Team Corally RDX Touring Car

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  • is still active, there was a rumour of a new F1 chassis due out next year.

    In the meantime they seem to be building up a range of accessories, for sale on line.
  • I've got 2 RDX's with tons of parts that I've been procrastinating over listing them. I can kick it into gear and get pix and details together if anyone is interested. 1 was my mod foam car with the thick chassis and top deck, the other was my stock car that I messed with a bunch of different combinations. Center point and standard crank setups for both, multiple thickness top decks, standard and centered/offset motor mounts, all the spring combos and more spares than you could ever need. Before I stopped running Touring Carpet I had 4 RDX's and 2 Phi's, all I have left are my 2 primary cars. Only run on Carpet with Foams, PM me if interested while I'm still dragging my feet with listing them!

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