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IMPACTPLAYR 09-15-2001 10:56 PM

Just got back from RCO and I got my NEW TA04R HKS Alteeza and the price was a steal!!!!!!! I knew I had to have it!!! If anuone has any TA04 setup tips for RCO that would be great, I'm gonna set it up stock for now, but I am almost certain that the setup won't be the hot one especially concidering that I will only be running the closed endbell silver can 540 (GT3 class)...although it may see stock after the preformance my TC3 had tonight.....

TRF-Powered 09-16-2001 12:48 AM

so how much did you pay for it???? what's RCO anyway???

IMPACTPLAYR 09-16-2001 08:58 AM

RCO= RC Outfitters in Hanover, PA.

I paid $230, compared to $293 at Tower w/o that SWEET alteeza body.

I know "you can get them from Hong Kong for $140", but then you have to pay shipping and handling and import tax and wait half a century to get it.......TOO much hassle if you ask me!!!!:D

TFR 09-16-2001 10:34 AM

nice deal:sneaky:

TRF-Powered 09-16-2001 12:31 PM

you said they are selling it in Hong Kong for 140????.... hummmm...... one of these days I will go to hong kong... ;)

petersiu007 09-16-2001 03:05 PM

Yup, 140 is a great deal! I can always get my dad to get them for me since he works in HK. The only thing is that i have to wait for him to come... hehe

IMPACTPLAYR 09-16-2001 08:30 PM

I finished building the car around 1pm, started at 1am, worked till 4:30am, slept till 8:00am and only took 2 30 min breaks I must say I am extremly pleased with the quality of the car and the parts used, I did however swap out as many phyllips head screws
with Associated 4-40 stock as possible. I will have pics alittle later on.

Does anyone have any setup tips for the TA04, the manual covers nothing at all to help it's setup.

petersiu007 09-16-2001 09:07 PM

Where will you be running your car? Ashphalt or Carpet? Congrats on finishing the car. I love mine as well, extremely hight quality!

IMPACTPLAYR 09-16-2001 09:57 PM

Smooth indoor asphalt, I was told the air temp would be about 70 degres this winter.

I can't wait to run the car, and my wife can't wait to see me run it also.

fatdoggy 09-16-2001 10:04 PM

What sort of a build was it?? Easy??

IMPACTPLAYR 09-17-2001 12:59 AM

Actually YES, it built very easy from the diffs to the shocks, actually the shocks build easier than Associateds' and the diffs are way smoother than any HPI or Losi I have felt. Just thinking about running the body makes me sick it is also soooo nice....

Only problem is the tires they seem very sticky and I think they will work well, but they also feel quite loose on the rims, and the supplied inserts feel too small... Yokomo inserts seem to fill out the tires better. I am thinking about getting Yok inch up wheels to tighten up the sidewalls too.... any thoughts???

Also who else makes .04 module pinions, and what ratio should I start at with the silver can 540??? Should I probably start with a ratio close to what comes in the 360 modena kit????

I trashed the included shock oil in-favor of trinity 50 weight in the rear with 55 weight in the front, the 50 seems to be about the same thickness as the Tamiya stuff in the kit....

stik 09-17-2001 02:12 AM

you can actually mix match it with 64 pitch but they will make some noise. If you have a set of 64 pitch gears - u can use them ....

Originally posted by IMPACTPLAYR

Also who else makes .04 module pinions, and what ratio should I start at with the silver can 540??? Should I probably start with a ratio close to what comes in the 360 modena kit????

fatdoggy 09-17-2001 03:48 AM

Cool thanks for the info IMPACTPLAYR. Sounds like a really nice car. Could you just fit 64 pitch gears on it instead of the stockers?? Thanks.

Alvin 09-17-2001 07:02 AM

I'm using Kawada 64 pitch pinions with the original tamiya spurs, no problems. I have a friend running also kawada 64p pinions with kadawa spur gears, pretty ok.

And oh yeah, TA04 R ROCKS!

Alvin 09-17-2001 07:41 AM

Oh yeah, here's some pictures of my TA04.

Please visit this URL for 'em:

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