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  • Quote: Does anyone make an aluminum or HD steering rack for the Associated TC4? Mine broke yesterday, the plastic material at the pivot hole is very thin. I am looking for a sturdier upgrade. Thanks, DP.
    I would just replace it with stock parts, but if you want aluminum then here you go :

    Just remember, when you hit something enough times things are going to break, if you replace those parts with aluminum then something else will take the impact and break ...
  • Quote: Roll center adjustments on the TC4 have always confused me for VTA.

    I have always done well on low to medium-high grip tracks with my setup. But I always seem to hit a wall on the setup when the traction gets really high. What setup changes do people make 1st on their TC4 when the grip is up and the car is rolling too much?
    top shock location in one hole.
  • Quote: I'm looking for TC4 ( used good conditon )

    what's the difference with TC4 factory team and TC4 club racer?

    tc4 club racer only for drift or touring ?
    Club racer is your basic plastic tub TC4 with plastic shock bodies, bearings and metal parts only where required. You can still purchase one new and many upgrades are available.

    Factory Team TC4 has been discontinued for a while and has a woven carbon fiber chassis and top plate and many upgraded blue aluminum parts including threaded shocks. They are harder to come by and a good one will sell used on eBay for more than the price of a new club racer.

    Both cars are competitive racers in the right hands and either car can be configured as a touring car, drifter, VTA, or whatever you like.
  • I have a FTTC4 setup in Sedan and a fellow racer has the Club racer one and setup basically the same in chassis settings I cam get about 1/10th faster consistently with the FTtc4. But they are really close. Some more tuning on the Club racer for the added flex of the plastic chassis should be able to get that back
  • One tip if you are breaking the steering rack - get a wider front bumper. Parma makes (or made) a wider bumper for the TC4. They still make a generic bumper that you can modify for any car. Here is a link on a online store (
  • An alternative bumper idea since the Parma and TC3 RPM bumper are hard to find now, is to buy a stock TC3 foam bumper. It's wider than the TC4 one and is easily made to fit. I just picked one up at my LHS to fit a new VTA body.
  • TC4 steering rack
    Thanks for all the replys, I think I weakened it last month when I hit a few boards up in Superior and it decided to just let go yesterday. Everybody locally has broken this part on their TC4 VTA chassis. DP
  • How tight is your servo saver set ? You might want to loosen it up a bit.

    The NTC3 #2227 bumper also works great in VTA
  • I find the newer (lighter coloured) plastics are not as strong as I have an older darker one in my FT that my kid beats up against all the boards and it's fine but another racer with the club racer breaks them every couple of runs. (and I have set it up for him)
  • The lighter colored plastic should be the carbon parts, they are harder and yes more brittle then the stock parts.
  • Quote: The NTC3 #2227 bumper also works great in VTA
    Followed your advice and picked up the #2227 foam bumper, also picked up the #2232 lower plastic. Had to trim the lower to the width of the foam, but the foam was a good fit under an HPI Cuda body, with only minor massaging with a sanding block necessary. Since the Parma bumper is discontinued and hard to find, this looks like a good alternative.

  • What is a good fdr for an 8.5 turn brushless? I am just messing around in parking lots not really concerned with speed runs, i'm just looking for a ballpark on a good overall ratio for punch and decent top speed.
  • I broke a steering rack today, split right in the middle. Was a good hit though, TC3 bumper probably saved my arm and knuckle on that side. Collision was with another vehicle while parking lot racing, other car suffered considerably more damage...
  • I too have broken several of the steering servo saver bottom parts. I switched to an aluminum set and actually bent the top part. I will get the bigger bumper as suggested. Thanks for the info!
  • I've broken a few of the plastic steering racks. However, usually it is from a shot directly to the side of the wheels either from another car or a wall slap.

    I've been told to tighten down that servo saver screw from the bottom all the way and then back it off 1/4 turn. Having it too tight will cause them to break as well.

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