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  • ill have to get one. Cheers. i dont plan on building another kit till Nats. or untill i change to Titanium Rods. i was a little heavy with a full size servo. but ill shed some weight after i try a few things.
  • can anyone measure the length, from the centre of each screw of a new Eryx shock? fully extended and fully compressed?

    Thanks in advance
  • FYI

    Stormer has 1 S411 Eryx in stock!
  • Drove a couple of packs on a really tight carpet track this weekend. The Eryx had more overall grip and rear grip than the TE. The diff felt super good after a couple of batteries and the dampers too. Looking forward to do some more testing, on low-medium grip the car is already very good.
  • Quote: How is the sport kit. Does it run ok out of the box? I'm just moving from dirt to onroad.
    Report from Mustafa Alp on his race... He won the race with the sport.. he could have actually wn the mod too if he entered the race

    parts suggestions and tips inside ....

    have fun...


    We had first round of Cyprian Nationals on 3-4th of February on famous Team NCRC track. There were two categories to be run, modified and pro stock.
    As I was waiting for the new ERYX car, I didn't want to build another TE, instead I wanted to test 411 sport, cheaper version of his brother. Building went fine except camberlink balljoints, which were not strong enough to penetrate in composite bulkhead clamps, even though I had done leaching with a steel screw. Additionally I used aluminum front solid axle instead of the standart composite one.

    I wanted to enter to the stock category, which I quite like the idea of using same equipment and wanted to try it for the first time. I installed a Savox 1251 servo, and sanwa receiver to the car. Speedo was HW Justock and motor was MMM 13.5, with Ride 28 handout tires. A racecar which is really cheap in price and also fast.

    I went to the track on Friday to do some free practise testing. First thing I noticed that without anti roll bars, car was too twitchy to drive. I installed 1.4 front and 1.2 rear anti roll bars from my spares, and car was much better. Then I did the new steering modification that provides some bump steer which also helped car a lot to smoothen in corners. At the end of the day I had tested so much things that I cannot remember the order...

    Saturday morning we still had some more free practise and I had more chance to test stuff. At the end of the free practise I ended up something really close to the basic setup of the new ERYX 2.0 without noticing. At least I realised I didnt go to wrong direction When first of the six round-practise started I had a car which felt OK, traction hadnt come up yet.
    In first 2 practises I had the lead by a small gap over Niyazi, and with 3rd round of practise, grip went a lot higher. This worked for me and I had a huge advantage over other drivers because I had found a good setup that I can push to %100 maximum hard without any traction rolls. Friends were joking about my car that I should feel happy that car didn't melt LOL. Car was so amusing to drive. At the end of the practise session I had the fastest 3 consecutive lap time on the track, including modifieds.

    On saturday evening we had first round of the qualifiers. I was driving nice and calm until camberlink came off on 6th lap. Hmm, not a good start. Hayırlısı. Later I found out that balljoint screw I used wasnt long enough to hold the part on the plastic bulkhead clamp, after adding more shims.

    Sunday morning we had 2nd round of 5 qualifiers. Car was OK but I was not. With terrible driving and especially having problems lapping the trafic, I eventually made a huge crash to the wood with only popping out a steering link joint. Car is super durable. Marshall put it back on but I lost 17 seconds, still I managed to be 3rd on that round.

    3rd qual, I put less aggressive additive, so car was slower but more easy to drive. I had to start from back at start, so from first lap I had traffic. I lost some time but fortunately had TQ run this time, with a margin of 4 seconds over Niyazi.

    4th qual, I put lot more aggressive additive and increased steering to be full throttle this time. Boom! TQ with 22 laps in 5:04, a result that modified drivers couldnt achieve. Now everything is under control.

    5th qual, with really consistent driving and having no problems with traffic, I bettered my time with 22 laps 5:00.002 and again TQ, a superb result for a half priced FRP chassis car.

    Arman Maralan, another Serpent driver also raced with 411 sport and qualified 3rd! Wonderful results...

