New Team Much More Digital Tire Warmer Controller.

  • Has anyone seen this new product? any pics and specs would be great.
  • mmore tyre warmers

    Follow the image link to find out more.
  • here's an easier link..

    Much More Racing Tyre Warmers
  • I have seen this here. Seems to work pretty good. Itīs not a digital controller but I think thatīs not really necessary.
    The guys using this unit really like it.
  • One thing to consider: Do you want wam TIRES or warm WHEELS?

    If the rim gets warm, it'll only be in the start of the race, meaning inconsistent handling.

    I havent tried these alu cup tire warmers, but I think they'll also warm up the rim....
  • I did speak to drivers using the new Much More tirewarmers and they didnīt have any problems in this area.
    But they say these are much easier to work with as the older wrap around type.
  • New Much More Racing Controller
    Pics attached of my new tire warmer controller.
  • pic
    forgot the pic

  • better pic
    better one attached. I might get another one so I can control the temp separately for the front and rear.

  • Hmm. Never saw this one. Even not at their website.
    Just know the analog one but this is cheap and works very well.
  • How much & who is the US distributor?
  • Hi Guys,

    I got and used Team Much More tire warmers with the analog controler this past weekend. They worked great, very easy to use. Just slip the cup over the tire and plug it in and set the temp. They heat up quickly and the controller was accurate with in a couple of degrees of were it was set.

    $75 well spent in my opinion.

    I ordered mine from Precision R/C in Hong Cong

    Later, Lee

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