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Proposed R.O.A.R. rules change

Proposed R.O.A.R. rules change

Old 01-13-2011, 12:56 PM
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If Scotty started his own organization-- it would work. Everything he touches is gold. And it wouldn't have to be out of generosity either. Im sure he (or who ever) could be well compensated if they brought something to the table that actually works across the board.

And let me be clear- I do not hate ROAR. I just think they are an absentee landlord. Have been for ages.

I think the whole system needs to be rewritten- or rebooted, for that matter.
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Old 01-13-2011, 01:02 PM
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Do you plan to attend the worlds?
Do you like the decisions ROAR makes about classes?
Do you think a ROAR champion means anything when their races are lightly attended?

What does ROAR do for on-road now? I mean it. Why do we still care?
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Old 01-13-2011, 01:05 PM
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Racers won't always make the best decision for racing, they make the best decisions for themselves. We need a larger organization to look at things with a broader perspective. While ROAR might not be perfect, it sets a general set of guidelines and can offer a degree of protection for tracks and racers. The rest is really up to us...directors, track and shop owners, industries, and the end consumer, the racers.
I, for one, really don't enjoy going to a track where everything is different. We have one of these near us...nonstandard classes, they combine laps for qualifying, no real rules....fine if all you want to do is run cars, but it ruins any real competition, and frustratingly, not too fun.
I don't have all of the answers....but I also haven't found anyone who has. ROAR is in a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.
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Old 01-13-2011, 01:07 PM
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If you don't like ROAR, don't support them? I don't see why we have to throw them under the bus for every decision that they make, at least they are trying.

I used to be a ROAR member, but in my area (Southern Ontario Canada) ROAR is virtually non existent. I wish it wasn't the case but it is what it is, but I'm not a member because I think ROAR has done anything wrong. The racers are about 75% of the issue, not ROAR. Everybody wants what suits them best. With the advancement with the technology in the last 3 years its hard for any sanctioning body to setup rules across the board for every class out there... The guys that run the privately run races (Birds, Cleveland etc) have it a bit easier... Look what classes are popular at that particular point in time and offer what's most attractive. ROAR's rules are in effect all year for many races.

As for what ROAR is proposing now I think its fine. It kinda sucks that current ESC's might be outlawed but that is not even set in stone yet.

There may be a cost involved with the new rules but hey, I'm a racer with a $80 pit light and a bunch of other unnecessary trinkets, and I am sure I am not the only one, we'll survive.
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Old 01-13-2011, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Keith Billanti View Post
True man- true. (replace roar)

Now= the biggest races in the world are put on privately. (Reedy, IIC, Cleveland (yikes), cactus classic, losi race, ect)

Perhaps these entities should MERGE??
i think what everyone keeps forgetting with the big three on-road races is they basically take their rule book from roar . . .maybe with a couple small tweaks???

how many event flyers have you seen local or big that say on it "roar rules"

and i far as the oval TOUR, ask the oval guys how that went, any oval guy i have talked to doesnt like it or says it is no better . . .i think the oval scene here is the northeast is pretty small and has been getting smaller . . .because the oval guys came up with there own rules it did not increase the car count club racing locally . . .
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Old 01-13-2011, 01:14 PM
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While it seems a lot of people have a lot of interesting opinions, the one group that is not represented here is the group of potential racers.

Those people who watch from the sidelines and wonder how they can get in on the fun. If i'm not mistaken, one reason listed in the intial post was that the new racer has a lot of obstacles to getting into racing. By going to the non-programmable ESC, one set of obstacles is eliminated.

The people posting here know what they are doing and know what they need to do to race. The opinions missing from this discussion are from the people who have no idea what it takes to go racing.

Car, Radio, ESC, , Servo, Motor, Battery, Body, Tires, Charger, Laptop?, Wire to hook up my ESC to my laptop? Timing Profile? Data Logger?

Seems TC racing is starting to rival F1 racing in terms of technology needed to go fast. Good luck explaining all that to a newbie. Eyes glazing over in 3, 2, 1....
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Old 01-13-2011, 01:18 PM
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my class picks

21.5 tc non adj esc..(same as vta)
17.5 spec any esc with the spec profile
17.5 open ecs..(timing & boost)

my reasons..well vta went to the 25.5 motor & alot of ppl still have their 21.5 motor so they will still have a ues for them

17.5 spec keep it the way it is..so ppl wont have to buy new esc...i run a gtb in the spec class with tekins & lrps & mmp...& i dont see any differance in speed or punch...heck i just won the B MAIN down @ the gate last weekend @ the grandslam race(tc4 ,duo 2 ,& gtb)..so this rule dont need to change

17.5 open..well it fast enough for ppl thats looking for speed & alot of ppl could run both classes...(spec & open)..just my 2cents

good luck on what ever choice y'all make...im still a fan of this sport/hobby..& i will follow the rules to what ever class in choose to be in
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Old 01-13-2011, 01:18 PM
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Yeap they are damned either way. I dont know what the answer is. All i see is what has happened at our local track. Once the advanced timing speedo's came into play the car count fell dramatically. It is getting stronger with 17.5 limited but the open class has only raced a couple of times in the last couple of months. Sorry to say it because the manufactures have put a lot of work into them.

