Wish our mags. would give some coverage though. Shaft cars are ok, heck I USED to own a TC3 once. As for effeciency. I think they're both equal.
Doesn't noise equal friction though? If thats the case then shafts would be less eff. Just an opinion.
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Yeah I like my pro 4, but I equally like belt drive cars. I just took offense when you said they weren't that competitive. No hard feelings.
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