Wheel Scales?

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  • I got the scales today and they work great so far. I leveled the board and took some starter measurements on my TC5. The car is at full weight minus extra weight to meet the class requirement of 1450Gs. Here is how it came out.

    P front 350G P Rear 338G

    D front 347G D Rear 374G

    Total 1409G
    P side 48.8%
    D side 51.2%
    Front 49.4%
    Rear 50.5%

    So as it stands it's a pretty balanced car. Many factors go into this like springs and roll bar..but it's a start. I thought for sure it would be heavy to the lipo side. Now going to start to play with where to place the extra 40G to make weight.
  • Threw the VTA TC3 on there and it was a different story...way heavy to the driver side..

    For fun I spun down the passenger rear spring collar on the tc5. the P rear went to 416 as well as the driver front. I guess that makes sense. Whatever you do to the back will effect the front.

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