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  • Hey, what about some hot euro guys?! lol.
    Have fun over there and good luck

  • Germany? Steve......are you trying to take over Germany again? Bad Steve......

    How about some pictures? I am vicariously on vacation with you ya'know.......were are "we" at and where are we staying. In fact, what are we doing in Germany?
  • Wie geht's Herr Weiss?

    How about some race coverage for us while you're there?
  • Just know they put sugar on popcorn over there..might be a bit of a surprise.

    And ask someone while you're there:

    Bist due einen grosses sheistkopf?
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by RC Driver Gary

    And ask someone while you're there:

    Bist due einen grosses sheistkopf?
  • Rod, yer no fun!

    Ok, ok, how about:

    Wo ist die toiletta bitte?
  • That's more like it...then follow up with one of the following:

    "Ich mus eine scheise nehmen"

    or better yet

    "Ich mus den affen verprügeln"
  • "du be skile feik meik" (sp?) should work on the ladies
  • Steve just remember euro chicks are people too!

  • Heil!
    Well, haven't had a chance to take any hot chick pix...just be happy knowing that I am here in close proximity to them and you all are not!

    As far as how things are going... Losi guys are coming up to speed... I don't know that we'll be vying for the win, but we seem to be much better than the DHI cup

    Hupo's car so far seems the best in the losi camp... jukka's is good, matt and todd's are ok... We'll see what dirt's car is like today

    As far as who is fast: So far Masami and Hara have been the fastest consistantly... Reinhard and spashett seem to be running farily well... but definately not as strongly as The Little Dragon and Samurai.

    Ralph Burch posted some fast laps in the last practice session and mike dumas reports that his car is working well...

    Um...can't think of anything else to put up right now... ask me some questions and I'll try to answer them next time I get around to coming around here!
  • hey steve,

    thanks for the update . . . keep um coming too

    good luck to all there
  • Which chassis is Hara running?

    Is Surikarn there? Marc Rheinart?
  • Hara is running the Cyclone car... he is pitted almost directly behind me... we have been chatting alot... he has the cyclone prototype that there have been pics of online and he also has a production version.

    Surikarn is also running a production version of the cyclone as is andy moore

    and yes, Marc Rheinard is here... I thought I mentioned him in my previous post?
  • just won't be the same at socal in the morning with OUT the .....


    have a great time . . . . hey did greg hodapp go too? thought i saw his name in one of the heats


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