winding motors.

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once the com is stuffed i think it would be easier to just throw it away... unless you can come up with some method of perfecting replacing it.

i've been interested in having a go at winding my own arms for a while - but balancing them up properly is what bothers me, epoxy would be easier then drilling for balancing i would imagine?

anyone know where you can buy blank epic/yok arms from? because unless they are hell cheaper then buying hand wound balanced arms ready to go, i dont really think it would be worth it.
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on any modern arm the COMM is epoxied onto the shaft so it does not twist!

so replacing the COMM is basically not worth any of the time and the windings will be loose and the motor will be totally unbalanced.

as far as winding goes its cake if you have the equipment. If not then good luck!
also most arms now have epoxy over the tabs where the wire solders on anyways, so they cant be unsoldered.

You can buy blank arms just contact the manufacturer.

also the wire used is special and the solder used is special and the epoxy used is special and unless you wanna spend 2000$ on a decent balancer then dont even waste your time.

But if you do get everything then winding is easy!

keys to watch for:
1=same number of turns per pole.
2=same wire tension
3=on any single pole no bare to bare wire contact (meaning any scratched or uninsulatd wire touching) cause it will short.
4=cleaned and prepped tabs for soldering
5=correct dipping epoxy


you can (but will suck) run an arm thats unbalanced but it will run like junk.

and also drilling is just as easy if not easier and more reliable then putty balancing.

this isnt meant to discourage but keep in mind that motor are delicate especially the balance so you might as well buy it from a professional.
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thnx andrew,

pretty much my train of thought on the hole subject matter

if i could get the blanks wiring the arm would be the easy part... having something to balance the arm with would be the problem for me - what do the manufactures use? or what could you use? money being no object. surely you could do it roughly, like balancing a r/c car tyre... ?
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As I understand it, to get arm blanks you need to buy a lrage OEM quantity, like 500. Could be wrong though.

Also, about balancing, keep in mind that with a 6:1 final drive, your motor is spinning 6x faster than your tire. So the balance of the arm is MUCH more important than a tire. There really isnt a good way to do it without a special machine. I think this is because the arm is long compared to its diameter.
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I remember when you could buy armature blanks from Trinity.... but that must have been 10 yrs ago now. Someone must still sell them! I just don't know who. I have always reused old armatures. It is a pain, and doesnt always work, but just to hear a more wind up that you made was well worth it for me.
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Well that did it.............
I won't be trying it any time soon.
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as far as balancers youre looking at 1000$ up to 6000$

heins and quillan are 2 manufacturers

as far as armatures goes you gotta buy OEM like said earlier form a motor company (trinity/orion/reedy)

and most likely order more then 200 at a time
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Quillen Balancers are no longer made and tought to heins cost me over 8k less than 6 months ago. You CANNOT balance an arm with a tire balancer. Its a totally different type of balancing.

As one of the new guys in the motor business......I can tell you, its NOT easy or cheap.

And good luck removing a comm.....its pointless on a stock motor, as it would be illegal in every race format. On a modified, not only would the epoxy on the tabs make it tough to remove, getting it back on would be nearly impossible. Think about would have to slide it down the shaft, but you would have to have the tabs bent straight down(which will weaken them) probably would never even get the comm all the way down on the shaft, as the tabs would hit the top of the stacks.

Sounds like a big waste of time.

Later EddieO
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you know i rember once i was driving my car and my car just stopped i opened up the motor and 1 of the wires was ripped off but then i just soldered it on and everything is fine now.
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