    Finals started, and I easily cruised to the victory in first two finals with lapping every other car at least once, and again having faster results than modified finals. In 3rd run I wanted to test a very different setup, which was unsuccessful but gave me some ideas Arman had speedo issues in 3rd final which eliminated his chance for a podium finish, resulting a little disappointing 4th.

    at the end, I had this setup
    shocks 450 front 400 rear oil, with springs black front, grey rear
    downstops 7 front 4.5 rear
    camber 1 front 1.8 rear
    front 1 toe out
    rear diff 2000
    shock mount front lowest, rear 2nd hole from lowest.
    bump steer setup: put 4mm shims under steering link inner joint
    rear camberlink longest, with 4.5mm shim inside 3mm outside.
    front camberlink 5.5mm shim inside.
    front tire wall glued
    protoform ltc-r regular weight body
    -%30 steering expo
    %85 Dual rate

    every other stuff I didnt mention is standart.

    full results:[1]=arv&dFi=ncrc&dId[E]=10835

    I want to thank Team Serpent and Serdar Aytemiz(Evilhobbyshop) for support, and all Team Ncrc family for hosting this wonderful race.

    My next race is on 24th of February at famous Bumod track in Bursa, Turkish Touring Series Round 1. See you!
  • Quote: Alston,

    Glad you enjoyed the Snowbirds. We missed you around here, but I took advantage of your absence and won a couple races.

    I don't get why you had to bump up from the B main when you qualified 10th overall. You had several rounds to show you were 10th and a A Main driver. Then you had just one chance to make the A. That's seems unreasonable and was a bummer.

    I would appreciate if you could upload a detailed set up sheet for your ERYX that was the best at the Snowbirds. I'm expecting the car soon and I would like a good 17.5 high bite carpet set up to start off correctly.

    Hey Klunk didn't see this earlier sorry. But yea I thought I definitely should have been locked into the A should have done better sooner I guess. I haven't learned how to fill and post the setup sheets unfortunately but I will put my info down and then I can better help you in person if you don't understand something.

    Shock oil: 1000 cst with 3 hole piston black springs
    Front camber links: camber links long 6mm under inner camber link and .5 under outer
    Shock position: hole number 2
    Droop: 5.6 on Hudy blocks
    Suspension brackets: 2.0ff 1.0fr .5mm shims under front end
    Toe out:1degrees
    2mm flex top deck

    Shock oil: 1000 cst with 3 hole piston grey spring
    Rear camber links: camber links longest position 4mm under inner camber link 3 outer camberlink
    Shock Poaitin: hole number 2
    Droop: 5 on Hudy droop blocks
    Suspension bracket: 0.0rf 3.0rr

    Camber 2 front and 2 rear
    I hope I didn't forget any thing just ask about it if I did.
  • New Option Chassis 2.0mm

    Serpent S411-ser-401591.jpg  

  • here is a great pic of my car at speed from the weekend. Thanks to Ray for the great pic.

    Serpent S411-s411-2.0.jpg  

  • Just ordered up a new eryx kit! Can't wait to build it and get it on the track in two weeks.
  • Quote: New Option Chassis 2.0mm
    For your info: the 2,0 mm chassis is stiffer than the standard 2,25 mm chassis. It comes, because the carbon is wowen square and not lenghten. It has another flex. I have it from Marc F.
  • Quote: For your info: the 2,0 mm chassis is stiffer than the standard 2,25 mm chassis. It comes, because the carbon is wowen square and not lenghten. It has another flex. I have it from Marc F.
    Do you think the 2.0 mm is more suitable for carpet then 2.25 mm? And what about tarmac? Should I get the 2.0 mm chassis right away with the new ERXY?
  • Quote: Do you think the 2.0 mm is more suitable for carpet then 2.25 mm? And what about tarmac? Should I get the 2.0 mm chassis right away with the new ERXY?
    To be honest, I don't know. I know from Marc, that he has two different cars; one with 2,25 mm chassis and the second with 2,0 mm. In practices he drives both cars and chooses the best reacting car on that day and surface.

    At the moment we will not order the 2,0 mm chassis. We want to test a bit more with the Eryx before we choose to order more option parts.

    I can tell you, that the box setup is very close to the setup, we drive on carpet. Only main adjustment is lenghten the wheelbase in the rear to 3 mm instead of 2 mm.
  • This new chassis sounds like a good excuse to revise my std S411 to a similar spec to the ERXY.
  • Eryx question
    For those with the new car, did you angle the servo horn on the servo? If so how much or is it straight up and down (vertical)?


  • Quote: For those with the new car, did you angle the servo horn on the servo? If so how much or is it straight up and down (vertical)?


    i have mine pretty much straight in the middle. vertical . i thnk its pretty much the only way it can be, unless a different servo is used. im using a Futaba BLS full size servo.

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