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Default Tire Selection

Hi guys,

At my local tracks we run those Take-Off CS22's and CS27's depending on the temperature. They are great tires, much better than what came with my car, but they have the disadvantage of being slicks.

We also race outdoors in the evenings and sometimes it is quite drizzly and wet. I don't think slick tires are the best solution. Also our track is a parking lot (RC Tech in Daly City) so it can't be THAT clean.

So my question is, what kind of tires do you use when the track is:

-Extremely cold
-Extremely hot
-Lots of oil patches on the floor
-Root Beer surface
-VHT surface
-Dark Black Asphalt
-Lighter colored asphalt


Thanks in advance.
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If you notice the difference between 22's and 27's Takeoffs, then tires that are good for all the situations you mentioned, won't be good in any one specific. You see, generalized tires, are just that; they do everything average, but nothing great. There are a ton of different tire options for a reason. Unfortuantely, its expensive to keep on hand many different types for diffferent situations, but that's what you'll have to do for best performance.
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Here we go:

-Wet - Pit Shimizu Rain Tires. They are gummy have have S-grooves to channel water from the center.

-Dirty - Nothing, everything works the same

-Extremely cold - CS22's with firm foam inserts (like off road tires) with Paragon Ground Effects. This is what they use in England when its cold and low grip. If its is cold and the track is pretty clean then standard CS inserts are better.

-Extremely hot - If money is no object the Sorex 36R is the best hot tire on earth...but they are only good for one run (5min) so you have to put on a new set every time you run your car. If you don't have an endless budget CS27GL's or CS32GL's with Trinity Tire Tweak are a great combo for the heat and are maybe only 1/10th slower per lap on the first run...and way faster on later runs.

-Lots of oil patches on the floor - This isn't too bad as long as it not puddles of oil. I race on parking lots like this all the time and they seem to have no effect on the car at all unless they are right at the apex of a corner.

-Root Beer surface - My local track (www.speedlinehobbies.com) runs a mix of 5 gal of water, 5 lbs of sugar spiked with a bottle of Mt. Dew. The tire of choice is the CS27GL

-VHT surface - Any current tire works on VHT. Every top level tire is just as fast as another on VHT. Every tires lasts longer on VHT. Most places run CS27GL's for price and durability.

-Dark Black Asphalt - Makes no difference

-Lighter colored asphalt - Makes no difference
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Take off's 27s works good for us.
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All that Adrian mentioned is true Donoman.

But as for the rctech track on Tuesday nights, CS22's are by far the best tire to run there.If they don't work,its your car, not the tires fault my man!Factory guys run them and normal racers run them with excellent results.

Btw, most will disagree with you on the slicks being a disadvantage in most conditions.These are not real cars so the dynamics are not always the same.Learn to setup your car first with the tires the fast guys run at whatever track you may be at. Then if that still not sufficient, you can try other options.Stick with the cs22's though for Rctech. You cant go wrong. Oh yeah and get rid of that tc3 already and buy a Schumacher!
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Default Please define extremely cold.....

as a lot of racing here in NZ would be in the 50 degree fahr range.
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What's up Mr. Hicks...

I'm not blaming it on the tires... well actually yes I am. I just figured if they make rain tires I might as well run then at RC Tech at night time since it's practically raining out there on Tuesdays.

I'm going to stick with the CS line of Take Off tires but I've already gone through my first set... they wear out quite fast, man!

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Speaking of fog, did you just notice outside that a layer of thick fog just passed by? It looked like it just rained out there
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Mabuchi - 50 Deg F is not too cold. Thats CS22GL with Paragon weather. We get those conditions during winter races in Florida.

You will only need foam in the CS22's when it get in the 40's or lower....that's when you have to have a transmitter mit or your fingers freeze and you cant feel the trigger/wheel

The guys in the UK and Europe run like that all the time in late fall and early spring.
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