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  • almost sounds like a team kit with all the added extras

    would be good if you were looking to be buying now if you didnt have one already
  • Quote: What motor were you using?
    I was using Team Powers 7.5t motor mildly boosted with Tekin RS Pro.
  • Quote: Yes Limited 300 Kits
    S411 Limited Edition Pre-Order Now !
    end of NOV release !

    Car No.001 will on eBay

    The 411-LE includes the following extra features ( compared with regular 411 kit):
    -carbon 2.25 chassis with car-number and logo engraved
    -dark Serpent orange anodising of all aluminium parts
    -Double Joint Cardan shafts in front
    -dark orange aluminium turnbuckles and track rods
    -carbon fibre battery holders
    -TiN coated pivot pins front and rear
    -orange anodised tool-set consist of 8 tools,
    also with Serpent logo and 411-LE car number engraved.
    Only $499.00??
  • Just want to update on my first race with this car. I joined 2 classes, Pro stock (controlled motor LRP 10.5t boosted) and MOD class (with spec tyres). I TQ'ed and won both classes. The handling was very consistent even when the track temp was getting higher by mid day (I live in equatorial climate and its very hot), usually some of my previous cars will start to slide a bit at the rear by this time. At the end I m very happy and loving this car. Now, I m looking for to get another one (maybe the Orange LE one ) Below are some pic of my car and its medal.

    Serpent S411-s411-1.jpg   Serpent S411-s411-2.jpg   Serpent S411-s411-3.jpg  

  • If that really is the price I will definitely get one.
  • Ran the new DCJ driveshafts today and I must!!! The car picked up a boat load of corner speed. Droped my fastest laptime by 3 tenths just by making that change... Now all I need are the 6 deg caster bloacks.
  • standard kit c/w medium or hard arm set?
  • So who has the DCJ's in stock?
  • Quote: standard kit c/w medium or hard arm set?
    standard kit come with stock arm set

    Quote: So who has the DCJ's in stock?
  • I've tested the Double-Joint CVD's on the Weekend, too.

    No big difference for me and the same lap times as with stock CVDs ...

    The car felts a bit smoother in hair chicanes, but no difference in lap times.
  • Hi,

    Would hard arms, uprights and hubs etc normally be used on higher grip tracks ?

    How does it effect the car when you add or remove shims from the baulkheads and likewise on the uprights and C hubs ?

  • Anybody know what these are used for?

    Bushing smaller bearing (4) (#401434)
  • Who's selling the LE in the US?
  • Hi does anyone have Michael Nilsson's setup from this meeting?
  • Quote: Anybody know what these are used for?

    Bushing smaller bearing (4) (#401434)

    Wild speculation on my part but I think they are if you go to the aluminum rear uprights or the front steering hubs the bearing pocket is too big for the stock bearings so you need these to make the kit bearings work. OR (more speculation) trying to save sprung weight by replacing the stock bearings with smaller ones in the stock plastic pieces........but I'm leaning more towards the first guess. (That's what Xray does as well).

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