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  • Another quick question, as far as spools go which is the best one or are they all the same? ( IRS, AE, ect)

  • Quote: Another quick question, as far as spools go which is the best one or are they all the same? ( IRS, AE, ect)

    they are a little different in their own right. they all function similar... aftermarket companie have aluminum ones that are lighter, but require the use of cvd bone pin cushions to keep outdrive wear low...

    the AE steel spool, oneway, and steel diffs are all very durable...
  • Ok, was not sure. I think I will get an AE spool just to keep everything matching.

  • I've got the thin black strapping tape too. I believe it is either Wolf or Racers Choice brand but not 100% on that since I got rind of the packaging after I got the tape. It has the fibers in it as well. I have only had a couple of problems with it tearing and it was a combination of not filing down the edges of the battery slots and impacting a board at the end of a straight in my oval car; broke a solder joint too. Since filing and gluing the edges I haven't had a problem.
  • Are there any advantages or disadvantages in using the BMI TC4 conversion kit?

  • I like the BMI kit alot. The chassis plate and top plate are 3mm instead of 2.5 like the FT kit. Just like the FT kit you can dial in/out chassis stiffness by adding/removing stand-offs. Lots of attention was put into the design if the BMI chassis with input from the racer. The battery slots are beveled, there is a channel under the batter slots so that if you use tape, it will recess up instead of below the chassis. There are chassis balance holes milled into the chassis front/back & left/right so you can balance it using the Hudy balance tools.

    The only disadvantage I see it having when compared to the FT kit (and it is a very minor one) is that you can not use the FT motor mount, you have to use the team kit mount. Not really that big of an issue though.

    I got the kit at the end the outdoor season here so I have not had a chance to run it yet but I am very anxious to get it on the asphalt. The last two scheduled races were rained out.

    But as with most things, you can ask 20 different people and half will say they love the FT kit more and half will say they love the BMI kit more.
  • I was wondering, does anybody make a red or gun metal aluminum screw kit for the TC4?

  • I like the idea of the recessed channel under battery slots. I've got the FT at the moment and it's fine. It probably doesn't matter which one you get.

    There are two things I'd add about the BMI kit. I think they still come with a motor mount seperate to the spur/prop shaft bearing holder. Some people had problems with stripping spurs with hot motors as the motor mount can move a little away from the spur when the chassis flexes. BMI do offer a revised motor mount/spur gear holder which is fine. It probably wouldn't be a problem anyway unless you run modified (I havent got the kit so I'm only passing on other information).

    Also, another difference between the kits is the BMI chassis sits the cells further forwards. This means you should get more aggressive steering. You can probably set-up either chassis to work for you anyway.

    I don't know how many people have had the chance to try both kits, but I think you could get on well with either. Take your pick really
  • Quote: I was wondering, does anybody make a red or gun metal aluminum screw kit for the TC4?


    You can get some red screws here.
  • how many people still run the tub chassis for the tc4, wether carbon or plastic, i was just wonderin.
  • My boy's and myself all run the Tub chassis still, mainly because the LiPo's that I just bought are more secure then if I would use tape in the FT

  • I still run the tub in graphite. Runs great for me.

  • I have a friend who beats nearly everybody with his tub car...he has spent hundreds of pounds on it though . He's using the carbon tub. It is still an ok car.
  • I still use a tub chassis on my TC3 or TC4 for asphalt racing. I like the flex that it provides. I also have a TC4 tub chassis that is custom made (true factory team), that is two to three times stiffer than the FTTC4 carbon chassis & top deck set up.
  • BMI made a while ago an upper deck for the TC4. That made it INSANE stiff.


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