****The one point that people are leaving out is not just the rules that are hurting our racing. Its the price period... The cost of a new state of the art kit to tires that dont last. Everything adds up

I know what kevin is saying we do all need to try and work together and do what is best for our tracks.
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Old 01-13-2011, 01:24 PM
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Default M.S.R.A.

EA correct me if I am wrong here. The Mid South Race Association in Memphis seems to handled the problem in a effective way.They hold 2 classes of touring car and it is NOT declining but appears to be growing. They run 17.5 spec no boost and expert 17.5 open ESC.This is a simple and working idea. o.k. flame on
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heres my deal! at the end of the day if they change the rules and you tunable esc's are not useable. and to race a a roar event you will have to run a "whatever its called spec" speed controlle, i will be willing to bet it wont be much cheaper then my $150 tekin rs that is more then cappable of running 0 everything aka blinky!

racing has gotten fast. my 17.5 boosted tc is faster then my 13.5 non boosted was. is that crazy. YES but i can no longer tinker with my motor to push my car to the limits of speed it can reach! i now do it with the speed controlle.

at the end of the day the fast guys will still be fast! there the ones who spend the time to understand what they have and how it works. and the slow guys will stay slow. cause he get home tosses it in a corner and do nothing to it.

ive let many people use my spare car (oh god hes one with a spare car) do i have a $80 pit lite no. i have the $20 knock off ott lite from office max. my point here is the 2 cars are setup the exact same speedo, motor, batt. end of the race day he was 4 laps behind me. hmmm wonder why. not because the equip but because hes not as good of a driver.

i will take my dads car in a race day and run a round. can always go at least one lap faster then him with his own car. that 1 lap has nothing to do with equip. its the driver.

my point is if you feel the cars at a national level need to be slowed down! fine do it. but i will say if you outlaw my speed controlle that is more then capable of being programmed to run a "spec stock" then i wont attend your race cause you have tried to force me to buy a new un needed peice of equip. and i will come out and say its because a company probably bitched because theres having trouble keeping up in a game they helped to start!

sorry for the rant. and bad spelling and whatever else! one more thing people brought up lap tops. sure not every one wants to bring one. mines at the track every week every one is free to use it. i had 10 guys using it last weekend. and ive but basic easy to drive setups in speed controlles for the new guy who asks for help. so for those people who complain about not being competative with a certin controller have you asked for help? or sit there and complain?

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Originally Posted by syndr0me View Post
Do you plan to attend the worlds?
Do you like the decisions ROAR makes about classes?
Do you think a ROAR champion means anything when their races are lightly attended?

What does ROAR do for on-road now? I mean it. Why do we still care?
Right now everyone would have to own a Tekin to be competitive the spec mode class, since 208 would be "ok" per IIC rules. Or we would have an ever "improving" spec software...

The real question is do you really know what would happen if ROAR is gone? Now nobody approves motors. Now you have no spec escs. Now you can run any battery you can find that is faster. Now every track you go to has different rules.

I know a lot of people don't care if that would happen. What happens when Scotty or Mike Boylan decides that the $$ isn't worth it anymore?

What exactly are you mad at?

You must believe that this cannot be fixed.
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Old 01-13-2011, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by syndr0me View Post
Do you plan to attend the worlds?
Do you like the decisions ROAR makes about classes?
Do you think a ROAR champion means anything when their races are lightly attended?

What does ROAR do for on-road now? I mean it. Why do we still care?


there real job is just to host races for the pro's .....
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Old 01-13-2011, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by hairy View Post
The Mid South Race Association in Memphis seems to handled the problem in a effective way.They hold 2 classes of touring car and it is NOT declining but appears to be growing. They run 17.5 spec no boost and expert 17.5 open ESC.This is a simple and working idea.
That's how we roll at our track. Spec and Open are a huge hit and the attendance is growing every week in Horsham, PA. Sprinkle some F1 and 1/12 scale and you have a great program for all. A couple of Guys grabbed the Race program by the wanker and put together a no nonsense program....... Keep it fun and simple and they will come. Always someone in the pits to help the noobs out also, no matter what they run.

....... Bottom line, get the input from the Clubs. They know what works.....
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Old 01-13-2011, 01:55 PM
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One issue I have not seen brought up is that if you mix boosted and non-boosted classes and do not allow "blinky" mode to be used is that nobody with only one chassis is going to swap speed controls back and forth each round to run two classes.

I doubt with the current price of getting a car ready to run that the majority of racers can support two chassis.

If I am going to spend the money to travel to a race I don't see the value when I can only (realistically) run one class.
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I traveled from seattle to speedworld to run one class when they hosted the reedy, are you saying I should have stayed home, me and the many others. uumm guess we would all be bitching about low turnouts then wouldn't we.
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