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I need you guys to help me decide on a charger.

I'd like AC ( or DC that comes with a power supply)
LCD display
Adjustable Charge Current
After charge display of peak voltage, avg, etc.
Known to work well with NiMH.
Don't want to spend more than $200 total.

I had a Reedy Quasar Pro, but I wasn't happy with the way it discharged the packs. And it was loud as hell.

I've been looking at some of the Integy models. The 16x3 in particular.
INDI 16X3-Prov2.5 AC/DC VESC Charger 0.5-6.5A (NEW)

I think I'll just stick with a 20A light bulb discharger and forget about requiring that in a charger.

Any recommendations? Also, if you know of a good online retailer that sells it..

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Originally posted by Joel Lagace
make sure you run the latest eprom in your T35. i just upgraded to the latest version. i was getting cyclig errors with the new HV cells. Now its working great
What is the latest version? I know mine is ver. 5.70, and i just bought the T-35 Stealth last month. If you are unsure, i can just call sometime i guess. I have no cycling problems at all, even with HV cells, so i would assume that it's ok.

If you do not know, let me know.. I need a good excuse to run down there again.

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you could try

their prices are pretty reasonable...
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I have the original Turbo35 and it was v5.5 when i started using 3000HV packs it worked fine just i would get an error when cycling some packs.

The latest version is 5.7 and thats what i have in mine now.. So a stealth would not have problems.

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I've got the millenium, robitronic pro2000, two apex sigmas and an apex zero. I seldom use the sigmas now but otherwise they are good. They never false peak in my experience.

The robitronic seems to charge a bit more punch into a pack. Has it gone out of fashion? Nobody has mentioned it here.

Yeah, the millenium false peaks quite often. It seems to depend on your luck. Sometimes you just happen to have bought the not-so-good millenium model. This makes me not so keen to try out the m. pro.

The zero is apex's top of the range. It is very affordable. It cycles and it can test each individual cell. The packs it charges has good punch! Only a T35 or protrak can beat it.
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Originally posted by rcethilon
The robitronic seems to charge a bit more punch into a pack. Has it gone out of fashion? Nobody has mentioned it here.
Do you find that if you don't use the temp charging (only delta peak), the batteries coming off the Robi are a little HOT??

A friend had two. When the Panasonic SMH first came out he was using them to charge at the lowest delta peak. After about 2 months running, we noticed that his packs were dying a lot quicker than ours. We had 3 people running 6 packs each...all of his packs were losing a lot more runtime when I cycled them on the Protrak! Don't know maybe it was just the s/w version?? because like you said, this charger has some great features for the price!
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Yes dtm. I do feel the packs are pretty warm after they've been charged by robitronic. Since you've mentoned it. I do notice the packs perform well but somehow they just couldn't reproduce that kind of punch after less than a few months. The thing was I did not check the packs' discharge time to quantify the downhill performance objectively. Probably the newer purple robitronic is kinder on the cells. I don't know.

The thing is I don't quite trust those temperature probes too much unless they probe each cell like the protrak. I know you're from HK. Is the protrak or T35 more expensive? Supposed I were to choose either one and cost is not a concern, then which one should I get and why?
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Integy 16x9 is probably the best bang for the buck ($229 @ Stormer). Plus you can use it's internal 14A powersupply to power other things as well.
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Default charger ?

i am looking at getting a charger for racing, so you guys know whats great and whats ok. so the 3 i am interested in is the integy 16 x 9 , reddy quazar pro , or novak millenium pro ? thanks for the info and help. i am wanting the best all around charger of these 3.
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Default Pitbull or Millenium Pro?

Which one is better??

I hear more ppl go for pitbull, why?

Where could I get this charger for a good price? I don't see anybody selling this?

I want to get a used one because of tight budget but wants a good charger...anyone selling a pitbull or a Millenium Pro?
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Lots of battery experts, so I just have a few questions:

*how do you know when your charger has false peaked? Do you go after the pack with a multitester?

*What are average charging times for your packs? 2400mah, nimh 3000mah. I get about 40mins for 2400, and I think possibly an hour with 3000. Anyway to go faster?

*what are some sure-fire signs that the pack is ruined?

and finally

*Do nimh batteries have memory? Have read many articles, with conflicting viewpoints.

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there is no really an average time for charging the 2400mh,3000mh batts.y?...cos it depends on the charging current.
for ni-cd batts,let's say the batt is a 2400mh,then the charging current is 2400mh batt= 2.4A*2=4.8A

for ni-mh,let's say the batt is a 3000mh,then the charging current is 3000mh=3A.

when u notice the batt run time has been significantly shorten,then u will know tat the batt is sick.

(personal views) ni-mh batts do not have memory effects.but 2 get the best effect when running ur car,always try 2 discharge the batt b4 charging fresh.and also for storage,charge up the ni-mh batt to abt 40% capacity,then u will b able to prolong its life span.
n also try not 2 run ur ni-mh batt when it is hot.always wait 4 it 2 cool down b4 charging or discharging.n again wait 4 it 2 cool down b4 running it.

hope tis helps u!!!
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Thanks ijnek!
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Default KO Propo BX212 Advance

KO Propo BX212 Advance

Anyone heard of this charger? How is it? How does it compare to a 16x9, or 16x5? Does it charge Nimh, and do it well? Thanks.
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nope,haven't heard abt this KO bx-212 advance...
but i have heard abt gameboy advance...hehee...jus a joke...

ok,there is the KO release.
digitial charger n charge 1-10 cells n 0.5A to 8A.charges basically any type of batts.

input voltage of 12V-15V,and current...this is where the mistake comes in.u c,in the manual,it says anything abt 15A,but i have and had tried and as long as the current is higher than 8A and below 15A,it works fine.

pretty gd n looks gd too.
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