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Default Foam Tires

I have never raced nor used foam tires as I always raced stock rubber.So could you guys please tell me the process that goes along with foams, as far as truing etc. and everything I need to know

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First be warned that you probably will go through foam tires faster then rubber ones.

Most foam tires will come "pre-trued" if you actually measure them you will find that is not actually the case so you will probably want to true them out of the box.

To true a tire you are going to want a tire lathe which spins the tire and allows you to run some kind of blade along it. Use a set of calipers to determine which of your tires has the smallest diameter. Put that tire in the lathe and adjust it till you are just cutting into the narrowest part. Now remove that tire and cut the other 3 without adjusting the depth of the blade. Some people like to run a little sand paper over the edges of there tires when done to round them off, but you don't have to.

Also keep in mind that tires cone so check the inside and outside diamters when truing.

When you hit things you very likely will tear a piece of the tire off. This is called "chunking". To fix this you can either try to find the chunk and glue it back in or use foam from another chunked tire you have given up hope on.

To patch the chunk don't just cram foam into it, but cutout a rectangular patch then fill the hole with a perfectly sized replacement. Try not to use too much CA when gluing it or that section of the tire will get hard. After the glue dries you might want to retrue the tire.
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First off, these are the most popular(and best) compound combos.
-Jaco(or Parma) orange purple front and Jaco purple rear(For TRC, that is Plaid and Purple)
-TRC(or Parma) cyan front and TRC Magenta rear(For Jaco, that is double pink/orange and double pink)
-Jaco Purple fronts and double pink rears.(For TRC and Parma, that is Purple and Magenta)
Try to buy 28mm foams. They seem to work better.
Measure the width of the foams. Most are slightly off out of the box. Narrow them if necessary.
Stick with plaids and purples for stock. They give more then enough grip.
For 19t and mod, it's probably best to move onto cyans and magentas.
I have never tried the purple and double pink combo so I don't know where it's used.
If you are on a budget, true them down to 62mm out of the box. If you are racing competitively and have the money, true them down to 58mm out of the box. Do not run them straight from the box. They will chunk like mad.
Rotate your tires every run.
Check for coning after four runs or so. Adjust camber appropriately.
Use very stiff springs.
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Thanks alot, both of you were very helpfull
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