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donoman 07-31-2004 04:00 AM

Best lathe for a novice?
Hey guys,

Looking to buy a lathe because, well, I've had my comm cut before and it looks fun doing it and I want to learn more about my motors even though I am just running stock.

Right now I've only seen a few lathes, the ones on Tower Hobbies are the:

Trinity 150$ (carbide tip)
HUDY $$$?
Team Cobra 110$

I have no clue what I need, I have no clue what to get, and I have no clue where to get it. Tower only has 2 and I've tried my favorite online stores and they didn't carry them. Can someone give me a lead on something?

What is better, bearings or v-block?
Does the diamond tip really cut better, is it worth the price?

I don't plan on cutting everyone's comms at races. Just me and my friends probably, is what I'm thinking, at least for this first season. So, do i really need a diamond tip now? Can't i upgrade?

Thanks in advance!

tmeeks 07-31-2004 07:00 AM

Which Lathe?
You should visit (rccars.com) and read some of the posts there. The entire site is devoted to motors and the equipment needed for them. I have a Trinity Tru Lathe with a carbide and diamond bit. I have used both bits and there is little difference. The diamond bit will give you a more polished look, but once you run the motor the shine is gone anyway. Diamond bits are really fragile. One wrong hit and there goes $80. I think it's best to stick with carbide tips because you can use them over and over by sharpening them and if you do replace them they're only 5-10$. Big Jim Greenemeyer (rccars.com) is the true authority on electric motors and he prefers carbide. Visit this website and you won't be disappointed.

baih 07-31-2004 07:10 AM

stormer hobbies sells the cobra with a diamond bit for around $160.00 thats the best deal out there right now. the best lathe is the hudy. which ever lathe you get have someone show you how to use it first. light cuts and practice with an old comm. do not use your best motor first.

fatdoggy 07-31-2004 09:34 AM

donoman - The integy auto lathe, it's the best deal out and they give a perfect cut. Forget the daimond bit for now, a cut with a fresh carbide is just as good. As for guides definately buy V-blocks, BB's get fouled up with shavings.

newracer 07-31-2004 10:29 AM

Orion has a nice lathe, very easy to use.

AdrianM 07-31-2004 11:12 AM

This is one of those things where simpler is better. The Cobra lathe is excellent. It is a great deal at $160 with a diamond bit. Mine cuts as well as any of the lathes my friends have.

Whatever you choose stay away from lathes with bearing supports for the armature shaft. They develop play and get clogged with copper chips from the comm. V or U groove arm supports are best.

donoman 07-31-2004 11:43 AM

Team Cobra makes a "Stock Comm Lathe"... I am racing 27T stock with an Orion Core Stock motor... can I still buy the "better lathes" from Team Cobra (the Pro 2000 Comm Lathe)?

Right now seems like every lathe manufacturer is good, or at least this is what your responses tell me. Seems like everyone has gone out there and bought a lathe and been satisfied with whatever they got... so I guess I'll buy the cheapest one I can find ...

AdrianM 07-31-2004 12:06 PM

The Stock Comm lathe was for the old non rebuildable stock motors. Stock Comm lates are obsolete now. Get the standard one. It works for all current stock or mod motors.

protc3 07-31-2004 07:07 PM

i recomend v-guides over u channel.in order for the armiture shaft to spin freely in a u guide it needs to have a slightly larger radius for it to spin freely which in terms can create chatter and also tool breakdown.i did own a cobra and it worked good,i just like v-guides better and seem to get a more precise cut.and for the money,the integy auto lathe is gotta be the best deal i have seen.i bought one and am very happy with it.if you would like to spend the extra money,the hudy executive lathe is top notch and the most advanced high quality lathe that i have seen;)

=MisFitz= NuKe 07-31-2004 07:34 PM

Go with an Integy Lathe, or Xipp, get both from Integy.com, link in my profile. Go with the Auto lathe, or the Xipp Super Mod 2, but make sure you get the diamond bit they sell for those lathes.

FW-05RR 07-31-2004 07:35 PM

I recommend the hudy lathe its a bit pricey but well worth it in the end

Cardboard 07-31-2004 08:36 PM

The hudy advanced lathe is great. It's $159 on stormer. Buy carbide bits from mcmaster for $3.50 each, and cobra or fantom cutting fluid(>$4) and your set.

protc3 07-31-2004 09:05 PM

sharpee markers work the best and they dont make as much of a mess as cutting fluids do and best of all,a box of em is about 3 or 4 bucks;)

=MisFitz= NuKe 07-31-2004 09:38 PM

well, Jason, actually WD40 works the best, it is about 50 better than a marker, and about 30 percent better than any cutting fluid out there..., try it, see how it works, I know I used it on my new auto lathe and it was unreal...

onnetz 07-31-2004 09:42 PM

I have been using a drop of after run oil.....

is kinda messy though..

I think for a first lathe, a used cobra is the way to go..
its what I got and it does mirror cuts..

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