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Kennedy 06-16-2004 11:27 PM

Can i use KO FM crystals in my 3PK?
a little help.....:confused:

Tommy Bergfeldt 06-17-2004 02:32 AM

I've run Futaba recievers and crystals in KO radio with no problems. I have also borrowed out KO crystals to guys who have interferences or other problems, have worked OK for them.

But i rather use KO crystals in KO radios because if something happens, KO or other people can't blaim you for using non-KO stuff, but it will work with Futaba - KO

trf racer 06-17-2004 08:57 AM

Re: Can i use KO FM crystals in my 3PK?

Originally posted by Kennedy
a little help.....:confused:
yes they can be used.bt if u use the futuba transmitter with ko reciever u have to change the program from hrs to ppm i think.

dtm 06-17-2004 09:28 PM



IMPACTPLAYR 06-18-2004 05:17 PM

I don't know about the 3PK, but on the older Futaba FM radios like the PJ series and even the new budget FM radios my KO crystals and recievers work just fine..... My wifes radio is a T3PDF and I have a Mars EX-1 (pre-ex-1 Mars R)..... OHH and BTW they are 75 MHZ..... But liek stated before you wouldn't be able to use HRS, and the Mars radios are PPM, so PCM mode may not work either.....

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